I thought this was a fantastic post by Fran Macadam. Posted on “The American Conservative” site.
September 4, 2015 at 12:59 am

America. My country, wrong or right. Love it or leave it.

Greatest military empire the world has seen since Rome. All hail its patricians who’ve also made their horse’s ass of the law our imperium. For the crime of hubris, those whom the gods would destroy, first drive mad.

Explain again the august wisdom that declares sodomy, an unnatural act, the basis for marriage, with all the consequent unravelling that comes to society? Are we lemmings whose only choice is to submit to the abomination of perversion?

Look how quickly that this hijacking of democratic accountability, has now moved on next to the causes of defense of adultery as a positive good (Ashley Madison) and the normalizing and celebration of the male homosexual hustler/prostitute (rentboy.com) as the fulfillment of innate sexual aspirations, as touted by the ACLU, NYT and Glenn Greenwald.

At the same time, the normalizing of the national security state, mass surveillance and universal spying and police as military occupying forces. Michael Brown indeed. All that’s necessary to justify it all, is demonization of resistors. Two minutes’ hate for the nonconformists?

How quickly conservatism accepts any new status quo established by nothing more than raw power, and pledges