There is so much talk of all the wrong-doing the Clintons have engaged in throughout their skulduggery career, so much open talk, that it’s almost surprising just how open it has gotten, given the levels of corruption in the US, in particular, in politics, media, and government. Yet there it is, coming from all kinds of angles and people, even if the effort is being led by the Republicans, anticipating the chance  she becomes the nominee. If you’ve ever read this blog or my Internet comments, you know that I also belong in the ranks of those who hate the Clintons and find them utterly despicable human beings. My gut reaction at this point is: how could anyone even mildly sane ever support these people? But the answer to this question is simple and it has been nicely laid out in a previous comment at The American Conservative, where the commenter noted that identity politics will trump everything else for this segment of Hillary supporters. A similar observation was nicely laid out in this other comment:


Andrew Alladin says:
February 9, 2016 at 3:20 pm

All that really matters to the Washington/New York Media is that a Democrat stays in the White House to continue the agenda of Unlimited Abortion on Demand, Imposing the LGBTQ Agenda on Recalcitrant Christians, Changing America’s Demographics through Amnesty and Unlimited, Impoverished, Unskilled Immigration – preferably from societies deeply hostile to America, and imposing a Militantly Secularist Agenda – the Cult of Swedish Superiority. Clinton could drop America’s entire Nuclear Arsenal on any country in the world and the Liberal Media would still shill for her – as long as Abortion remains untouched and refusing to provide services to Gay Weddings is deemed Illegal and punishable by massive fines.


And today, what do I see, but an article from John Crudele, at the New York Post, saying this:

“The fact that Hillary Clinton hasn’t been indicted at least once in her life is, in itself, an indictment of our legal system.

This column is dedicated to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s alleged financial crimes that, in and of themselves, should anger enough of the hard-working electorate that her defeat in a presidential election would seem likely.

The only question in my mind is whether the Democrats will allow themselves to walk into that trap.

In the late 1990s, I spent a lot of time looking into Bill and Hill’s antics and I was convinced by sources working with the Whitewater investigation that the two were the Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow of Arkansas politics — minus the guns, of course.

There wasn’t a financial scam they would not run in their home state or a cover-up that was beneath them. They gravitated toward shady real estate deals, although too-good-to-be-true commodities transactions were also a specialty.

There were even rumors at the time that a document for Hillary’s indictment had been drafted. But she wasn’t charged because — as I said — Starr probably saw Lewinsky as a quicker way of dealing with Bill.

But here’s the thing: All of the evidence gathered by Starr’s team is sitting somewhere waiting to be revisited.

And there are plenty of people who worked on that investigation — and/or know about the Arkansas crimes — who are still living and who probably aren’t bound by either conscience or the law from telling what they know.

I’m already trying to get some of my old sources on the phone.

But the conservative political group Judicial Watch is way ahead of me. In late January, the group released details from a memo written by Starr that laid out criminal charges against Hillary.

There were numerous real estate scandals — all of which I covered in the ’90s — and not just the one we know as Whitewater.

Judicial Watch is also suing to get a copy of Hillary’s draft indictment, which it seems to think is at the National Archives.

There were also plenty of rumors about Hillary’s private life that I didn’t write about back then and won’t now because they don’t belong in a column like this.

But you can bet on one thing: Nothing will be off limits if Hillary becomes the Democrats’ nominee.”


That iceberg is huge. The sad thing is, it seems to me, all this investigation effort will go to naught, if Hillary does not become the nominee, because then what’s the motivation to have her denounced? And notice what he says: lots of people are sitting on information about her crimes. If she doesn’t become the nominee, will everybody just forget about all their wrong-doing and their crimes and keep silent?

And the rumors about her personal life? It must be a sewer – but apparently the American people prefer the myth of the Clinton marriage to its fetid reality. Typical.

And here are some more good comments:

And when Bill Clinton was president and the Rwandan genocide happened, Clinton didn’t lift a finger to stop it, even though he was sitting on the world’s most powerful military – he had all the resources and chose to look the other way. You know, black lives matter and not only those of American blacks. Clinton is a genocidal president, and now African Americans and homos (including the HRC) are voting for his wife. It’s a disgrace.


JohnG says:
February 15, 2016 at 11:26 am

As depressing the picture painted here may be, I actually think it’s optimistic.

To be a member of the establishment you must spout the ideology of “democratic capitalism,” the notion that America can and should remake the rest of the world in its own image.

Now, could someone explain to me how Afghanistan, Libya, Kosovo, or Iraq are now more conformant to some American ideal? I believe the truth is much worse than giant corporations having interest in perpetual wars: The establishment has become a vast network of private rackets that uses the American military & economic might as the ultimate extortion tool. Just ask the two worst secretaries of state in history posing (and seeking cover) as ultra-feminists.

It was under Mad Albright’s tenure that the US started to support (and bomb on behalf of) the shadiest of the terrorist figures in Kosovo, accused by several UN personnel of butchering Serbian and (traitor) Albanian prisoners to harvest organs for trade. You can’t make this stuff up, it’s beyond horrific. And, surprise, madam secretary leaves her post to turn into a hedge fund manager with investments and interests in the region. Payback for help, anyone? Who wouldn’t want to harness the US Air force for its private goals? And would anybody be surprised if HRC took this model one step beyond to make payments to the Clinton Foundation pretty concurrent with the “services” provided by the State Department? And how is this different (other than organ trafficking) from our senators and congressmen retiring vastly richer than when they went into politics? Just where did that money come from?

In summary, it’s NOT just evil corporations, it’s the vastly concentrated power of an out of control and overreaching government. Once you have that, you are bound to have individuals and networks trying to harness that power for their private purposes. So yes, let’s clean up political financing, but let’s also go back to the idea of limited government. And stay vigilant to keep it limited, because, you always end up in trouble otherwise.

And after NH, many Dems discover just how much the Dem party is rigged – Bernie wins by a landslide and Hills still gets a lot more votes with the “superdelegates” – maybe it’s time Dems change the name of their party to the GNP – the Gay Neocon Party?


The Spectator:  We now know that Bill received $1.5 million for a series of what are being called question and answer sessions with executives of Swiss banking giant UBS when that organization was being threatened by the American IRS.  The American secretary of state, who just happened to be Bill’s wife, helped work a deal which got UBS off the hook and deprived the U.S. treasury of untold millions in avoided taxes.  And of course we can assume that the subsequent joining of UBS with the Clinton Foundation to provide more than $30 million in loans is all purely circumstantial.

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If Hillary is indicted on public corruption charges it’s likely that
Bill and Chelsea would be considered accomplices.

“By the estimate of IBT Media, Mr. Clinton collected between $54 million and $141 million from governments and arms manufacturers who had arms-deal approvals pending before his wife’s State Department.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea is on the board of the Clintons’ phony charities and can’t help but know why they’re receiving all these generous donations from people wanting to do business with her mom. Perhaps they could all get adjoining rooms at Club Fed?


KD says:
February 12, 2016 at 1:39 am

If HRC wins through the back room, expect the Trump/Cruz Kachina dolls to come out and be shaken to the scare the children into obedience.

If the Democrats don’t win, there will be a total war on women, rape will be legalized, abortion outlawed, and even coat hangers will be banned, and conservatives will start throwing gay people off roofs like they do in some place unmentionable. Making fun of fat girls and cat calls will be taught to elementary school males in mandatory classes, and creationism will replace evolution in the school curriculum.

The witchcraft trials will provide public entertainment anyways.


And lastly, I’ve been having fun venting on some comment boards:

Voice In Detroit to Alessandra • 4 minutes ago

Sanders will drop dead of old age before you’ll ever get him elected as president

Alessandra to  Voice In Detroit • 2 minutes ago

        Take a look at Bill Clinton one of these days – he’s going to drop pretty soon of those 200 venereal diseases he’s carrying… ain’t it a shame? 🙂