Some good comments in response to an article by Rod Dreher “The Transgender Revolution“. Posted on Rod Dreher

Below is perhaps the most important comment I have seen about the social problem that these transgender loons create and their assault on other people’s rights.

Comment: Transgenderism seems to be not only focused on the fantasy of being the opposite sex but also on controlling others and forcing them to go along with the fantasy. It’s manipulative. People who claim this condition seem to be manipulative in other areas of life as well.

This can be exactly formulated as the right to the punch and nose principle.

Your right to punch me in the nose stops where my nose begins – that is my right to be free of your punch.

A person who is mentally ill and claiming to be the opposite sex (excluding the intersex folk) has no right to demand that other people lie too. Their right to lie about who/what they are stops where my right not to be forced to lie begins.

Another very interesting and touché comment: transgender is very much the wrong label – the right label is pseudo-gender, because you can never be or become the opposite sex. You can dress up like it, you can use chemicals to “dress up” even more, but you can never transition or change into the opposite sex.

Thus these operations are a chemical/plastic surgery form of drag. And grotesque they are.

Furthermore, there are security issues with the “transgender” lunacy. First because they are psychologically dysfunctional, and they are now being told not to go treat themselves (like the LGB perverts). Second, this has as a consequence, a multitude of people with all kinds of deformed attitudes who could be dangerous.

And this is what happened to that unfortunate American teenager assaulted by a man posing as a woman in Spain, in an Airbnb setup.

Lopez says that when he arrived at his host’s flat in Madrid, she repeatedly tried to kiss him and ordered him to take off his trousers or he would sleep on the streets. Lopez thought his host had a weapon and after he was sexually assaulted, became increasingly desperate:

“I was telling myself that I was going to have to kill her or she was going to kill me,” he told The New York Times.

“Thoughts that should never have to go through anyone’s mind started to come into mine. How are you going to live with yourself the rest of your life knowing that you killed someone? But if you don’t, then you won’t have a life.”

He eventually got out of the flat after telling the woman he had arranged to meet friends, who would become suspicious if he did not turn up. He reported the assault to Madrid’s police who are currently investigating.

The incident, which the host – who was born male and now lives as a woman – claims was consensual, has brought the issue of safety of online flat letting services to the fore.

Notice the language in the article: born male and now living as a woman – i.e., living a farce, a lie. It becomes a security issue for others in society. For sure. It should be law that any such person must always disclose their real sex, their sex at birth. We have a right to know.

And another commenter posted this important letter:

We vigorously object to the normalization of childhood gender
identity disorder (GID) promoted by the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP) in the article “Psychological and Medical
Care of Gender Nonconforming Youth,”1 published in the
December issue of Pediatrics. The recommendations of the
authors to reinforce the delusions of gender identity–confused
children, and to prescribe puberty-blocking hormones as though
puberty were a disorder, are outrageous. This approach violates
the oath physicians take to “do no harm.”

Although some affected children and their parents may report
being happier when health professionals, families, friends, and
schools affirm their false beliefs, “happiness” is not always
consistent with good health. It can also be short-lived.

A recent 30-year study in transgendered adults in Sweden, unquestionably a transgender-affirming culture, should give the AAP and American Psychiatric Association (APA) pause: it showed that individuals who underwent sex reassignment surgery suffered significantly greater morbidity and mortality when compared with matched controls. Shockingly, their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable nontransgender population. The authors concluded, “Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism . . . [emphasis added].”2

There is no adequate body of research on the long-term use of
puberty blockers in early adolescence followed by lifelong
administration of exogenous testosterone to biological girls or of
exogenous estrogen to biological boys. However, there is
significant evidence indicating stunted growth and infertility
from puberty-blocking hormones, and possible malignancies
from chronic use of synthetic hormones.3 Yet, this is what the
AAP and APA recommend.

We submit that children who dread the development of
secondary sex characteristics are emotionally troubled; puberty
is not a disease. In fact, puberty brings relief for the vast
majority of children receiving therapy for GID, because
hormone surges propel the development of their brains as well
as their bodies and they come to identify with their biological
sex.4,5 Science and ethics trump the current recommendations
of the AAP and APA, which amount to conducting an
ideology-driven social experiment on vulnerable children and
their families. All physicians must work for the reinstatement of
the diagnosis and sound treatment of childhood GID.

Den Trumbull, MD, FCP
President of the American College of Pediatricians

Michelle A. Cretella, MD, FCP
Vice President of the American College of

Miriam Grossman, MD
Psychiatric consultant to the American College of

Annie says:
September 11, 2015 at 1:51 pm

There’s a case going on in London right now involving a woman named Gayle Newland who deceptively tricked another woman into believing she was dating a man, and sleeping with Newland (who used a prosthetic). A few years ago there was Christine Wilson, who pretended to be a man and deceived several young women into a similar situation.

The Scottish Transgender Alliance said Wilson had a right to privacy, and to claim her victims had a right to consent/knowledge was an invasion of Wilson’s privacy. Newland had a flurry of nerves in court, and her family claims she attempted suicide when her false identity was discovered.

It’s all emotional hostage taking. The people arguing against ‘rape culture’ suddenly are quiet when it comes to the Revolution’s highest principal: absolute autonomy. If someone else says they identify as heterosexual and they want the right to grant consent, that’s an invasion of privacy. If teenage girls in Missouri do not want to undress in front of someone with different anatomy, they are bigots. If your partner switches “identities” we must switch ours too, to affirm someone else’s absolute right to self-creation.

And in all of that we undergo the final assaults, on our self-understanding, our communities, our words, our heritage, our relationships. Your dad’s not your dad, he’s a woman. Your right to enter into a relationship and maintain your sexual identity is trumped by someone else’s right to self-creation. It is truly a Revolution, and the amount of self-denial it demands is breath-taking. And yet people prostrate before the new gods with such self-abdication.

Not me.