I commend the courageous women (and a few men) coming forward with their stories of abuse/harassment.

I am very happy to see people talking about how psychologically violent harassment is, even though it generally does not involve physical violence.

It’s nice to see people finally, in 2017!, beginning to note that most men are silent about harassment, thus they act to protect abusers as a rule.

It’s bad to see that this scandal is being largely framed as a problem that men do to women. This excludes all the harassment that lesbian and bisexual turds of women do to other women. It also excludes male homosexuals and pedophiles/ephebophiles of all stripes.

Georgina, Weinstein’s wife of 10 years, 10 years!, has left him and I haven’t seen a single person state that Georgina must have as much of a criminal and putrid mind as Weinstein. Otherwise, how could a woman even stand being in the same room with him for more than half an hour.

Very nice to see an accusation against Bob, his brother, on harassment too. I can’t know if it’s true, but Bob’s disgusting declaration to the press that he never knew about anything bad regarding his brother is a major red flag that he is one more that knew very well.

Very nice to see at least some of the people who protected Harvey, who killed the newspaper stories being named for it in the media.

Very nice to see Ronan Farrow with his great article and work. What an interesting young man he is turning out to be. Proof that no matter what crap of parents you have, people are always individuals. And God, did he ever have bad luck with that, Sinatra (mob criminal) and Farrow (married to one child abuser creep and involved with mob criminal), and child abuser creep Allen as stepfather. Ever since Ronan came out in support of his sister, I took note. So many brothers do not. And the fact that NBC killed his story, so he took it somewhere else.