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New article just out:

Introducing Soon-Yi Previn – As controversies tumbled around her, the daughter of Mia Farrow and wife of Woody Allen stayed silent for decades. No more.


Continuing the (disgusting) role of her life, Soon-Yi has broken her silence on Woody Allen’s molestation accusation and stands by her adoptive* incestuous father-figure man.

The article was written by one of Allen’s long-time friend. That in itself says a lot. Although Merkin does ask some pointed questions. In fact, I was surprised by the fact she presented them with: “I can’t help but wonder, I tell the couple, whether they got together to take revenge on Farrow, consciously or subconsciously.”  Which both Soon-Yi and Woody immediately dismissed as ridiculous. Even though this is exactly what they did. Did she present the question merely so they could publicly answer back?

*So, Allen never formally adopted Soon-Yi, but I’m using the term here in a de facto, not de jure way. Allen was her mother’s boyfriend, and not only that, as the above article makes clear, he took an active role in partially minding her siblings (Dylan and Ronan), i.e., being their father, in their household, where he also had contact with Soon-Yi. But that’s not the focus of the article, which is a hit piece on Mia.

This article could have been summarized as: “Mia was a negligent, dysfunctional, cold, unloving mother and I hate her but her boyfriend, on the other hand, started to show an interest in me, although it soon turned sexual, but neither of us will admit what that means” by Soon-Yi.

Soon-Yi’s complaints against Mia may be true – I haven’t come across any corroboration other than her brother’s (Moses) similar complaints. But I haven’t researched the topic. But I don’t have any particular reason to outright doubt Soon-Yi’s complaints, because it reasonably fits the impression I get from Mia: someone who had serious problems – starting with the most glaring fact that at 19 (19!) she starts a relationship with thoroughly disgusting mob man Frank Sinatra. None of Mia’s failings as a mother (or woman), however, take anything away from how criminal, manipulative, and vile Allen seems, and from the disgusting woman Soon-Yi turned out to be, by playing the role of Allen’s side-kick and collaborator to attack Dylan.

And here’s an interesting tid bit from the above article:

“in September 1991; she eventually majored in art. It was sometime during that fall that her affair with Allen began [she was 21]. Both of them are vague on how and when their friendship turned sexual — “It was 25 years ago,” she says — beyond the fact that it was a gradual process. ”

They both “don’t remember”? Something as important as having sex with your mother’s boyfriend? I believe they’re lying. And also, how convenient to claim that she was 21 “when it turned sexual” – even though it’s “all so vague”. Not to mention the nude photograph episode. Have they gotten amnesia about that too? You could almost have heard them say, “nude photographs? what photographs? It was so long ago, yes, there was something about some photographs, but it’s all so vague… we just don’t remember anymore…”

I think what jumped out most for me when reading the article is how much Soon-Yi hated and hates Mia Farrow (and she may be telling the truth about how Farrow was a bad (horrible?) mother to her).

Consciously or unconsciously Soon-Yi must have felt tremendous triumph in taking Mia’s boyfriend from her, and she could care less if Allen molested Dylan. In fact, my guess is that had Allen molested dozens of children, Soon-Yi would always stand by his side and claim they were all lying. She’s that kind of woman. Were she even begin to consider that she married a child molester who used her as a tool to cover it all up, her entire psyche would break down. Her entire life (and internal psyche) is built upon lying to herself about what kind of a man Allen is.

I believe Dylan.

Which reminded me of one of my past blog posts on the subject – excerpt:

Woman with inside knowledge of alleged Dylan Farrow’s sexual abuse: Ask Woody Allen’s sister what she knows

Buried among 1500 comments on the NYT (and counting) for Woody Allen Speaks Out By WOODY ALLEN FEB. 7, 2014, there was this comment copied below. Very, very intriguing

ANNIE – New York City:

1. I saw the video – any reasonably sane person — trained or otherwise — would tell you that that little girl was not making it up. Not a chance.

2. If the files of the NYC child welfare agency could “talk” and ever came out it would be a very very bad day for Woody Allen.

3. Same goes for the polaroids Woody took of Soon-Yi. Very naked/nasty pictures of her spread eagled on a bed.

4. As Dylan, the grown-up, rightly says, the final “legal” word comes not from Connecticut but from NY. Doesn’t “grossly inappropriate” say anything here? The state of NY ruled he should have zero contact with his children – zero. Why did he stop fighting for them?

5. Re: Point 2. Ask Woody’s sister what she knows. Her names everywhere in the NYC files.

6. A jury of his peers found OJ Simpson not-guilty of murdering his wife. Legally speaking he, too, is innocent. Yeah, right.


This is a person who claims to have seen the video. Has the video been destroyed as well?

aside from the video that has been debated by other people, this is what struck me: “Ask Woody’s sister what she knows.“

What does Woody’s sister know? And are we in Joe Paterno territory here?


I hadn’t listened to Sergio Endrigo for some time, since it had been some time that I went on youtube and did a round of my favorite Italian singers. And lo  and behold today, I was telling someone about Endrigo today and so I went on youtube to get one of my favorite songs (Io che amo solo te) and then fortunately for my life, youtube started sequencing one Endrigo song after another and I was swept away in Sergio Endrigo heaven…

And thanks to youtube I discovered three recordings that I don’t think I had heard before – oh the greatness of the Internet! – and they are so lovely!

Sergio Endrigo ospite a Studio Uno 1965

Sergio Endrigo – La prima compagnia 

Sergio Endrigo – Le parole dell’addio

I almost cry thinking he is no longer alive…


It’s not a new issue, but it’s the first time that I have stopped to give it more consideration. The Catholic Church, with its confession practice, is a vile, disgusting, criminal mafia. And that includes every single Catholic person who supports the practice and the Church.

I was thinking about this today, given the news from Australia:

The Catholic Church in Australia has formally rejected a landmark inquiry’s recommendation that priests should be forced to report sexual abuse disclosed during confession.

The five-year inquiry found tens of thousands of children had suffered abuse in Australian institutions. The Catholic Church had the most cases.

What kind of a world do we live in? A “recommendation”? The fact that these disgusting people would rather all the children in the world be abused than to denounce a single perpetrator is just unbelievable. That is the mind of the most vile kind of human being.

There is no excuse, no justification, nothing that could ever warrant the torture of any child, that could ever give priority to hiding the truth of the abuse and torture of children to protect the guilty. Nothing.

Could priests be prosecuted?

The state of South Australia has already unveiled new laws – to take effect in October – that will legally compel clergy to report abuse.

However, Church leaders have vowed not to adhere to it. State officials say this may lead to prosecutions, resulting in fines of up to A$10,000 (£5,570; $7,250).

Church leaders have vowed not to adhere to it because they are monsters. And look at the ridiculous amount of the fine. First of all, if they don’t report, they need to go to jail – and stay there. Second, the fine needs to be upped so that it stings, including taking property and assets from this garbage of this Church. At least the new laws will compel clergy to report the abuse. We need this kind of legislation worldwide.

Nothing less is acceptable.


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