Here is my list of absolutely essential consequences that must take place regarding the vile, criminal, corrupt Catholic Church. In short:

1. Investigation in all states/countries.

2. Accountability in how investigations are carried out with full report

3. Catholics must demand for Catholic Church to make public all its finances in all countries – follow the money, if you want to clean the rot! As long as homo and other abusers and the gay mafia in the Church have access to millions to protect themselves, not much will be achieved

4. Mandatory reporting of any criminal act that is communicated during confession. If they fail to report, jail for a long time.

5. Change statute of limitations to allow victims to go after all the guilty now.

6. End obligatory celibacy immediately.

Perhaps the only silver lining in the current CC scandal is that it’s exposing even more clearly how evil LGBTs are, how they have thoroughly corrupted the Church, just like any other institution where they gain power.

Another crucial point is that until people demand to have complete transparency to how ever penny is spent by any Catholic body/clergy/Vatican person at any level, the rot will remain in place, and the Church will continue to think and behave like the criminal mafia that it is.

I have been following the Vigano aftermath and it seems the entrenched rot, led by Francis, will win the internal civil war. Of course, that partly depends on what kind of documents he has. We also need to wait for the developments on all the criminal investigations of the Church in whatever states carry them out.

Lastly, many of the accounts of the abuses coming to light now are so horrendous, I can’t bear to read the details. The Church is by far one of the world’s most vile organizations. Just like LGBTs, putrid.

Just today, I was the target of two sleazy looks by lesbian/bisexual pigs.