A few things stood out to me as I read this feature: “Carmen Carrera: Show Girl” (Condé Nast’s W Magazine) about a man with a deformed and sick psychology (euphemistically called transgender).

Let’s start with a couple of points that I’ve made before: there is no such thing as transgender, there is only a more heightened degree of drag. Given that gender is the psychological  component of one’s masculine or feminine sex, there is no way a normal (non-intersex) person can transition to the other sex.  An intersex person is also not transitioning to another sex, it’s trying to assign itself some definition which it biologically lacked.

Second, and very importantly, liberal ideology dictates that not only must the person claiming to be the opposite sex be encouraged to lie about who they are, society must force everyone else to lie too – or be socially punished. This includes laws enforcing the lie – as in claiming the psychologically diseased “transgenders” should have a right to use the bathroom of the sex they pretend to be – but aren’t. This is the totalitarian and conforming aspect of liberalism. Its lies are imposed and no one can question them without punishment.

Now on to this man pretending to be a woman – self-entitled “Carmen” -, I noticed how much he emphasized how he adored performing.

I went to my first drag show at a Latin club called Escuelita. The finale starred this stunningly beautiful goddess. She was obviously a transwoman, and she took my breath away. At the time I was studying photography in college, so I would take pictures of the shows, and I got to know all the girls. I also started doing makeup professionally, but surprisingly I discovered that what I really wanted to do was perform. I participated in an amateur show, and the audience loved me—I won! After that, I started touring clubs and acquired a fan base.

His entire existence is one performance, a show, a circus act, since he can never be authentic. His diseased mind cannot deal with being a man, which is what would be authentic for him, so he must constantly perform being a woman. Everything about his “womanhood” is false, it’s an illusion, it’s fake plastic surgery and unnatural chemical manipulations of his true body, biology, and self, which will always be masculine. They are now just hidden under layers of fake lies and drag.

Real women don’t put on a performance of being women, because that’s who they are. They don’t need plastic surgery to turn them into women. This man is just a grotesque “gender snake oil” salesman.

Due to his diseased mind, he even said: “Eventually, I didn’t want to act like a woman anymore—I wanted to become one.”

And because he lives in an equally diseased society, people around him told him that becoming a woman is possible, and that it is done by changing your appearance. Now there’s irony! Especially from a feminist point of view, if you get my drift – and the endless battles feminism fought against women being reduced to their looks or sexual object utility, or how feminists fought against women having to be pegged into a dainty, feminine stereotype. It’s plain to see this man continues to act, it’s just that he has now deformed his outside to better match his act.

I also glanced at another interview with this idiot and we can see how he is obsessed with people thinking of him as some kind of Hollywood celebrity. He craves this kind of attention, adulation, adoration, and sexual objectifying – and why not every kind of sleazy sexual interaction that his mind can conjure to fit the lifestyle? He obsesses with all the fake, superficial aspects of a Hollywood star like the glitter, the flashy-sexy clothes, the expensive saloon hair, the professional make-up. It’s all self adoration and this expensive, exaggerated, narcissistic diva look. It’s almost like he has a need to turn himself into his own giant Barbie doll. Notice also that there is no one around him to tell him that it would be a good idea if he went to investigate why he has so many psychological and emotional problems with masculinity.

I am willing to bet that if he had to live as a poor woman in Central America, cleaning and cooking for a family of 12 kids (obviously not his), in an ugly, faded dress, plus catering to an itinerant husband (or  a string of irresponsible drop-by men), plus staying up late to sew and wash clothes of other richer folks to add a few more bucks to the family budget, the very last thing he’d want to be in the world is a “woman”. The. Very. Last.

Furthermore, you look at those men in the photos – the real ones – looking at this diseased “transgender” man as if he were a “sexy” woman and you can see that psychological disease is not contained just in the mind of this “Carmen” idiot.

It’s much more widespread. Seriously, people who think homosexuality is normal are just gross.

No matter how diseased their minds, they will stomp their foot down and claim to be “normal”. As a result, for them, anyone else who doesn’t kowtow to their diseased view of sex, gender, and sexuality is the one who is sick.

And there was another interesting clue about how dysfunctional his parents may have been. He says: “My father died of AIDS when I was 2”. AIDS? And the mother didn’t? His father was what – a bisexual or homosexual pig? And he grows up with only women. And he wants desperately to be a woman… hmm. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. That’s not even looking at what’s below the water level…

As my very last reflection, you know what also happened when I was thinking and writing this article? I thought: just how wonderful is it that I am a woman? I simply am one.  I don’t have to do anything to be a woman or to look like a woman, I don’t have to act in any way – every fiber of myself and my soul is that of a woman. And that is a beautiful thing.

Nature stands every bit against the diseased ideology of liberals. As it should.