“The greatest challenge for our thoughts is to enable a life worth living. Politics, culture wars, religion, relationships, life, media, sports, sexuality.”

I started this blog a long time ago, just as a place to publish my thoughts on anything and everything. This mostly comprises the topics in my header sentence above. I post on whatever topic I’m interested in. Obviously this is all  from a social conservative political position.

On Dec.  2012, I started  another blog about my censored posts at First Things/First Thoughts and similar sites in the blogsphere:


(ETA Dec 2013) This “Censored on FT” blog then expanded to now hold several discussions around the blogsphere where I was censored, not just the ones on FT. After starting this Alessandra blog, I started another blog (Making Sense) on blogsome – since I liked the very easy interface at the time. socimages.blogsome.com. However due to  technical difficulties with blogsome, I started publishing Making Sense here.



Why did I add these pages on homosexuality? For one, they contain important information pertaining to issues I focus on in this blog. And second, it’s just to make my commenting life simpler around the Internet. Since these are basic pieces of information relating to the the culture wars on sexuality that I repeat again and again in other blogs and news sites, it’s now all going to be more nicely organized here in these few pages. Then I just copy and paste most of the time.


Sept. 2015 – CARTOONS

I’ve started publishing cartoons. Having lots of fun. If you like to draw and can draw, and are interested in drawing some social conservative ideas, contact me at alessandrareflections@gmail.com. You’ll need an online portfolio.


Update Jan 19 2013 – BLOGSOME POSTS

After having my blogsome blog for some time,  I got an ominous message that blogsome was going to disappear. Well, my blog there remains inaccessible, but the site continues… weird – some kind of DoS trick?

To save my posts from blogsome, as I have time, I will repost my entire collection of blogsome posts here (or the most relevant ones).

On Jan 2013, I  started publishing some of my past blogsome posts. They are  identified by (blogsome) in the post title.

I have also decided to make “Censored First Things/First Thoughts” a blog where I will preserve other of my censored comments in exchanges throughout the blogsphere, not just on the First Thing website. Since I am routinely censored in a variety of blogs, including being banned from commenting on some, I like to save the debates that are censored. It’s very interesting to see what aspects of reality many people feel must be censored and suppressed.


I apologize for grammar and spelling mistakes. Stacy McCain has already pointed out that I need to run a spell check before posting. I wish they had a better inbuilt one. But it’s on my list of things to do, to always run a good spell check before posting. Usually I’m in a hurry and don’t bother, but yeah, I need to do it.



For all practical purposes, my other blog “Censored on First Things/First Thoughts” has been discontinued for some time. Posting every comment that someone censored was too much work given how often I am censored and banned for trying to express my views on the Internet. (http://censoredfirstthings.wordpress.com/)