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Wikileaks had published two short CIA manuals for guidance on committing crimes of false identity intended for its operatives traveling through Europe.

In other words, below is a crime manual. And as I have been pointing out in recent posts, the US, France, and the UK are just organized mafias where people wear suits.

There is no rule of law – just the rule of power without oversight. Which means we live in democracies with no rule of law. How’s that for a system? As long as material wealth trickles down to certain sectors of society, people support it.

CIA Advice for Operatives Infiltrating Schengen


This is what you call HIGH: Aizhai Suspension Bridge

And I’d love to visit this place: “Wall Built-up Highway is dug out on cliffs.
There are a total of six wall built-up highways in our country, mainly distributed in the Taihang Mountain and southeast China’s Shanxi Province. It is considered one of the ten most precipitous roads in the world.

Very cool – to visit on foot.

And these are amazingly cool: The Lycian Tombs – Lycia, Turkey. And Ai-Petri, in the Ukraine, straight out of Indiana Jones.

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