By chance, I came upon this amazing interview with Jerry Seinfeld on youtube. The amazing part to me was not the main subject of the interview, about TM/transcendental meditation, which I already knew that Jerry practiced. It’s how he talked about what being a comedian and an entertainer meant to him and how he experienced it (it’s the very last part of the interview, when they open up to questions from the audience).

“It’s like martial arts,” he says, “like being in deadly combat with the audience.” I found that very startling, that he would put it in such violent terms. But when he explained why, I completely agree with how he described it, and how violent it is.

Amazing nevertheless, for his sincerity and openness. I have always found his voice annoying though, even though I like him very much as a stand-up comedian. Big bonus points also because he isn’t vulgar.

“What’s the one element that every good joke has? It’s surprise.”

And look closely at the interviewer – this Bob Roth, whom I had never seen before in my life. There is something so weird in the way he looks at people, in this case, Jerry – even creepy.