July 23, 2018. I come across a few articles on the destruction that LGBTs and homosexual agenda pushers are doing in Israel.

“A prominent national religious Israeli rabbi sparked an outcry on Tuesday when he said that the country has become an “LGBT-stan” inundated with gay culture and urged his followers to “wage war” for traditional family values.” The Times of Israel, March 7, 2018.

I decide to write a letter to the Rabbi about his situation as a blog post, meaning I’m not going to actually send him the letter.

(Note: I’ve abbreviated “Homosexuality supporters” as HS below, meaning the people who think homosexuality is normal).

Dear Rabbi,

It’s been nice, let’s admit it, you were given about what?, 2018 minus 1945, that’s 73 years, and if we discount the time of chaos right after WWII, we have about 60 years where you had a place to exist and live without being persecuted, maligned, and silenced.

But that, as you are well aware, has changed. Have German Nazis taken hold of power in your country? Not at all. A different group, nazi all the same, has come to power. And guess what, once again, you are the pariah. You are the evil person, you must be accused, and silenced. Most importantly, it’s time for you to go back to the ghetto. I hope you have enjoyed the little bit of sun light and fresh air during these six decades, because it’s over.

Remember in the 1930s when Nazi Germans started passing laws to exclude Jews from civil society? From working in the government, in universities?

What is it that Omer Bar-Lev (Zionist Union), a member of the Knesset, the Israel Parliament, recently declared about you? You, Mr. Shapira, and anyone else who has a decent view of human sexuality, must not continue working in education. If it depends on Bar-Lev, you can never set foot in a school or university. Such institutions must be cleansed of people like you. When sexuality pigs rule, Mr. Shapira, you must go out of civil society and back to the ghetto. And so must anyone who upholds the healthy view that healthy human sexuality is heterosexual.

Homosexual culture is indeed an illness that is spreading and taking control. It is not just Israel which has become an ‘“LGBT-stan” inundated with gay culture,”‘ as you correctly stated. This is what happened to the entire West.

“Anyone who says something about a healthy and faith-based family is considered to have phobias, to be someone who is an extremist. Why? Because he expressed an opinion that has been the basis of all humanity and the entire Torah!,” you so rightly pointed out.

If only that were all. Look at the other attacks hurled at you by your own countrymen. Bar-Lev called your party “a dangerous place” and a “cult of hatred”, your words are “a doctrine of disgust and ignorance of the darkest people.”

Do I hear echoes of how German Nazis described Jews? Wasn’t this one of the key Nazi propaganda profiles of Jews: having dark, evil souls, at the same time that they were a very dangerous group?

As I recall one of the professors pointing out in a course I took about the Holocaust, before the Nazis, Jews were considered despicable, but not dangerous; a disgusting minority, but a minority nevertheless. They were not a gigantic threat that would imminently destroy Christian/European civilization.

Nazi propaganda changed all that. Not only were Jews despicable, but now they were out to dominate and take everything away from the good, saintly gentiles, especially god-fearing Christian ones, the upholders of decency and civilization – at least this is how things stood in the lunatic eyes of bourgeois Europeans, whether upcoming Nazis or the bulk of gentile society. Thus Jews were a despised minority that had some achievements in gentile society, and depending on the place, they were quite integrated, or relegated to the margins, or to their own circles, but overall largely considered no imminent global threat. With Nazi propaganda that image quickly changed to a horribly dangerous and extremely powerful group – dangerous and powerful being the key words here.

Mr. Shapira, what the Nazis couldn’t achieve -the destruction of Jews-, the LGBT pigs and the people who think homosexuality is normal, will. Of course, we’re not talking about physical destruction, but about something much worse. Because, as you have very well figured out, without a healthy view of sexuality, there are no healthy personal relationships to begin with, long before we get to any family and children issue. No healthy families is simply a consequence of no healthy intimate/sexual/couple relationships, of a putrid sexuality, and that’s what the homosexuality/pornography people have to offer to the world. People who think like pigs regarding sexuality destroy any society, and this, regardless if they ever have children.

What is the greatest tragedy is the loss of the knowledge of what constitutes a healthy and wholesome sexuality. Which LGBT pigs and the people who think homosexuality is normal don’t have.

Homosexual culture is a disease and a cancer that strikes at the very heart of a society, and it does so at every level. Equally important, normalizing homosexuality always means having a profoundly violent sexual sewer as a society. But one where the victims are usually among the most disenfranchised and/or disempowered people in society. Therefore, most remain largely invisible and without a voice. As a result, LGBT pigs and their supporters continue perpetrating huge harm and violence in the sexual/personal sphere, with mostly total impunity.

There is no society where homosexuality has been normalized that is not hugely sexually violent. And where LGBTs constantly sexually insult, harm, harass, and assault others. And where the victims remain largely silent and invisible. And where the perpetrators never suffer any consequences because they are supported by liberal society in their violence.

In the article about your talk, you are quoted as stressing that neither you nor your followers were homophobic. Oh, but you are.

Make no mistake about it. You shall either submit to what is most perverted and vile in terms of sexuality or you shall be branded the enemy, you shall be maligned, and homophobic doesn’t even begin to cut it. It’s homophobic, dark-souled, unfit for the public sphere, for education, for the medical sphere, for the army, for being a citizen, in short, evil, and most of all, dangerous! You and anyone who has a decent view of sexuality is just as dangerous today as Jews were in 1933.

Yes, Mr. Shapira, protest all you want that you are not homophobic, try to reason, explain, and see where that gets you. Could you have sat down 80 years ago and reasoned with a Nazi and explained that you are not a dangerous slime trying to take over the world and that you really don’t lust about drinking the blood of Christian children?

Of course, Jewish LGBT and HS pigs are not going to kill you, it will be enough to put you in a ghetto and make you stay there, in silence. In a world ruled by sexuality pigs, that’s your place.

But that’s not all. Your space in society will be further and further encroached upon, just like it happened 80 years ago, during the 1930’s, where the space occupied by Jews became smaller and smaller, until it was nothing but a horrible ghetto designed to group the “worst human beings”.

And now it’s happening all over again, thanks to your own people. Or are they “your own people”? Simply because they have a passport that looks like yours?

Which is why I say, what the Nazis couldn’t achieve, the LGBT and homosexuality/pornography agenda pigs will.

It may be that you are about to experience that an enemy from within is much more vile and destructive than an external one.

Take a porn magazine from these LGBT or HS pigs, open it up, and look at what the people are doing. Is this what it means to be Jewish? Thinking and behaving in the most perverted way, in a way that is in its essence the profound denigration of sex and inescapably, of human beings?

What LGBT pigs express in their porn is not in any way harmless. It also serves as the foundation for sexual harassment and violence, because once a person thinks about sex without respect, in a perverted way, what’s to stop them from insulting, harassing, groping, or assaulting anyone just because it brings them their perverted pleasure? It’s normal to them. Why wouldn’t they give other people dirty, sexually malicious, or perverted looks? That’s what they have in their head, a sexuality sewer, what’s to hold them back from getting their perverted kicks? It’s what they live for, being a sexuality pig. Moreover, HS people have been telling the LGBT pigs it’s all normal.

And what happens when they sexually insult, harass, grope, or assault others because of their homosexual/bisexual perversion? Usually nothing. Any LGBT or straight pig has discovered this a long time ago.

So Mr. Shapira, I regret to inform that you are the enemy once again. Just a few decades after the Holocaust and it’s replay – but now, the people ready to send you to the ghetto call themselves Jews. (And liberal, tolerant, and progressive to boot).