Alec Baldwin is such a nasty guy, he is so full of it, such a disgusting liberal pig, and you can tell he’s accustomed to being this way and being praised for it because he hangs with people who are the same way.

So it was especially delightful to see how much he sucks in his CIA head role in the new Mission Impossible movie. Ha! Cruise couldn’t have picked a worse idiot. I was going to write “a worse actor” but you can’t call Baldwin an actor because he is so weak. He is so stilted delivering his lines, he so clearly ***recites*** each one of them. You can see the strain in his mind as he concentrates to say the line he worked hard on memorizing, yet still can’t deliver. Probably the sorriest performance of any CIA director role in Hollywood history! The only role Baldwin can play is a stupid ranting liberal – because, hey, it requires no acting!

Here, memorize this and repeat like an idiot, Baldwin. Yes, come across very stilted and fake. That’s the only thing you’re good for. And foaming on the mouth about Trump.

I would never pay money to watch a movie with Baldwin, never.