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It’s simple. People, once conditioned to follow a system, have an incredibly difficult time in re-thinking the system, especially its premises.

Why did people in so many European cultures, decade after decade, generation after generation, century after century, think of no alternative to the autocratic, violent, and undemocratic systems they had? Why did no one think of an alternative system to the strong-man rule cemented by a notion of “royalty”?

Likewise, Americans are on display for being incapable of thinking of any alternatives to their sham of a system, including the most important lies they have developed and hang on to.

For example, one of my favorites is the lie that you can separate government from religion, that it is possible not to have a state-sponsored religion. Americans love this lie. They have hung on to it fiercely. Part of this lie is the notion that Americans concretely separated religion from government and were able to create a satisfactory society.

As I have been saying, one must understand that an ideological system, whether it includes a notion of god (or gods) is irrelevant. Therefore, liberal ideology and Protestantism are both ideological systems – since every religion is an ideological system. At the same time, all ideological systems  function as a religion does. What’s the main difference? Liberalism merely  does not include the notion of a god.

When liberals say they have a government that has set religion apart, it merely means they have increasingly instituted their godless religion as the state-sponsored and enforced ideology, i.e., the state-sponsored religion.

But, given the stupidity and hypocrisy of liberals, they will refuse to admit that all they are doing is playing with labels, pretending that their liberal ideological system doesn’t function the very same way as any state-enforced religion.

Why this hasn’t been particularly obvious to most Americans, especially the religious ones, I cannot understand. I find it so obvious. But I rarely hear religious folks mention the above. Everyone remains so hung up on the label “religion” that they don’t look at the dynamics of both political ideologies and religion –  wisely forgetting the labels.

That’s why I was very happy to see one comment, lone as it was, on The American Conservative, from a conservative, who seems is getting closer to seeing the light:

Dommerdog says July 2, 2016 at 4:28 am:

I’m no lawyer, and I’m certainly no constitutional scholar; but it seems to me that this ruling and all the other laws requiring people who run businesses to violate their own religious principles in order to accommodate consumers runs dangerously close to state establishment of religion.

I’m a layman myself, but you don’t have to be a scholar to see what is taking place. People are not blind. The pagan sex cult of the rainbow has just finished wrapping up its holy month with parades, politicians in tow, celebrating genitals and orgasms. It is the civic religion, the very thing that the founding fathers sought to avoid. Consolidation will be incremental but inexorable, and once the first amendment has been nullified (as advocated by Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet) the established state religion of sex and power will seek to ruthlessly crush its rivals, as has been broadcast in the NY Times and elsewhere.


Indeed, the now dominant US liberals are saying, “Convert or be damned (and damned in this case means: suffer the state-enforced punishments for not following our liberal ideology-religion).”

As an aside, you also have to wonder about the American higher ed system. While it can be the world’s best in its most elite establishments, it fails completely to form a minimally intelligent populace. Or maybe this is because the percentage of people who finish college is dismal in the US (only 20%, and I speak from memory). And I don’t even know the percentage for those who go through grad school, obviously much tinier. And when I say “elite establishments”, I’m not speaking of fame (such as the myth of the superiority of Ivy League schools, or expensive private colleges), but of actual quality of teaching and learning.

And then, there is little a school can do if a person has firmly decided to cling on to a lie.

Which leads us to this other wonderful comment, also on TAC:

David Olm says:
July 2, 2016 at 12:46 pm

I think it was Jonathan Swift that said you cannot reason a man out of what he was not reasoned into in the first place, and that is what is scary about the society we are devolving into. You can demonstrate the patent nonsense of the left all day long (sexuality is as fluid as the ocean in transgenders but as fixed as Mt. Everest in homosexuals; the Bible actually condones homosexuality with the proper gnostic understanding of Hebrew and Greek translation) but it doesn’t matter with them at all. Because it is propaganda, not reason. And, as always, THE enemy of the Left is Christianity.


And since the enemy of Christians is big, bad Russia and Putin – which everybody knows is just like Stalin; totally exaggerated threats from terrorists and ISIS; “communists”; or whatever 1950’s Cold War notions the commanders of the Right manage to twist around to manipulate the populace’s fears with in 2016, you could say that the stupid Right deserves the stupid Left in America – if it all didn’t have horrifying consequences for the world.


If I remember correctly they are from commenters on The American Conservative and/or the New York Times, recently:

American neo-conservative policy under GW Bush has now passed the baton to neo-conservative policy under BH Obama: Hilary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, Suzanne Powers have all thrown their support to policies which destabilize infrastructures (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria) creating mass exodus from the Middle East and Africa. Bombing civilians to create the flow of refugees in order to completely dismantle social policies within western Europe. For face value, one preaches democracy; behind closed doors, policies, strategies of destruction and destabilization are planned to be implemented. It is all very well planned out so that the business of war flourishes. Notice how all western leaders are looking more and more like Pinocchio from Merkel, to Hollande, to Cameron to Obama.

Carolyn Egeli wrote:

The world is in the grip of fascism. It fights wars to sustain it. The definition of fascism is government run by business who exist for profit. We have a world run by corporations. Nation states exist to support them, it appears. Social justice is out the window. Pope Francis is correct. The world is being run by people who exploit people and fight wars to make money. It’s really very simple. But it is cloaked in he said she said, to justify the complete and utter madness. Douthat imagines there is some higher purpose in all of this. He strives to find out how many angels there are on the tip of a needle. While he diddles over who will be in power next, the profiteers are filling their bank accounts to overflowing.

Added on Dec 4, 2015: one more

www wwiv com says:

And as soon as we’re waist-deep in muck in the worthless Middle East, real threats will emerge elsewhere that we’ll be unable to respond to because we’ll be too stretched and broke.

A kid playing the board game Risk for the second time wouldn’t make such a stupid mistake. Yet we’ve been making it with our eyes wide open for decades.

Too many Americans would rather watch Monday Night Football or the afternoon soaps than monitor what their “representatives” and “public servants” are doing. The deadly consequence is that corrupt politicians of both parties brush aside the national interest in favor of huge payoffs (aka “campaign donations”) from foreign interests like the Israel Lobby or big global corporations.

Surprise, surprise: we wake up with our international reputation in the toilet, a huge bill that the American taxpayer is expected to foot, and the liberties we all thought we were fighting to defend a thing of the past.


Plus the blood and suffering of millions of children, women, and men around the globe, the forgotten victims of war.

I’ve been reading and watching way too many things to post anything here. Ah, where to begin. I’ve been in shock in the last few days, ever since the Paris attacks because I realized the extent of my naiveté in thinking that I lived in anything that could be called a democracy. So this is what living in Germany at the time of the Reichstag fire was like. And it’s moving fast. Europe and the US are no longer democracies. (And it didn’t just happen yesterday, but my illusion was lingering, painful as it is to realize that we are to live in the same world of 75 years ago).

I’m very distressed to understand that the problem are the proxy wars. Instead of Russia, the US, France, the UK, and the Saudis bombing each other, they are bombing “the poorest of the poorest”, including masses of civilians, which includes, even worse, always a large number of children. No solidarity from the West to all the murdered and terrorized and maimed children in Africa and the Middle East, whether the killings come from these noxious “coalitions” of mass murder governments, or the so-called terrorists. When you think about it, any of the following governments: the US, Russia, France, UK, and the Saudis are just terrorists with much more means – both in arms and in resources. And what a propaganda machine! So oiled, so shameless.

I had always thought part of the reason Hitler et al had been able to come to power around 1930 was that ‘it was a different era then’, ‘people were more stupid’, they had ‘more stupidifying education’, they had less access to information, society’s culture was more dumbed down.

Alas, nothing has changed. We live in a world with masses of morons who gladly give their support to today’s Hitlers. What then must we do? That’s what I’ve been thinking.

And I’ve had the displeasure to spend this last week focusing on thoughts about war itself, and several of the concrete wars that are currently going on. One thought out of many – why are people in the West so shocked about beheadings? It’s one person killing another. Whereas a jet dropping dozens of bombs is one (or a couple of people) killing a huge pile of human beings and injuring so many others. I haven’t heard of the fighters beheading children. What are children being killed with in these wars? Modern arms. Really, who are the barbarians? While all groups use modern arms, the people who have killed the most civilians in Africa and the Middle East are the usual culprits: the US, the UK, France, Russia, and now more recently, they were joined by the Saudis, with their massacres in Yemen.

The Russians arming Assad, who used chemical weapons on people. The US and Saudis arming the Islamic State, which is now being attacked from various sides. And it’s millions of people forced to live in the hell these powers create that pay the most cruel price. It’s disgusting.

Below some good links to read – I won’t even bother to post the title first on some, because it will take too much time:

Putin hasn’t changed, but suddenly the West’s short-termist rhetoric has softened

Suddenly Obama and other Western leaders huddle around Putin as they plot the overthrow of their current enemy after the atrocities in Paris
General Wesley Clark explains ISIS was created by U.S. Allies – YouTube
Lord Rothschild Warns ‘Geopolitical Situation Most Dangerous Since WWII’ – YouTube
Documented Proof ISIS Is a Creation of The United States of America – YouTube –

Once upon a time, I was told I lived in a thing called a country. It had a flag and an anthem and its own symbolic colors. Wasn’t that super? What a great thing a country was, they said. The country had once been a colony, but then it wanted independence and it got it. People had drawn lines on the ground and they said: everyone who is born within these lines is now of this country, they are its citizens. Then they instituted a government and called it a democracy, because they said that’s what you call a country where the people are represented in their government. You can vote for some of your politicians, they said, and isn’t that a great thing? Really, isn’t that the most fantastic idea you have ever seen?

Then they added police and military and a bunch of bureaucrats. You don’t really vote for those, no, we’ll take care of that for you. They also said they needed a secret service – to do secret things, of course. And not only one secret service, but many different secret services, aside from all the secret things the military did. The people no longer knew what these secret government bodies were doing. They no longer controlled it, and their representatives no longer informed the people. That’s how it must be, they said. It’s for your own good – this is how countries work. In a democracy, you must obey the rule of law and we must control secret services.

Now it came to light that these secret services were going to other countries and breaking all kinds of laws allegedly to further some interests. And that’s when they said: our interests are your interests – that’s how it works in a democracy. The secret services were spying on people – and that is a crime. “But that’s what secret services do!” they said – smiling. They were torturing people – and that is a horrible crime. “But it must be done!” they said – so amicably. They were murdering people. “But we have to”, they said – and smiled again. And that’s when they weren’t committing mass murder by another name, war. Which of course had to be done – that’s what they told us.

“It’s our right because we are defending your interests and aren’t our interests your interests too?” they said with that gleaning smile. It’s all for your own good that we go to other countries and we behave like thugs and like the mafia. That’s democracy!

And that’s when I understood how this “democracy” system works. I live in a country where there are a million laws. Not only laws, but the principle of the rule of law. And which I am told I must follow because they say the principle of rule of law means that the laws apply to everyone. Yet a very large group of people take a huge amount of money for themselves to come together and break the law in any country, any time they wish, for any purpose they like to call “our interests”? Curiously, I never got to vote on what my interests would be in the case. I don’t even know what their interests are and who gets to decide what interests are “our” interests. I only know nothing was chosen by me. Nothing represents me. I gave no consent to any of it.  “But that’s democracy!” they said. Isn’t it fun? And they smiled.

Well! Let’s just examine how fun it is. When I look around this so called democratic world based on the rule of law, this is what I see. It functions just like a non-democratic system in many ways, even though some of the government people are elected. It has a very curious organizational dynamics that resembles every other thuggery-based system that has ever existed in the past.

Imagine that in my house, I have the same system. I tell everyone who lives in my house: we have rules – they are laws. Everyone must obey the rules: you cannot rob or murder people living in our house – these are just horrible things and we don’t want anyone doing horrible things. But, if it serves our interests, we can go to our neighbor’s house, after we’re all decked in black and wearing a black a mask, and do any crime we wish – all those things we said were horrible. All that is needed is that it serves some nebulous interests that someone conveniently decides to call “our” interests. That’s our magnificent, laudable, sophisticated, modern democratic system! Behold and be in awe of Western democracy!

So this  is the great vision of a democratic world? This is a world ruled by the rule of law? On what planet?

We live in a barbaric feudal mafia system with a few ballot boxes sprinkled on top to disguise it, that’s all.

And this is just a little parable on international relations, without getting into a scenario of secret services breaking the laws in their own country. Which they obviously do.

(the above was slightly edited on Aug 28, 2015)


Added later:

Tying in to how this thuggish kind of democracy works today, there is this great comment from Fran Macadam, over at TAC:

America’s Civil Liberties Exceptionalism

With the passage of the NSA-reforming USA Freedom Act, the U.S. separates itself by restraining its post-9/11 surveillance state. (By Reid Smith)

Fran Macadam says:

It frankly involves a huge amount of cognitive dissonance to try to claim exceptionalism for ourselves in matters of liberty over our allies own mass spying, when our government and its covert agencies strongarmed allies into becoming wholly owned subsidiaries for NSA spying, “collecting it all” for them and transferring it to NSA. These weaker countries really had no choice, when “you’re either for us or against us” and it’s the American Way, or the highway. Look what happens to nations who don’t tow the line – few are willing to endure economic sanctions. To say then, that we who are the authors of the greatest mass domestic surveillance programs in human history, forcing what we developed on others without their peoples knowing what was being done to them, are superior defenders of privacy and liberty is completely beyond hypocrisy. Without Snowden, whom the array of democratic institutions in our nation – law enforcement, homeland security, the surveillance agencies, the courts both secret and open, the congress, the Presidency, the Justice Department, the State Department – still declare Snowden to be the greatest criminal in U.S. history – there would have been no discussion, no knowledge of how the United States government turned its covert agencies against the American people, compiling dossiers and assigning threat levels to everyone, recording and assessing every personal communication and transaction.

Yes, this is exceptional, but in the opposite direction of every founding principle embodied in our Constitution that sought to give us liberty. My former Florida Sheriff friend had told me that the government was engaged in building the greatest mass surveillance in human history. I thought at the time it must be hyperbole. It wasn’t.

Snowden is as great a patriot for our times as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others, all of whom were sought to similarly be imprisoned or executed by the imperial tyranny that claimed they were traitors for advocating democracy and liberty.

We have a country – if we can keep it.

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From a comment on ADF’s site (the site, by the way, looks absolutely beautiful!)

This reminds me of a quote from Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver, “…the church’s religious liberty is under assault today in ways not seen since the Nazi & communist eras. I believe we are now in the position to understand why. Writing in the 1960’s, Richard Weaver, an American scholar and social philosopher, said: I am absolutely convinced that relativism must eventually lead to a regime of force. He was right. There is a kind of ‘inner logic’ that leads relativism to repression.” “This explains the paradox of how Western societies can preach tolerance and diversity while aggressively undermining and penalizing Catholic life. The dogma of tolerance cannot tolerate the church’s belief that some ideas and behaviors should NOT be tolerated because they dehumanize us.” From Citizen Magazine

‘,’Relativism will lead to a regime of force and ideological repression’,’0′,”,’publish’,’open’,’closed’,”,’relativism-will-lead-to-a-regime-of-force-and-ideological-repression’,”,’

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