Comment from TAC:


Will says:

Christianity has devolved into a sad misinterpretation of “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Cheat on my wife? Who are you to judge me, you are a sinner too! Beat my kids? Aren’t all sins equal in the eye of God, and you aren’t perfect either.

The “go, and sin no more” part of Christianity is dead. It used to be said “God is dead.” I say, “Sin is dead.”


Indeed, this is the core of liberalism: nothing is considered perverted. No sexual perversion, sin, or immoral act can be criticized or forbidden (unless, it involves children, and small children at that).

For me, the downfall of Christianity (and other religions in the West) is like 2,000 years of civilization fortresses crumbling in slow motion right before my eyes. How could I not rub my eyes in amazement? Just like that! Like watching entire cities implode in the slowest slow-motion right before your eyes amid immense clouds of dust. Who would have ever imagined that I would live through this exact moment in history? Yet here it is – this is the moment.

And in replacement of a religion with a god and the concept of sin, people can now choose between no god and no concept of sin, or a god and no concept of sin. As long as anything goes and anyone who disagrees is a bigot, it’s all that matters.

And we notice that the option of no god with the concept of sin is mostly absent. What does it say about humans? For heaven’s sake.


Also interesting is what is happening to religious people in the US (more or less conservative) who are apparently only now waking up to realizing just how ruthless and irrational liberals are. And since liberals dominate the educational, media, and cultural spheres, along with parts of the political/legal/government sphere, they control the state in culture wars terms. Since most of these liberals hate Christians and religion in general, but especially Christianity, Christians are now realizing the state is at present increasingly against them. And that they must choose which one they will pledge allegiance to, their god or the state which hates them. (Also because their only substantive party, the GOP, is made up of a good chunk of people who also hates them and their religious ethics (the liberal Republicans) who are in the GOP and control the GOP because of their imperialist and/or financial interests).

Liberals, on the other hand, are mostly supportive of the military-industrial-Wall Street complex if they can benefit from it, which most do, so the America they institute and labor for is a blood-thirsty war-mongering and a savage capitalism one, only one notch below their hawkish Republic counterparts, along with a profoundly perverted and dehumanized society in its core spheres of the personal. It is the culmination of everything that is most rotten that Americans can propose as a society. Add to this, a 1984 surveillance state. Nicely done, America!

Such people need politicians that embody their ruthless way of life and Hillary Clinton perfectly represents this culmination of rotten ideals in the main pillars of American society.

The US is very much like the saga of a wealthy family. First the grandfather builds the fortune. Then things start to be shaky with his son, who grew up in a life of moral decay but surrounded by every kind of silver-spoon privilege. By the time we get to the grand-son, it’s playboy time. No morals, no values, only a rabid thirst for luxuries, empty material status symbols, a completely unstructured family, all kinds of excesses, and a host of immoral attitudes and behaviors as a way of life.

We are now watching the grand-son phase of America. Its blood thirstiness for war and arms trading will continue (overtly or covertly) because it’s integral to its economic functioning. It will also increasingly fly off the rails in terms of personal and sexual attitudes and behaviors because one excess does go logically “avec” the other. They must have. Anyone objecting will be taken care off in the way that wealthy families have always taken care of their critics – through thuggery. Anyone with evidence of dirt on the family will be labeled a “terrorist” (or a “hater”) and will be done away with – no questions will be asked if the person was in any way a terrorist because the populace has now been more conditioned than a Pavlov dog in this respect.

We can’t complain of being bored – were it not for all the suffering that this will cause in the US and around the world to millions of innocent victims lying in its ugly path.

And on this note, I end my speech of the day. Alas.