This is how these two homosexual pigs from San Francisco, Geoffrey Benjamin and Craig Persiko, explain the Folsom Street parade of homosexual perversities, sadism, and other deformed sexuality attitudes and behaviors to their kids. The two pigs are farcically “married” and raising two kids in the heart of the Castro.

“Living in SF, our kids are used to seeing special costumes and special events,” says Persiko. “We tell them this one is for adults only, in a way that some adults like to play dress-up and pretend. I also talked about it that way when our kids asked about store displays in the Castro with mannequins in handcuffs.”

Benjamin adds that kids’ brains aren’t wired to understand the point of a man dressed in black leather. The Folsom Street Fair is about sexual titillation for adults, and for kids who haven’t gone through puberty, the costumes and nudity simply don’t make sense. “I’ll tell my kids that their bodies aren’t ready to understand those costumes,” he says.


You have to brainwash them young to think every kind of deformed and vile way to think and behave about sex is normal – ‘just like kids “playing dress-up”,’ says the pig.

No, maybe torturing people sexually is not just like a little girl dressing up as Tinker Bell or a little boy as Batman.

Notice also his phrasing about the brain being “wired” to think all of this is normal – thus the individual has no responsibility over their thoughts, attitudes, or behaviors. LGBT pigs always blaming on wiring what is a deformed psychology in need of treatment and what are deformed attitudes in need of a change of mindset. All of which they are entirely responsible for and were not born wired that way.