When homosexual pigs aren’t wailing about fake victimhood claims, this is how they behave:

Chemsex‘: Doctors worry about days-long, drug-fueled orgies with ‘an average of five partners’

[…] In fact, in September, former child star Danny Pintauro told Oprah Winfrey that he contracted HIV during a drug-fueled encounter with a man whose name he did not know.

“Just paint a picture for me,” Winfrey said. “You’re doing crystal meth … swinging from the chandeliers, having sex for days?”

“Something like that, yeah,” Pintauro — who said he “truly thought” he was “being safe” during the incident and is now an HIV activist — said.

When these substances combine with promiscuity and a less-than-rigorous safe-sex practices, the outcome can spell public-health disaster. One study cited in the editorial of more than 1,100 men who have sex with men found just around a fifth reported chemsex within the past five years and a 10th within the past four weeks. But, as one in eight gay men in London have HIV according to a recent study, a minority population engaging in risky behavior can put everyone in danger, particularly when getting them the information and treatment they need is difficult. The authors of the editorial criticized the lack of data about chemsex and lack of funding for programs to fight it.

“Addressing chemsex related morbidities should be a public health priority,” they wrote.


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