the Chronicle:

Even after Ronell’s sanction was confirmed this week, it was that draft letter written on her behalf, which first circulated in June, that remained at the center of the discussion. The note, signed by dozens of prominent scholars, was dated May 11 and addressed to NYU’s president and provost. It urged that Ronell be given a “fair hearing,” cited her academic credentials, and said she might have already been damaged by the proceedings. The backlash was swift: Critics accused the signatories of creating a double standard for a woman accused of sexual harassment and of unfairly maligning the victim.

“Feminists aren’t a monolith,” tweeted Dana Bolger, a founder of Know Your IX, an organization that advocates for victims of gender-based violence, on Tuesday. “First, it should go without saying that the quality of somebody’s scholarship has absolutely nothing to do with whether they harass their students. Period.”

The views of the scholars who wrote the letter on Ronell’s behalf “shouldn’t be attributed to every feminist everywhere, many of whom vehemently disagree with them,” she wrote.

Beatrice Louis, an international lawyer, went further, writing that “the scholars who have signed a letter supporting Professor Ronell are sabotaging the plight of victims and the #metoo movement in ways that are truly reprehensible.” “There is nothing in feminist thought, activism, or belief that justifies this terrible overture of support to an accused person who seems to have been afforded due process,” she wrote.


The first signatory of the letter was Judith Butler, a nationally renowned professor of critical theory and comparative literature at the University of California at Berkeley who is president-elect of the Modern Language Association. [and by what wikipedia says, a major lesbian pig!] In an email late Wednesday, she said she had some regrets about the wording of the letter, which she said had been written in haste by a group of authors.

“We ought not to have attributed motives to the complainant, even though some signatories had strong views on this matter,” Butler wrote. “And we should not have used language that implied that Ronell’s status and reputation earn her differential treatment of any kind.” [But the lesbian pig did exactly that! And she and co. wouldn’t have thought it a problem if her little vicious letter upholding impunity for sexual harassment hadn’t gotten out to the public!]

When the letter was written, Butler said, the group understood that the Title IX investigation had been completed and that Ronell had been cleared of the most serious charges against her.

“When we learned that termination of employment was under consideration, we were bewildered by the severity of this possible sanction,” Butler wrote. “It seemed incommensurate with what we understood at that time to be the investigation’s outcome. We did not have access to the file or the findings, nor were we fully apprised of the facts of the case.” [And yet, as everyone knows by now, they pounced. Notice the horror the lesbian pig feels in thinking that one of their own might lose their job for sexually harassing students! No, no, they demand a slap on the wrist or they pounce. See how corrupt LGBT pigs and people who think homosexuality is normal are? They aren’t the only ones, but they are clearly garbage of people.]


As a result, Ronell has been suspended from the university, and any future meetings she has with students must be supervised, he says. The university is also examining Reitman’s subsequent claims of retaliation, and any violations found could result in extra sanctions.

I think the supervision requirement is a good move. Of course, it can always be sabotaged, it all depends on who does the supervising, doesn’t it? But overall, it goes in the right direction.