In case you missed a minor twitter spat between renowned Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, and the Westboro Baptist Church this week, Ms. Rowling decided to display to the world just what makes up the mind of an ignorant bigot. All giddy with the recent farcical homosexual “marriage” vote in Ireland, Ms. Rowling revealed that when not writing youth fiction, she spends some of her time fantasizing about perverted sexual relations between fictional characters.

To celebrate Ireland’s idiotic vote to legalize farcical homosexual “marriage,” she tweeted to a fan a message where she imagined the perversion of Gandalf, the heroic wizard of Lord of the Rings. Ms. Rowling was apparently very excited with the thought of Gandalf sodomizing and being sodomized by one of her own male characters, Dumbledore, and that all of this would be marvelous if done under the ridiculous ideological wrapper of homosexual “marriage”. Not only that, thanks to the recent vote by Irish liberals, the fictional homosexual “marriage” would then take place in Ireland.

As a response, the Westboro Baptist Church provoked the Harry Potter author by saying they would picket the fictional “homosexual wedding”. Ms. Rowling, stooping to a bigoted insult as a reply, tweeted back: “Alas, the sheer awesomeness of such a union in such a place would blow your tiny bigoted minds out of your thick sloping skulls.”

As it’s plain to see, Ms. Rowling, while cluelessly yacking about the “the sloping skulls” of the WBC, forgot to take a look at her own. Let’s ask a simple question. Who does more violence in society and is the least civilized: the group she belongs to, liberals who think homosexuality is normal, or the Westboro folks?

In the US and Europe alone, there are millions of liberals perpetrating all kinds of violent and non-violent crime, especially in the area of sexuality and relationships – and they are people who believe homosexuality is normal.

Not only that, who does more violence to LGBTs – the WBC folks or LGBTs themselves? There is no record of any WBC member ever assaulting, raping, trafficking, or murdering any LGBT person. The WBC folks simply do zero violence to LGBTs – compared to millions of cases of assault and abuse by LGBT perpetrators themselves. Several studies put the number of interpersonal violence occurrence among LGBTs – you know, the people who think homosexuality is normal – at 25-50%. Do the math with the population of millions of homosexuals and bisexuals in the West. Obviously, LGBT individuals also sexually assault and harass heterosexuals, that is, not only adults and teen victims, but also children, toddlers, and even infants. Just to cite some of the most notorious examples of such homosexual monsters, we can mention Frank Lombard, James Rennie, and Truong/Newton. Once Ireland’s vote becomes law, all of these homosexual criminals will be able to get married in Ireland and then sexually torture Irish children with a marriage certificate in hand! What an achievement for Ireland.

On the other hand, where have you seen a Westboro member violently batter a homosexual? Or produce child porn? Or murder anyone? Nowhere. But you can literally find millions of LGBTs who constantly do all these horrible crimes and many other harmful acts. Among the troglodyte achievements by Ms. Rowling’s “homosexuality is normal” camp, LGBTs are also infesting society with STIs, from minor to deadly and resistant. Who leads the spread of HIV and syphilis in the West despite being a very small percentage of society? Why, it’s Ms. Rowling’s homosexual and bisexual pals – not the WBC. Syphilis in the US had almost been eradicated in the early 2000s, but thanks to homosexuals and bisexuals, it’s now surging again.

Given this striking difference in ethics and behavior, which group do liberals consider as good, ideologically normal, and middle-of-the-road – that is, non-extremist? The group that contains millions of violent and degenerate individuals, and who share a particular ideology that normalizes homosexuality, among other warped ideas!

Very curiously, the WBC, the group that basically does no violence, is framed and demonized as evil and extremist. How odd. What is it that the WBC folks actually do that makes liberals vilify them so much?

They impose and demand a healthy morality and they state outright what is perverse in terms of sexuality. For a liberal, that is a crime of the highest order. Notice that at their MOST extreme, the Westboro folks merely say “God hate fags”. On the other hand, at their most extreme, LGBTs brutally rape infants, specifically adopt children to torture them, hack their partners with chainsaws, sexually humiliate, whip, and degrade people for pleasure, set their lover’s children on fire, and batter their partners systematically, including to death – and then go out on their Pride Parades to be clapped at. Just a tad of a difference!

Really, could the real extremist group please stand up? What liberals deem to be “extremist” regarding the Westboro folks is nothing of the kind. It’s simply the latter’s refusal to submit to the very harmful and lacking in ethics ideology that liberals promote in the sphere of sexuality and relationships. Were Ms. Rowling’s skull a little less sloping, she might acknowledge this simple, but very important fact.