Dailymail: Sean Crumpler, from Colorado, accused of hunting young men and teenagers on dating app Grindr, keeping them as sex slaves and branding them with his name

  • Sean Crumpler, 48, of Aurora, Colorado, due to appear in court
  • Accused of keeping men and teenagers he found on Grindr as sex slaves
  • It is said they were allowed to live at his home rent free in return for sex
  • One man said Crumpler is HIV positive but didn’t practice safe sex 

He told Fox31 Denver that the males living with him played video games, watched Netflix and made porn.

‘They don’t realize they’re victims. They think he’s there to help them and they get whatever they want and they don’t have to work or get jobs or participate in normal society,’ he added.

He posted $100,000 bail and is due to appear in court on November 23.


Notice the wording from the author:

“they don’t have to participate in normal society”

But that is just the problem, isn’t it? In a society ruled by LGBT pigs and others who think homosexuality is normal, having sex like pigs is ‘normal society’! They are certainly part of the normal for liberal pigs. Making porn is ‘normal’, prostituting oneself for a homosexual pig is normal, any kind of sexuality crap is normal… as long as the dogma that homosexuality is normal is sustained.

What is not deemed normal in such a society as ours is having a healthy sexuality, which can only be heterosexual, and rebuking all this LGBT/liberal trash.

I wonder what he will be charged with: prostitution of others?

And notice also how this blows a hole the size of a crater into the homosexual propaganda line that homosexuality is sex between consenting adults. Number one because LGBTs are constantly sexually exploiting and abusing teenagers (in addition to adults), and two, because exploiting and manipulating people is not proper consent. Only for pigs.

There is homosexual propaganda, then there is reality.