If I remember correctly they are from commenters on The American Conservative and/or the New York Times, recently:

American neo-conservative policy under GW Bush has now passed the baton to neo-conservative policy under BH Obama: Hilary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Suzanne Powers have all thrown their support to policies which destabilize infrastructures (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) creating mass exodus from the Middle East and Africa. Bombing civilians to create the flow of refugees in order to completely dismantle social policies within western Europe. For face value, one preaches democracy; behind closed doors, policies, strategies of destruction and destabilization are planned to be implemented. It is all very well planned out so that the business of war flourishes. Notice how all western leaders are looking more and more like Pinocchio from Merkel, to Hollande, to Cameron to Obama.

Carolyn Egeli wrote:

The world is in the grip of fascism. It fights wars to sustain it. The definition of fascism is government run by business who exist for profit. We have a world run by corporations. Nation states exist to support them, it appears. Social justice is out the window. Pope Francis is correct. The world is being run by people who exploit people and fight wars to make money. It’s really very simple. But it is cloaked in he said she said, to justify the complete and utter madness. Douthat imagines there is some higher purpose in all of this. He strives to find out how many angels there are on the tip of a needle. While he diddles over who will be in power next, the profiteers are filling their bank accounts to overflowing.

Added on Dec 4, 2015: one more

www wwiv com says:

And as soon as we’re waist-deep in muck in the worthless Middle East, real threats will emerge elsewhere that we’ll be unable to respond to because we’ll be too stretched and broke.

A kid playing the board game Risk for the second time wouldn’t make such a stupid mistake. Yet we’ve been making it with our eyes wide open for decades.

Too many Americans would rather watch Monday Night Football or the afternoon soaps than monitor what their “representatives” and “public servants” are doing. The deadly consequence is that corrupt politicians of both parties brush aside the national interest in favor of huge payoffs (aka “campaign donations”) from foreign interests like the Israel Lobby or big global corporations.

Surprise, surprise: we wake up with our international reputation in the toilet, a huge bill that the American taxpayer is expected to foot, and the liberties we all thought we were fighting to defend a thing of the past.


Plus the blood and suffering of millions of children, women, and men around the globe, the forgotten victims of war.