I just came up with this  version of Hilbert’s Grand Hotel – which I thought was cute.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj3_KqkI9Zo

This is what I thought when watching the video:

To make room for the new guest, the manager asks guest #1 (the one in room #1) to move to room 2. So how many guests are there in room 2 now? 2 guests. Then he asks guest #2 to move to room 3. How many guests in room 3 now? Two. Etc., etc. Isn’t it plain to see what this means? You are always going to have a problem with a room having two guests. 🙂

And it’s clear they are all going to complain at the end and demand their original rooms back because you know how hotel guests are!! 😀

So now on to this question: the “new guest” who caused the humongous headache for the manager decides, after being a nuisance to the entire infinity of guests, that he’d rather stay across the street because it’s less crowded. He moves out.

So the manager – exhausted and thinking he’s had it with working in the hospitality industry – thinks: OK, I can make everyone happy again. So he goes to room #2 and tells guest #1 to go back to room #1, and then to room #3 and tells guest #2 to go back to room #2, etc. What happens? He will be condemned to spend the rest of his life telling the guests to move. And no matter how many guests he makes happy because they move back to their original room, there will be a much greater infinite number of unhappy guests in the wrong room! And, if you think about the problem with two  guests in one room somewhere in infinity, he will never be able to solve that problem.

See what just one idiotic customer can do to you? 😛 😀