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Excellent article on an excellent achievement:  a male escort, Francesco Mangiacapra, has gone public about Italian priests involved with illegal drugs, soliciting (male) prostitutes,  blackmail, embezzlement and other crimes.

Says the Churchmilitant: as many as 60 priests involved.

Well done, Francesco Mangiacapra! If only there were more people willing to expose the rot that LGBTs are in the world.

The preliminary hearing is set to take place on March 8, where the judge will examine the evidence for accusations of fraud, drug distribution, embezzlement, extortion and self-laundering.
The case began when male escort, Francesco Mangiacapra, decided to go public about services he had been rendering to Fr. Morini, who falsely presented himself as a judge.
But the diocese only acted once it found out that national broadcast show Le Iene was after the priest, so the bishop suspended him from his activities “due to sickness” and then transferred him to a €200,000.00 house, bought especially for him (monthly utility bills and maid included). These were allegedly obtained from the bishop of Massa Carrara-Pontremoli, Giovanni Santucci, through blackmail, as Morini had “threatened to expose to the public eye unpleasant facts about many diocesan priests.” Bishop Santucci also gave Don Euro €4,500,00 from his own personal bank account, as well as €1,000.00 from diocesan funds. The bishop is also currently under investigation.

What garbage of people.


It’s simple. People, once conditioned to follow a system, have an incredibly difficult time in re-thinking the system, especially its premises.

Why did people in so many European cultures, decade after decade, generation after generation, century after century, think of no alternative to the autocratic, violent, and undemocratic systems they had? Why did no one think of an alternative system to the strong-man rule cemented by a notion of “royalty”?

Likewise, Americans are on display for being incapable of thinking of any alternatives to their sham of a system, including the most important lies they have developed and hang on to.

For example, one of my favorites is the lie that you can separate government from religion, that it is possible not to have a state-sponsored religion. Americans love this lie. They have hung on to it fiercely. Part of this lie is the notion that Americans concretely separated religion from government and were able to create a satisfactory society.

As I have been saying, one must understand that an ideological system, whether it includes a notion of god (or gods) is irrelevant. Therefore, liberal ideology and Protestantism are both ideological systems – since every religion is an ideological system. At the same time, all ideological systems  function as a religion does. What’s the main difference? Liberalism merely  does not include the notion of a god.

When liberals say they have a government that has set religion apart, it merely means they have increasingly instituted their godless religion as the state-sponsored and enforced ideology, i.e., the state-sponsored religion.

But, given the stupidity and hypocrisy of liberals, they will refuse to admit that all they are doing is playing with labels, pretending that their liberal ideological system doesn’t function the very same way as any state-enforced religion.

Why this hasn’t been particularly obvious to most Americans, especially the religious ones, I cannot understand. I find it so obvious. But I rarely hear religious folks mention the above. Everyone remains so hung up on the label “religion” that they don’t look at the dynamics of both political ideologies and religion –  wisely forgetting the labels.

That’s why I was very happy to see one comment, lone as it was, on The American Conservative, from a conservative, who seems is getting closer to seeing the light:

Dommerdog says July 2, 2016 at 4:28 am:

I’m no lawyer, and I’m certainly no constitutional scholar; but it seems to me that this ruling and all the other laws requiring people who run businesses to violate their own religious principles in order to accommodate consumers runs dangerously close to state establishment of religion.

I’m a layman myself, but you don’t have to be a scholar to see what is taking place. People are not blind. The pagan sex cult of the rainbow has just finished wrapping up its holy month with parades, politicians in tow, celebrating genitals and orgasms. It is the civic religion, the very thing that the founding fathers sought to avoid. Consolidation will be incremental but inexorable, and once the first amendment has been nullified (as advocated by Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet) the established state religion of sex and power will seek to ruthlessly crush its rivals, as has been broadcast in the NY Times and elsewhere.


Indeed, the now dominant US liberals are saying, “Convert or be damned (and damned in this case means: suffer the state-enforced punishments for not following our liberal ideology-religion).”

As an aside, you also have to wonder about the American higher ed system. While it can be the world’s best in its most elite establishments, it fails completely to form a minimally intelligent populace. Or maybe this is because the percentage of people who finish college is dismal in the US (only 20%, and I speak from memory). And I don’t even know the percentage for those who go through grad school, obviously much tinier. And when I say “elite establishments”, I’m not speaking of fame (such as the myth of the superiority of Ivy League schools, or expensive private colleges), but of actual quality of teaching and learning.

And then, there is little a school can do if a person has firmly decided to cling on to a lie.

Which leads us to this other wonderful comment, also on TAC:

David Olm says:
July 2, 2016 at 12:46 pm

I think it was Jonathan Swift that said you cannot reason a man out of what he was not reasoned into in the first place, and that is what is scary about the society we are devolving into. You can demonstrate the patent nonsense of the left all day long (sexuality is as fluid as the ocean in transgenders but as fixed as Mt. Everest in homosexuals; the Bible actually condones homosexuality with the proper gnostic understanding of Hebrew and Greek translation) but it doesn’t matter with them at all. Because it is propaganda, not reason. And, as always, THE enemy of the Left is Christianity.


And since the enemy of Christians is big, bad Russia and Putin – which everybody knows is just like Stalin; totally exaggerated threats from terrorists and ISIS; “communists”; or whatever 1950’s Cold War notions the commanders of the Right manage to twist around to manipulate the populace’s fears with in 2016, you could say that the stupid Right deserves the stupid Left in America – if it all didn’t have horrifying consequences for the world.

I went to see Spotlight.(Spoilers ahead).

I liked the pace and the rhythm and the way they treated the subject without being lurid. One of the strongest aspects of the film is that it succeeds in putting a simultaneous spotlight on the pain of the victims and on the collective negligence and cover-up by the Church, the police, the lawyers, society – and, most importantly, the press.

Part of the conscience crisis that members of the Spotlight team face is the fact that the team members begin to see and acknowledge they never investigated, printed, or followed up on several denunciations, clips, stories, and reports during a long time, including from members of their very own “star” investigative team that finally broke the story – this was very well done. They had also been part of the cover-up, even if their cover-up had been due to their disinterest and neglect, and due to not being as aware – unlike the Church, who had been outright criminal. As one critic put it, the film doesn’t lionize and idealize its heroes, showing how the media was often in cahoots with the monstrous Catholic Church.

But… since the movie was written by liberals – who else? – it was replete with propaganda about homosexuality. The most god-awful lie is that these priests just abused male victims “because that’s who was available”. These people are doing a film about the most infamous male sexual abuse scandal in modern times and they want to insist that a 15-year-old male adolescent was sexually abused by a homosexual priest because the priest couldn’t get his hands on a young female adolescent?

What a disgrace. They also never mentioned how many homosexuals there were and are far up in the Catholic Church who aided and abetted the pedophilia and ephebophilia crimes because they were threatened with being outed by the homosexual priests and bishops doing abuse. In the movie, it was all explained away as “these priests are emotionally stunted, that’s why they are pedophiles”. No mention of how many of them are perverted homosexuals and that’s why they abuse.

And Father Shanley, described as “a hippie”, not as the homosexual activist that he was! The movie writers denounce one scandal while continuing to engage in the cover-up of another – the homosexual abuse of minors!! Just as the Catholic Church tries to cover up any truth about its priests, liberals try to cover up any truth about how abusive its homosexuals are.


As we can see, any information that presents the truth about how perverted homosexuals involved in the scandal are and were was purposely scrapped.

On the other hand, it’s very good that the movie won the main Oscar, since this gives it visibility, and that means it gives worldwide visibility to the subject. The importance of this film is that it centers its attention on the societal cover-up, while also touching upon the gravity of the damage done to the victims.

And the ending with the bit about the fact that Cardinal Law is now living in high style in the Vatican was well done. Like Nazis who escaped to Argentina after the war and lived a comfortable life until their deaths.

And the purges against decent people with a healthy mind about sexuality continue…

New case in the UK (land of pigs!) reported by the Express:

Felix Ngole, 38, posted on social media that “I stand with Kim Davis” – the American county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples.

The student of Sheffield University also commented on the link quoting a bible verse which called homosexuality an “abomination” in September 2015. …

The father-of-four’s actions were described as “transgressed boundaries which are not deemed appropriate for someone entering the social work profession” by the committee and ordered him to hand in his student card.

The committee said its decision was not based on his views but the act of publicly posting them “may have caused offence to some individuals”.

Mr Ngole said: “My beliefs about marriage and sexual ethics reflect mainstream, biblical understanding, shared by millions around the world.

“Simply expressing that understanding, in a personal capacity, on my Facebook page, cannot be allowed to become a bar to serving and helping others in a professional capacity as a social worker.”

However, Mr Ngole said he will be appealing the decision, which could prevent him becoming a social worker.

He believes the decision is an effective “bar to office for Christians” and that he may have suffered discrimination.

Outright persecution and discrimination. Of course it’s all about his views, which the liberals in control of this university hate and want to punish.

I am going out on a leap here, and make a bet that Mr. Ngole is a good father and would make a good social worker.

And the university claiming it was going to expel him because “he caused offense” to people. Who are these people, may we ask? People with the minds of pigs!

Moreover, now these university people have offended me and Mr. Ngole with their words and deeds. Should they all be expelled? What nonsense this claim about “offense”! Not a day  goes by when dozens of people at this University offend someone somewhere in the world with their views. Should they all be expelled now? Not to mention that students are entitled to express views that sexuality pigs find offensive – that is, healthy and wholesome views of sexuality.

Shouldn’t all students who are in favor of pornography be expelled from the university? Pornography is offensive to anyone with a healthy and wholesome mind about sexuality.

Oh no, but UK sexuality pigs must claim their entitlement to saying the most depraved and offensive messages related to sexuality any time they want, but should someone point out how perverted their ideology about homosexuality is, out they go.



I was just going to note another of my comments that got censored on the Internet, on the blog that I created for this purpose, but then it turned into a whole post, so I’m posting it here as well.


The Spectator has an article depicting the ignorant-on-psychology approach that some conservatives spouse:

What conservative gay Christians want

It’s not church doctrine on marriage that needs to change. It’s almost everything else

The LGBT rights movement — so the story goes — has split the Christian churches in two. On one side are the progressives, who believe that Christianity should accept gay people and recognise gay marriage. Lined up against them are the conservatives, who hold fast to the belief that being gay is sinful. It’s not entirely false, that story. There are just a vast number of Christians who don’t fit into it.

Ed Shaw is an evangelical pastor in Bristol and is gay — or, as he puts it, he ‘experiences same-sex attraction’. It’s a less misleading term, he tells me. ‘If I say to people in conversation, “I’m gay,” they tend to presume that I’ll be delighted if they match me up with their gay friend Barry.’ Which isn’t what he’s looking for: ‘I’d love to meet any of their friends, but I don’t want to be match-made with people because I’m not interested in that sort of relationship.’

Shaw is one of the founders of Living Out, a website written by gay people who are also traditionally minded Christians. As he points out, this is quite a large constituency. The ‘horror stories’ about churches rejecting LGBT people dominate media coverage, he says: Living Out exists partly to record more positive experiences.

Shaw’s is one of them. ‘As a pastor,’ he says, ‘I thought being open about my sexuality would be a disqualification for the job, and would mean that people would stop coming to me.’ Instead, they started calling on him more than ever. ‘Because they think, this guy finds life tough, it’s not easy for him, he might be able to help me. I think previously I thought the deal was, try and fake it as a perfect person, and then people will listen to you.’

When Shaw writes in praise of the ‘real elements of beauty’ in gay relationships, or laments how the C of E’s ‘hypocrisy’ has ‘hurt a lot of people’, he sounds like a liberal Anglican.

Notice that there is no more talk about how perverted and dysfunctional their homosexual desires are, it’s all “real elements of beauty”. Homosexuality is all about being BFFs! And why should such a guy find life “tough”? Anytime he says homosexuality has real elements of beauty, it appears he has men like Dan Hitchens drooling to hear more about how wonderful it all is. Maybe Hitchens would like to give him a long hug for all his suffering, you know, get real close to that suffering homo who will never think of going to treat his deformed mind. And when a male youth or adult needs to talk about a sensitive matter to Shaw, and he responds by a long, intense sexual stare, violating what would be a Pastor’s role, I’m sure Hitchens would just shrug and say, but he is a suffering homosexual, such a nice guy, who can blame him? We must embrace him, in fact, let me go embrace him one more time myself.

And that’s the people now in both these evangelical churches and the Catholic Church. I mean, the way things are going, the Catholic Church should just come out and put “gay sauna” signs on every of its churches.

Like another favorite of ignorant conservatives like Hitchens, whom he also mentions, Eve Tushnet, a “Catholic” pervert who’s doing everything she can to destroy the Catholic Church – from inside:

For Tushnet, the future became clearer when she asked where specifically God was calling her to love — which led to volunteering at a crisis pregnancy centre, and to a deepening of friendship. Tushnet sees this life as an expression of her sexuality, not a denial of it. ‘The desire for same-sex intimacy and love and the recognition of beauty in people of the same sex — these are inherently good things, and in many ways basic human needs.’ Some people find it possible, she says, ‘to take all of that energy and intensity of erotic love and let it flow into a relationship to women or to beauty or to God’. That kind of ‘sublimation’ has always made intuitive sense to her.

Who would have thought that only a few decades after GLAAD was created, it would merge with the Catholic Church? It’s harder and harder to tell them apart. This may be why “Dan Hitchens has just been appointed deputy editor of the Catholic Herald”. Or why approximately 80% of the sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church in the US were priests abusing males, and the majority were not kids, they were adolescents. We have people like Hitchens and Tushnet to thank for that – with their discourse and their lies and their embellishment of homosexuality. (I just checked and it has been two years already since I wrote The new Pope, the Catholic Church, and homosexuality: a fish rots from the head down! How time does fly when the Catholic Church is turning into a homosexual swamp…)

Notice also that people like Hitchens and Tushnet never talk of violence, sexual harassment, abuse, or perversion. I even wonder how many of these farcical Christians even have any kind of healthy mind or feelings regarding sexuality left. Their own perversions have supplanted any conscience of what is healthy. Once a healthy feeling becomes perverted and deformed, a person no longer has a guide, internally. From then on, being a pervert is their only experience of “normality”. This is why homosexuals are so much like pedophiles, zoophiles, and any other deformed human beings. Their sense of normality is based on their sick minds – they are not going to ever talk about how evil or harmful or how much violence they do in the world.

No wonder that when homosexual pigs (and their supporters) are in power, like they are in many of these churches and social spaces and public forums, people like me are never allowed to speak.

This explains why my comment to the above article was censored:

When you are completely ignorant about treating psychological problems, like the Church often is, and so is the Spectator crowd, you are going spout this non-sense that homosexuals have nothing to treat and should go about their lives with their minds deformed. This creates the problem that every kind of homosexual perversion is normalized in their minds and many will effectively insult and sexually harass others because of their homosexuality, along with worse crimes. The dominant discourse will always be “what a cross LGBTs have to bear”, not “let’s inquire about why they experience all kinds of perverted sexual feelings towards people of the same sex”. People who are ignorant about human psychology simply cannot answer or investigate the question. Hence the idiotic stance that results from these conservatives.


Last but not least, I know I’m not the only one, but sometimes, when I read such aberrant articles, I feel like the only person who realizes that these so-called Christian/Catholics interpret the Bible any way they want, and then say the Bible is the word of God – and so it must be true. It would be nice to tap on their shoulder and ask, ‘Haven’t you noticed that every century you have changed the discourse and every time you still proclaim your version is the “word of God”? Cute game, isn’t it?’

This is particularly true of this “we can’t turn away the gays because I love them so much and they’re so nice to me” crowd like Hitchens. “I must have them so near to me in my heart, because I’m such a good little Catholic. And tell me once again how beautiful homosexuality is, Shaw, how utterly nice homosexuals are. It makes me drool. I really want to know how another man would worship me, how he struggles with it, how he’d like to be best friends with me forever. It’s not an abomination at all – who could ever think that, Shaw? I’m just doing my Catholic duty to be good here.”

Really, with “Catholics” like this, who needs GLAAD?

Below is a brilliant sentence. One sentence that perfectly summarizes the US today (a comment made at The American Conservative site):

Tis rather a case of a divided house living by the sum of its fears.

Fear – the great uniting force of Americans. Every horrendous policy, every mass murder, every type of exploitation, assassination, usurpation, surveillance, and torture is and will continue to be justified by mechanisms of fear at its deepest level and with material wealth as its most persuasive element. After fear, in second place comes greed.

The American system is crumbling right before the eyes of all. But most Americans, drenched in their ideological propaganda that their system is good, cannot fathom where the problem lies. Not only do they believe their system is good, but they believe it is the best and it works and therefore, by ideological diktat, it cannot malfunction. As a result, they cannot recognize that the problem lies with the very type of savage capitalism/imperialism they have. And now, additionally, this atrocious imperialist capitalism encompasses a deep layer of complete lack of morality and ethics to regulate the personal/sexuality sphere.

Add to this the two very corrupt parties that dominate the political scene – which offer no real alternative to change the system where it needs to be changed. Thus Americans having been going from populist to populist politician as their choice of president, dreaming and clamoring for hope and change, while blindly marching forward and steeping downward to greater and greater systemic malaises.

As I realized not too long ago, Hitler died, but his ideology won in the West. It brought prosperity to some – and given that the prosperity was significant in the US and Europe in the last century – it worked to camouflage a large part of the systemic rot that can never function in this type of system, along with all the people who get crushed by it along the way. Smarter Americans have realized that simply changing presidents won’t change much in the country, no matter if it’s a Democrat or a Republican administration that takes over. Yet, even these people will do very little to bring about change.

Democracy cannot function without ethics. Once you have a rotten democracy in place, such as what has happened in many Western countries, you cannot change that without enormous work from a lot of people. Americans, like most people, are stuck in their ways, their dysfunctional ideology, their attitudes, their blindness, their corruption. With each passing day, certain very valuable attitudes that they possessed, cherished, and encouraged are simply lost as part of the country’s culture. There are no more Mr. Smiths going to Washington today. Nor would they be admired if they existed. Americans traded in I Love Lucy, Jimmy Stewart, An Affair to Remember, and The Partridge Family for Grindr, Tinder, porn, and Caitlyn Jenner. It is sad – and it further underscores just how much the past is often another country.

Instead of fighting the Nazis, Americans now go murder masses of the poorest of the poor in the Middle East and Africa. Or they supply the arms and oversight for other client monsters to do the job. Or they bomb entire countries to pieces with not a thought for the suffering and destruction they inflict on defenseless populations who cannot escape.

And most of the American population supports this. They have as much concern for other people as the Germans did while gazing at the boarded trains taking those unfortunate Jews to their extermination. The threat from Stalin during “Cold War I” gave Americans the justification to commit any barbarity under the guise of fighting the particularly monstrous version of totalitarian communism that Stalin’s USSR represented. Once that fight largely disappeared, American barbarity increasingly came to the fore, naked. So new excuses needed to be created to canvass popular support. Little irrelevant groups conveniently labeled “terrorists” were presented, through a flick of a wand, to the American people as the threat that replaced the USSR communist bogeyman and who were seeking to destroy their glorious system, their way of life, their freedom – even their very lives.  And here is where this circus takes on a surreal turn. While Americans will continue to scapegoat their problems on “terrorists” and “illegal immigrants” – no matter how much they murder and bomb other peoples, and no matter how much of a militarized, police state they become, with encircling walls  set up along every inch of every border, they cannot stop the gradual implosion of their system, because it is there where the rot lies.

And another nice comment below left on TAC by Cosimano, that nicely finishes my own commentary above:

American ethics have always been subjective. Other than a sort of general agreement that it was not good to steal or murder everything else has always been open for discussion.

Religion was a nice veneer but it never really mattered all that much. People made up their minds and then found the appropriate Bible verse to support them. Not the other way around.


Very interesting article from The Stanford Daily with short recap on multiple instances where people challenged Supreme Court decisions. See author information at the end.

Excerpt below:

Resistance to the Supreme Court’s authority is nothing new.  In 1803, the landmark case of Marbury v. Madison established the Court’s power to review the constitutionality of actions by other branches of government.  But the case also highlighted the Court’s inherent weakness.  The lawsuit asked whether President Thomas Jefferson’s new Republican administration had to honor the last-minute appointment of a justice of the peace by the outgoing Federalist president.  Chief Justice John Marshall knew that if the Court ordered the Jefferson administration to install Marbury as justice of the peace (as he’d been promised by John Adams), Jefferson would simply refuse to follow the ruling.  So Marshall wrote an opinion declaring that courts have ultimate authority to interpret the Constitution, but declining – on technical legal grounds – to actually order Jefferson’s administration to grant Marbury his position.

Resistance to the interpretive authority of the Supreme Court has occurred regularly ever since.  After an adverse decision in Worcester v. Georgia (another Chief Justice Marshall classic), President Andrew Jackson is said to have responded, “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!”  In the 1950s, the Court outlawed school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education, then had to issue another opinion in Cooper v. Aaron calling for “the obedience of the States,” after southern states asserted the power to ignore Supreme Court decisions with which they disagreed.  Cooper asserts judicial supremacy – that is, the power of the Supreme Court to serve as the ultimate authority over the meaning of the Constitution, binding on both the federal government and state governments.

These cases of resistance demonstrate the judiciary’s weakness as an independent branch of government.  Judges must rely on other government officials – in the executive or legislative branches of the federal government, or in state or local governments – to implement and enforce their orders.  When those other divisions of government disagree with the Court’s decision, the Court may be forced to curtail its own actions (as in Marbury). Or the Court might hope that it has enough support among other divisions of government to carry out its directives (as in Brown, which was enforced by President Eisenhower’s deployment of the Army’s 101st Airborne Division to ensure the African American students’ safety, and later bolstered by congressional passage of the Civil Rights Act).

Of course, the judicial branch has substantial powers to encourage compliance. For one, lower courts may hold steadfast objectors in contempt of court. Such specific contempt orders are almost certain to be enforced, therefore helping to bring intransigent officials into compliance. That’s how Kim Davis wound up in jail. Courts also have the lesser-known ability to fashion other kinds of solutions. For instance, the judge in Kentucky could have forbidden Davis from issuing marriage licenses, effectively transferring her power to another state official or ordered the county to withhold some portion of Davis’s salary attributable to marriage-licensing.

But the fact remains that these solutions are, in the end, words on a page. When push comes to shove, somebody other than a judge must escort the holdout to jail.  Thus, at bottom, the Court’s decisions are constrained by the views of other branches and levels of government.  Unless the Court stays within the bounds of what other government officials consider plausible, legitimate views, it is powerless to carry out its holdings.  So while the Court – comprised of unelected, lifetime-tenured judges – is often vilified as undemocratic, it is ultimately accountable to the people and their representatives.

The Supreme Court (and conventional wisdom) would say that everyone does have to follow the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution.  But challenges to that view – from history, legal scholars, and modern Kim Davises and Ted Cruzes – abound.  And despite the controversy and occasional firestorm, that debate is probably a good thing. It reminds us that the Court, with “neither force nor will,” takes part in an “ongoing dialogue between and among the branches of Government.”  In the end, it’s your democratically elected representatives who shape what vision of the law is followed.

Brittany Jones is the president of the Stanford Law Review. Alex Twinem is one of the Stanford Law Review’s managing editors. Michael Qian is one of the Stanford Law Review’s executive editors. Danny Kane is one of the Stanford Law Review’s senior editors. Contact them at bjones2 ‘at’, atwinem ‘at’, mfqian ‘at’, and dkane ‘at’

Below is a comment that was left to this article, and my reply to it.

The authors fail to acknowledge a fundamental proposition of American government: what the people want is not always right. By claiming that political power ultimately rests in the hands of elected officials, the authors ignore the purpose of institutions such as the Bill of Rights, which exist to prevent the mob rule the Founding Fathers so feared. The Supreme Court and the rest of our judicial system exist partially to protect the American people from this “tyranny of the majority.” By claiming that the debate over whether we have to obey the decisions of the Court is a “good thing”, the authors ignore the nightmare the Founding Fathers foresaw when the will of the people seeks to deny others the rights guaranteed to all humanity.

  • You fail to acknowledge that sodomy is not marriage, it’s not a fundamental right, homosexuality is not normal, and the Founding Fathers, had they known that someday, part of the American public would be so degenerate in terms of sexuality, that they would claim this is what the Constitution they were instituting was stipulating, they would have explicitly written safeguards in the Constitution to never let liberals claim this is what the Constitution says in terms of rights, and to protect decent people like Kim Davis from being persecuted and thrown in jail when liberals use the State for such purposes.
    In fact, they did write the 1A, but now liberals are using their distorted claims of the 14th to destroy the rights guaranteed by the 1A and the rest of the Constitution.

I saw this small exchange on some thread somewhere on the vast interminable Internetniverse:

Joyce Willis:

Nice but what about Jesus?


He was kidnapped by evangelical Protestants centuries ago, and suffers from Stockholm Syndrome by now (at least according to his captors).

There’s this commenter over at TAC, Charles Cosimano, who can be witty and smart at times, and usually that’s what most of his comments try to be (although usually a bit more witty than smart). He had a  serious comment (September 25, 2015 at 12:13 pm), however, that I found interesting, an excerpt of which is copied below:

Here in the midwest the Pope … might as well still be in Italy for all anyone cares.

Reiff is of course wrong. Cultures do not die. They are transformed. Other than that, Rod has it right.

People do not make decisions that matter in their lives on the basis of religious teaching. They make the decision and then find the proof text to justify it. What is interesting now is that people are not going to Christianity for the proof text any more. In that sense, the broader culture is, de facto, post Christian.

For large portions of the culture, Christianity carries no special authority. By that I mean if you say to X, “A Christian would not do that,” X is likely to say, “Probably not, but who cares?”

Now, it is a mistake to apply that to the Pope in the US for a very simple reason. The US is overwhelmingly non Catholic. The Pope carries with him no special authority for the bulk of the population. He is easily ignored. The rot of Christianity goes far deeper than what is happening to the Catholic Church which
never really had much cultural weight here to begin with. It is reflected in the decline of the mainline Protestant denominations which did control the culture and who still matter in ways that
the Catholic Church can only look upon with envy.

The question now is what is going to replace Christianity as the determiner of Western, particularly US, which is the only place that really matters, culture.

I don’t think that’s really a question to where there’s any doubt. We already know what has replaced Christianity – it’s the deformed, perverted, and violent culture of liberalism.

Savage West + savage capitalism = savage sexuality (homosexuality/bisexuality + porn + promiscuity + sexual abuse + sexual harassment + STI epidemics + adultery epidemics + divorce + abortion as contraceptive + transgender + prostitution + etc.)

And liberals are like mullahs – ignorant, narrow-minded bigots who stifle everyone else and destroy society while thumping on their porn, because for them, being deformed and sexually violent represents freedom and progress.

And like mullahs, the thing that liberals hate most is freedom of speech – because that permits dissident voices to be heard. It means their nasty ideology is criticized. It means all the violence and harm they do in the world is not entirely covered up by their own lies and denial.

This is why liberalism is just another form of any dictatorial religion. It’s oppressive, repressive, and so very destructive.

I think we are advancing rather fast to a state where Twitter et al will censor all viewpoints that attack liberalism. Mullahs and dictators are like that. They hate to be challenged.

Then, more specifically on how liberalism is really the very expression of the savage and brutal capitalism that organizes the West and the rest of the world today, there was this comment from KD (September 25, 2015 at 9:33 am):

I was reading Turchin’s War, Peace an War where he discusses Southern and Northern Italy, and argues that Southern Italy is a capitalist wash, at best family business with large Mafia contingent.

In contrast, No. Italy has produce medium-sized corporations (family-based), but nothing like a GE or Microsoft capable of planetary organization. These larger structures only occur in particular societies (generally Protestant/Confucian).

It will be interesting if American corporations will continue to be able to function as secularization progresses. Note, it may be that MTD and therapeutic managerialism may be superior to
Protestantism: the materialism, status consciousness, conspicuous consumption, commodity fetishism divorced from any spiritual elements of Calvinism. In other words, MTD may be the new order because it is adaptive to an international system of resource exploitation and consumption, in a way that Christianity, with its focus on the family and its symbolic particularity could not be.

These were posted to Twitter – #KimDavis #ImWithKim.



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