Since I have been thinking about infinity and cosmology recently, let me jot down a few more thoughts I had in the last 2 days.

“I also favor the idea that nothing does not exist and has never existed.”

What do I mean? I mean that I favor the idea that it is impossible for things to pop up into existence as if by magic, like, for example, the idea that  the entire universe could just come out of nothing.

Since the universe exists now, either it has always existed or it came out of nothing.  I believe there is no way a universe can magically pop out of nothing, for the very reason that absolute nothing can never produce anything from it. Why is this? Well, because of the very concept of nothing.

Therefore that rules out the “universe bursting out of a magical big bang” idea. What do we have left out of the two alternatives? The universe has always existed. Why has it always existed? Why does it exist?

I don’t know.

But since we exist, that means that “absolute nothing” in the sense of nothing having ever existed has already been proven false. Something (like, for example, the universe) clearly has existed and continues to exist. Which then leads me to think it will always exist. Thus the idea that time is infinite seems quite plausible.

Can I grasp the concept of infinite time? No. But it just seems that’s what it is.

The fundamental element.