The Telegraph reports:

Between 2010 and 2014, diagnoses of gonorrhea have more than doubled, while new cases of syphilis rose 63 per cent across England. The rise has been driven in part by a large increase of infections among gay men, according to data released by Public Health England (PHE). New cases of gonorrhea among homossexuals have tripled in four years, rising from 4,938 cases in 2010 to 18,029 in 2014.


Pigs are like that.


Cases of gonorrhea and syphilis diagnosed in England – everyone
Gonorrhea Syphilis
2010 16843 2647
2011 21090 2927
2012 25576 2959
2013 29419 3236
2014 34958 4317

Over half of diagnoses for heterossexuals in 2014 was seen among the under 25 group.You know, the liberal crowd that thinks that homosexuality is normal.

In 2014 alone there were almost 440,000 new cases of STIs reported in England. In September, an outbreak of 14 drug-resistant gonorrhoea infections in Leeds raised a national alert. 

Dr Gwenda Hughes, PHE’s head of STI surveillance, said: “We are particularly concerned about the large rises in diagnoses among gay men. Gonorrhoea in particular is becoming harder to treat as new antibiotic resistant strains emerge.”

A surge in syphilis transmissions among homossexuals is also leading to concern. Infections more than doubled among gay men in almost every age group between 2010 and 2014, jumping from 1,618 to 3,477 new cases per year. Increasing levels of testing partly explains the hike, but ongoing high levels of unsafe sex also impacted the numbers, according to PHE.

Oh my, how surprising. Thinking and behaving like a sexuality pig has consequences!

I also found this table interesting – look at gonorrhea and the lesbian and bisexual women:

The percentage change in infections between 2010 and 2014
Gonorrhea Syphilis
Heterosexual men 45.7 1.7
Heterossexual women 77.8 -6.2
Gay and bissexual men 265.1 114.9
Gay and bissexual women 141.7 -33.3