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It’s always the innocent who are killed in these “terrorist” attacks that pay the price for the horrible wars and killings the French are doing abroad.

The French, stupid and corrupt as they are, are not focusing on killing less innocent people abroad, nor destroying less other countries, nor bringing to justice their grotesque military and politicians who enable these wars and horrors. No – they want to stop the “terrorist attacks” – which are a reaction to all the killing the French are doing to other innocent people abroad, notably in Africa and the Middle East.

Every time I hear one of these people who were there on the Promenade saying, “Oh my god, it  was like a war zone, with bodies all over it, so horrible,” I feel like telling them, “See? That’s what the French, the Americans, and the British are doing to poor people in Africa and the ME every single week.”

You have to agree that a lone wolf attack like this – with something that is not a standard weapon – is a brilliant attack from a tactical perspective, because it is very easy to carry out (relatively speaking), it requires basically only one person, it’s incredibly cheap, it raises no suspicions if carried out in a minimally smart way (and this guy was really smart about how he went about it), and it causes a huge impact. The damage and the media attention is just berserk. I mean, he alone killed about as many people as the November attacks which were much, much more complicated.  Lastly, this kind of attack, as some authorities already underscored, is basically impossible to prevent.

I was extremely impressed by an account of an “action guy” who died tried to get on the truck to stop the driver. From the little information that was given, the guy was on a motorcycle, and he cuts in front of the truck (?), then tries to grab onto the door near the driver, but the driver shoots at him, and he falls and dies  overrun (?) by the truck. It was an eyewitness account and there wasn’t a lot of detail. But just with this little bit of information, I was just stunned at this guy’s capacity to just dive into action, like a scene from one of those action movies – except this was real life. Just incredible. Just amazing how someone could think about all this in a split second and just go into serious action, risking their life and all. I mean, just running out of the way of the truck is one thing, but this? Wow.

Updated on July 23: OK, so now the media has identified this guy (Franck) who told in more detail what happened. It’s still very amazing. His wife was with him on the motorcycle. His son was at the square the truck was heading to. He made a decision right then to try to save his son’s life even if he got killed in the process. He tells his wife to get off the motorcycle. He then nears the truck and ditches the motorcycle. He continues on foot,  manages to jump and cling to the truck’s door with one arm and starts punching the driver with his free arm. He says the “terrorist” didn’t even flinch! Terrorist grabs his gun and points at his face but gun doesn’t fire. Finally terrorist hits guy on his head with the gun and the guy falls off. Another guy who was also on a bike (Alexandre Migues) tried to do something similar. And he obviously wasn’t shot in the head so we have to ask: did the terrorist actually have bullets? Or just a malfunctioning gun? However, the description of what took place from grainy footage in the news report describes things a bit differently.

What was the response from the Nazi French regarding this attack? They’ve just announced they are going to bomb more  people in the Middle East. They are going to kill more innocent people – hence there will be more “terrorist” attacks.

We live in a world where there are big terrorist governments (e.g., the US, UK, and France) and small terrorist groups. The scale of horrors from the terrorist governments is much bigger than from the terrorist groups – although you’d never ever know this from Western media. And the so-called terrorist groups are often covertly funded by the terrorist governments in the West to fight their proxy wars. You have to say, it’s a horrible world.

I commented on the images in the media on my previous post about the attacks. I am just dumbfounded that we never see pictures of people dying and being blown up in the wars in African and the Middle East. They are being killed and killed and the Western media basically never show their bodies, their faces, their identities, they never interview the survivors, they never tell of their suffering…

You have to say, it’s very Nazi. It’s like the Jews just disappearing and disappearing and no one cared to know who they were.

Not a good time for the Olympics right now – not only because of the terrorism threat. This is not a new thought for me – I had already really felt disgusted at the Winter Olympics last time and at other games before that. This is how I saw the last Winter Olympics:  mostly just a huge expensive party for privileged kids from rich countries who promote a way of life that is totally disconnected from the horrible reality of many people around the world, including that brought about by poverty, oppression, and wars which their governments are profoundly enmeshed in producing. I was often disgusted while watching the Games because of this context.

Added July 20:


“Nice est la ville la plus vidéosurveillée de France avec 1400 caméras visionnées par différents agents 24h/24 au CSU (Centre de supervision urbain). ”

So what do we find out now? Nice is the most camera-monitored city in France with 1,400 cameras! And yet the guy went ahead right under their noses. I saw an article describing the terrorist saying “he wasn’t very intelligent.” Maybe not, in the intellectual sense – but the guy outsmarted 60 million French idiots without much effort! The article above in francebleu also talks about the fact that France has two laws prohibiting these big trucks from circulating at certain times.  And yet nobody told the truck not to circulate. Why not? Because the city needs to give out exceptions to trucks making deliveries, etc., to all the restaurants and bars, for example. You know the French can’t be deprived of drinking their wine and having their cheese while their military is murdering masses of innocent people in Africa and the ME.

So I see that we are full steam ahead in the post-attack “find the people to be blamed!” stage.

The police, the city council, the prefecture, Hollande and Valls, everyone is now the target of blame, criticism, and seething anger coming from everyone else in a big huffing and puffing circus.

The police has defended itself saying that while they have this enormous quantity of cameras, they can’t assign an agent simply to watch one little screen 24/7 – this would mean 1,400 agents just sitting there for each 8 hour shift, or 4,200 agents just sitting on their stupid French behinds for a round-the-clock coverage – not counting weekends, because you know the French don’t work on weekends. LOL!  In other words, most of the their camera system is ineffective, not to say useless. Now what I’d be really curious about is just how many agents they currently employ to watch these 1,400.cameras. Like three? I would not be surprised.

The French president has also put a call out to French citizens to join their reservists. Oh, a militia! Here it is, folks. You’re watching it right before your eyes. The Milice française, or French Militia, is growing again.

What a disgusting world.

July 23, 2016:

Heh! New act in the Nice attack circus: the French government wants all video evidence of the attack destroyed. Unbelievable. Told ya – the French are corrupt to the core. I was surprised that the city of Nice stood firm and refused – but maybe they are afraid their heads will roll as scapegoats if the government has them destroy the footage – given all the compensation lawsuits that lie ahead.

Not only that, now my curiosity is extremely peaked at what that footage actually contains in this regard. I mean, it must be something quite damning about the police.


And I have found part of my answer: an interview with the policewoman (Sandra Bertin) that heads the police video surveillance center in Nice. She says that less than 24 hours after the attack, she was harassed by someone from the government to lie about the presence of  French national police at the attack site – contrary to what appeared in the screens/videos she was watching at the time. She has refused to lie and she has told the media about it! Hah! And that’s one answer as to  why the French government wanted to have them erase the security videos. They are going to be creamed with lawsuits – which are going to claim the government failed in its duty to provide the proper police security for such an event. The corrupt-to-the-core French are at it again! They lost this round however. Her full interview will be published tomorrow – it should make for an interesting reaction. 🙂









Did this Tunisian/French guy, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, do this “terrorist” attack because of geopolitical reasons? I really don’t know. First, nothing in his profile presents any direct link to ISIS or any other specific  political group. Second, he was not part of a mosque or of Islam. Third, as any sane person, I don’t believe a word of what French authorities say until independent proof is furnished.

Let me first say that I was surprised the French police just didn’t find the guy’s passport  right next to the driver’s wheel, just misplaced there by oversight, with a refugee status stamp, with the date of the photograph taken the next day of the attack, if you catch my drift.

And now that “the usual suspects” have been rounded up (and taken into arrest – as if that were necessary – but in a police state, you know where fundamental legal rights lie: in the trash can), we find all weird things about the state of mind of the guy, but nothing, nothing that says he was wired into politics or “terrorism”. So he was a loner, and sometimes aggressive, and had been nasty to his ex-wife. OK, there are millions of people with this profile who aren’t political terrorists. Many millions.

And, ISIS, of all people, didn’t claim right away it was any of their doing. Nor did any other group. It took ISIS a long time to finally come out and state that the guy was a “soldier” for them. Big red flag. If he had directly been one of them, ISIS would have been screaming the fact even before people had finished running from the scene.

The problem here is that ISIS would have all the interest in the world to pretend this guy was one of them, even if he wasn’t, because it serves wonderful propaganda purposes for them – given the very successful and smart attack. And the French government, who wants to continue its mass murder and plunder of Africa and the Middle East, and needs to cover up its evil deeds with a phony claim of  “war on terror”, would want to also lie and make this into another ISIS/terrorist/Islamic attack even if it wasn’t one.

Now, of course, maybe Bouhlel decided to do this attack for political ME/ISIS reasons. And he simply kept quiet about all his plans and just shuffled along until the final day. Maybe he was angry about French society, but not geopolitics in particular. Maybe he was suicidal and angry regarding his personal life, and wanted to be remembered as he took his own life, so he decided to take many people with him. Maybe his attack had to do with French politics regarding Tunisia – not ISIS. There are so many possibilities. One thing is clear, in the hypothesis that this was some other kind of suicide, both the French authorities and ISIS have lots of reasons to lie that his was an ISIS-related act. Therefore, we will probably never know the truth. At least not until real proof surfaces.

I did a little venting yesterday on the NPR site, in the comment section of this article:

‘Sheer Terror’ As Attack Along French Riviera Kills At Least 84

regarding the Nice attack. (Am I the only person that, when reading headlines in English about the attack, mostly goes default on the pronunciation of the word Nice as it is pronounced in English? 🙂

In any case, the comment section was infested by American neocons and Muslim haters who were shrieking there fanaticism at the top of their typing lungs. The majority of people in the US, UK, and France are incredibly primitive and Nazi-like when it comes to geopolitics.

So I vented a bit – responding repeatedly by highlighting the ugly simple truth of the world we currently live in:

The US, UK, and France have killed and continue to kill millions of innocent people around the world, especially in the ME and Africa, in their endless corrupt wars to put their grubby hands on resources and to exploit other people. They are terrorist governments and military and do a lot more evil and damage in the world than any little so-called “terrorist” group. These “terrorist” attacks in the West are a blow-back from all the death and destruction the West is currently inflicting on other people.

Sample retorts:

You can’t stop terrorism until you become more violent and ruthless than the terrorists.

  • The US, the UK and France started the wars in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to instituting brutal dictators, so they have always been worse than the “terrorists” simple due a question of scale – they’re just as evil, but bigger – and the West kills many more innocent people than any little terrorist group on a weekly basis


  • More attacks warrant more surveillance

    that’s exactly what Hitler said after the Brandenburg fire!!!

    history does repeat itself way too often…

      • So, you prefer no surveillance at all?

        • I prefer no fascism or corrupt kleptocracies with endless wars – you need to surveil the criminals currently in govt and put them in jail. Do you put American mass murderers like the Clintons and the Bushes in jail? No, all you do is blabber nonsense about muslims…



    Of course, there’s nothing new about using vehicles as terror weapons. On December 21, 2014, a man ran over 11 pedestrians in the French city of Dijon, injuring two of them seriously, while shouting “Allahu akbar” (“God is great,” the standard jihadist mantra). The very next day, in Nantes, on the other side of France, another man ran over ten pedestrians, killing one of them—he, too, shouted “Allahu akbar” during his vehicular killing spree. Reports that last night’s Nice mass murderer likewise shouted “Allau akbar” before being felled by police bullets therefore ought not surprise.

  • Even less new is the use of bombs to commit mass murder. I won’t list all the dates when the US, the UK, and France dropped bombs and killed millions of innocent around the world because the task would take years!



  • That’s exactly right – you and the Pentagon have no right to murder and terrorize millions of innocent people abroad – just to rob them of their resources

    Has the stupid Hollande said they need to go bomb more Muslims as a response? I mean, that’s saying and doing exactly what will generate more terrorist attacks in France

    Your logic implies France and the western nations should simply let ISIS establish it’s caliphate and exterminate the infidels in the process. If that’s not what you mean, what policy do you propose to deal with them?

      • a non-imperalist one , different than the wars and destruction to colonize their resources the West currently is engaged in. the US loves dictators and corrupt brutal elites like the Saudis, you have nothing to criticize about ISIS. You’re all the same. The only thing that differs is the language spoken



    Hollande Warns What Obama Won’t: Islamic Terrorism Is Real

    And he fails to warn that corrupt endless wars generate terrorist attacks – because face it, the man is just another corrupt pol like Hillary, Bush, Blair, etc

    • ===========

    the US, the UK and France have murdered or provided the weapons for
    the murder of many more innocent people than the number killed by ISIS,
    but please continue your nonsense. And most of ISIS’s weapons were all
    provided from Western powers, which explains why they’re fighting Assad
    and the US hates the idea of Russia killing them all.


    As you can see, I was “on message” all the time. Very Nicely on message. 🙂 Oh, and speaking of Nicely, two more:

    Toulouse your head or not to Toulouse your head is the question in such a situation.

    That would be Brest but I don’t think I Cannes.


    Idk99: More senseless truck violence.

    Alessandra Reflections:     There are no Seine people left, I tell you.

    Back to serious issues, the problem with this ugly ugly propaganda from the US, UK, and France was also summarized in a few other comments at The Guardian:

    The Nice attack reminds us that France is at war –

    Did Iraq or Afghanistan invade France, Australia, Britain or the US?

    The US and NATO attack country after country even while financing and arming terrorists to cause even more attacks, and then use attacks on Western citizens (mostly by deranged individuals) to justify what they have been doing all along. It’s totally criminal and the citizens of the West have been propagandized to believe that they are innocent and undeservingly attacked.

    No one needs reminding the whole world is at war, not least the millions who have died due to the proxy crusades. The attacks from both sides have become more deadly and more frequent. And in what, the name of oil? Each attack desensitises the world to death further, to the point that people are now suggesting criminals be deported.. To where – labour camps? That mistake has been made before and it seems it could again. War is profitable and there are no winners apart from those financing it.

    Haiti atrocities
    Genocide in Algeria
    Indochina atrocities
    Pacific nuclear tests
    Rainbow warrior bombing
    Bombing in Iraq and Syria

    The French aren’t the egalitarian, innocent victims they make themselves out to be. Then there’s Chad, Lybia, Mali, and all the Northern and Central African countries the French love to exploit and destroy…

    The war against terrorism was invented by Ronald Reagan. Ironically the US is only country found guilty of terrorism in the International Court of Justice.

    Thankfully many commenters commented on the idiocy of the article’s title repeating the same idiocy that Hollande proffered  back in November: now France is at war!

    Now! And when it was bombing and killing people in myriad wars and committing every kind of atrocity against innocent people around the world, it was what? Peace?

    These people are such Nazis! The West is such a fraud, such a fraud!


    It was interesting and awful to see how each political faction in the US tried to spin the Orlando attack to blame whatever group they hate.

    Amusingly, liberals were on a roll with their gay victim media fest  when the news came out that maybe Mateen had a homosexual problem himself. A little Mastercard moment, you have to admit. For a moment, the shouts of “We told you! We told you! Conservatives are all evil and homosexuals are all darlings”  hushed down a bit and were replaced by “It doesn’t matter if he was a homosexual, snap, it matters that homos were killed, we must always ignore when homosexuals perpetrate violence and just scream about them being victims”.

    Trump seized the attack to inflame the fears and racism of his supporters, “I told you we need a Muslim ban, I told you, I told you, we need to protect our  borders, the wall, the wall, and the Mexicans, Afghans, Paraguayans, Kurds, whatever, ban, ban, ban” – completely overlooking the fact that the alleged shooter is American and was born in the US.

    Trumpinites were yelling off their heads about the evil Muslims and ISIS and terrorists attacking innocent  Americans on American soil – you know, the fatherland, I mean heartland – when all of a sudden the news came out that at least three of the homosexual victims were illegals. Oops – a little wrench right into  the Mexicans and the wall and the terrorists.

    Right-wingers were screaming hysterically “Ahhh! Terrorists! Terrorists! Be afraid, afraid, be very afraid! We need more bombings, more wars, more arms sales, more killings, more destruction of other countries so our corrupt political puppets can be instituted in a corrupt democratic system or we can put in place a nice old fashioned dictator that we control”. Well, they didn’t actually say the second part and just screamed “Terrorists! Terrorists!” hysterically – the rest will follow so naturally, why waste one’s breath telling the truth to the sheeple?

    There was a lot more shouting and spun angles. Every political  faction in the US though ignored what I found the most important thing Mateen declared to the media (if true): he did this shooting to avenge and to call attention to US’ mass killings of women and children in Afghanistan – apparently where his family came from.

    So this isn’t just some evil person who is killing others because of no reason – he is very much protesting US warfare and the killing of thousands of innocent people and the protracted destruction of an entire country (just one of many).

    But you wouldn’t know this from  many of the comments to several news articles on the shooting. One that stood out to me was a guy asking: what makes an individual pick up a rifle and just go out and kill people? What sort of an deranged person would do that?

    He was genuinely puzzled and asking the question.

    One could also ask: what makes a group of Americans get on a plane and just go and kill and kill people? Thousands and thousand of men, women, and children. What makes the US, the UK, and France, among others, go terrorize millions of people abroad, to destroy their families, their homes, their countries, their lives, their psychological structure, their hopes and dreams?

    Well, we know – evil greed and the desire to make a buck, in other words, savage capitalism, the US’, the UK’s, and France’s specialty. At this time, it’s the desire to rob other people of oil, gas, minerals, and other sought-after materials, control markets abroad, use international financial systems in the most corrupt ways, turn everyone into mindless consumers, in short, old neo-colonialism now covered with a high-tech face.

    I had seen this movie before. I remember being speechless when I heard Pres. Hollande  proclaim on national television after the November attacks that “France is now at war.”

    Really? And what was France in before – when it took its military aircraft and all its other vicious weapons and joined the US and the UK in multiple killing sprees of thousands and thousands of innocent people – the poorest of the poor – in Africa and in the Middle East? Is now mass murder a form of peace for France, the UK, and the US?

    The arrogance, the sheer Nazi arrogance that is needed to think that when Americans and Brits and the French kill other people, this is a non-event, and it’s not terrorism either – even though millions of innocent people are forever terrorized and traumatized by this – that is, those who survive the barbarity of war.

    How many days have gone by when the US, the UK, and France killed 50 people in some
    region of the world? We don’t even know, it’s so frequent in all these wars. But these are
    nameless people because they are poor people. They are of color in many ways, not just regarding their skin. The most important is not having the current Nazi citizenship du jour – therefore their lives are completely dispensable and their killing is not to be even accounted for. Americans have no feelings when they murder people abroad. Neither do the French. Murder, especially mass murder, is a seen as a right.

    LGBT pigs also didn’t waste a second to trot out the “Oh look, the terrorist is from one of those evil conservative countries where they throw off gays from buildings.” Yes, and  the LGBT pigs are from countries where they use high-tech to commit mass murder, including of children. Glass houses and all that.

    Who is the greater evil?

    Then we had a large number of pols and pundits solemnly declaring, “Sheeple, the ignominy, this was an attack  on America – what America stands for!” I would have paid money for someone to add, “Yes, an attack on sodomy – the cornerstone of America, what our forefathers fought and died for.” Alas, all I heard was, “The gays, the gays, stop the hatred, victims, victims, crying, crying, the evil terrorists, it’s all so awful.”

    This site reports that “about 92,000 people have been killed in the Afghanistan war since 2001. More than 26,000 of those killed have been civilians. Nearly 100,000 people have been injured since 2001.”

    Almost a hundred thousand Afghan dead. Contrast that to 50 homos in Orlando.

    And what are Americans wailing and grieving about?

    Then, in total American mode of let’s hear all the measures we shall take after another horrible crisis, the corrupt US media  invited all these “experts” to tell the public how terrorism can be prevented – which everybody knows in a country of 320 million is impossible. Never mind that.  “Experts” were in overdrive telling us that we need more surveillance, more police, more spending, more intel, more this, more that. Not one suggested that maybe, just maybe if Americans didn’t go murder other people then other people might not want to murder Americans. Not that difficult.

    And this is why, the most brilliant political phrase that I came across recently was Henry Adams’ “politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has always been the systematic organization of hatreds”.

    Et voilà, and here we have another grotesque episode of it, in overkill fashion.

    A lucid comment – in French – left regarding a presentation in France, by a lawyer called Damien Viguier, on the subject of the French government’s responsibility in the chaos in the Middle East. (Damien Viguier : « Chaos au Proche-Orient : les responsabilités du gouvernement français »). The clip from the presentation posted, although quite short, is quite good as well.

    Conférence donnée samedi 19 mars 2016 au colloque de CIVITAS : « De la guerre au Proche-Orient à l’immigration et au terrorisme en Europe » (more  clips from the conference here)

    As Mr. Viguier underscores, the problem we have in the world today is that we have terrorist governments. I would add that the so-called terrorist groups like ISIS are like mosquitoes compared to the horror and the scale of crimes that terrorist governments are carrying out. Three of the most barbaric terrorist governments are the US, the UK, and France.

    From a legal perspective, another of his points is very interesting – he says we must judge Laurent Fabius for murder, the murder of countless innocent people in the Middle East. (Fabius was France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs until recently). And we must avoid trying to frame the crimes of France in these wars as “war crimes”. He advocates trying them within the standard legal and internal apparatus of each country, in this case, France.

    To which, a commenter added this little manual:

    Petit manuel de déstabilisation d’un régime hostile

    1°) Être une puissance impériale
    2°) Financer tout mouvement d’opposition, aussi minuscule soit-il, revendiquant une démocratie à l’occidentale.
    3°) Repérer les futurs possibles leaders et organiser des stages de formation à l’agitation à leur intention
    4°) Donner un retentissement international à toute manifestation de l’opposition grâce aux médiats aux ordres.
    5°) Mettre en exergue la répression brutale que ne manquera pas de commettre le régime en place.
    6°) Placer quelques snipers sur les parcours des manifestants, et tirer à la fois sur la foule et les forces de l’ordre en place.
    7°) Dénoncer la barbarie de la répression.
    8°) Armer clandestinement des groupuscules étrangers extrémistes animés par une idéologie suicidaire, les appeler rebelles et combattants de la liberté.
    9°) Présenter ces groupuscules comme un mouvement populaire.
    10°) Organiser aux frontières du pays des bases d’entrainement à la guérilla qui seront présentées comme des camps de réfugiés.
    11°) Organiser le blocus de toute voix dissidente par une censure de fait.
    12°) Organiser des coordinations d’opposants dans une capitale étrangère, et n’accepter que les informations provenant de cette source.
    13°) Bombarder, si le contexte international le permet, l’armée régulière, tout en affirmant qu’il s’agit de protéger la population de la répression du dictateur qui menaçait de massacrer son peuple.

    Logiquement, le pouvoir en place tombe à plus ou moins court terme, le chaos s’installe pour de longues années, vous avez atteint votre objectif : vous n’avez plus de pouvoir fort face à vous, vous pouvez piller sans vergogne les richesses du pays, il vous suffira d’entretenir les conflits internes (ethniques, religieux…) en organisant un attentat suicide de temps en temps. Toute couverture médiatique est maintenant superflue.
    Toute ressemblance avec une quelconque situation actuelle est évidemment fortuite.
    La première victime d’une guerre, c’est la vérité.

    An excellent short article on Craig Murray highlights the most important point of the Panama Leaks – its covert political dimension.

    The Panama Leaks continues to hide major Western culprits, while revealing culprits that are political enemies of the US. A nice little exhibit A of how corrupt the West is, how the media is not free in the West, and that this may be nothing more than a political hit job by the US military/Wall Street complex.

    However, since it does highlight just how corrupt the international tax evasion/fraud system is, even while maintaining the lid on the most important culprits, it may lead to some accountability in the end. And raising awareness about the overall problem is always good – unless this is done, there will be no demand from the public for any accountability.

    Corporate Media Gatekeepers Protect Western 1% From Panama Leak

    Whoever leaked the Mossack Fonseca papers appears motivated by a genuine desire to expose the system that enables the ultra wealthy to hide their massive stashes, often corruptly obtained and all involved in tax avoidance. These Panamanian lawyers hide the wealth of a significant proportion of the 1%, and the massive leak of their documents ought to be a wonderful thing.

    Unfortunately the leaker has made the dreadful mistake of turning to the western corporate media to publicise the results. In consequence the first major story, published today by the Guardian, is all about Vladimir Putin and a cellist on the fiddle. As it happens I believe the story and have no doubt Putin is bent.

    But why focus on Russia? Russian wealth is only a tiny minority of the money hidden away with the aid of Mossack Fonseca. In fact, it soon becomes obvious that the selective reporting is going to stink.

    The Suddeutsche Zeitung, which received the leak, gives a detailed explanation of the methodology the corporate media used to search the files. The main search they have done is for names associated with breaking UN sanctions regimes. The Guardian reports this too and helpfully lists those countries as Zimbabwe, North Korea, Russia and Syria. The filtering of this Mossack Fonseca information by the corporate media follows a direct western governmental agenda. There is no mention at all of use of Mossack Fonseca by massive western corporations or western billionaires – the main customers. And the Guardian is quick to reassure that “much of the leaked material will remain private.”


    The corporate media – the Guardian and BBC in the UK – have exclusive access to the database which you and I cannot see. They are protecting themselves from even seeing western corporations’ sensitive information by only looking at those documents which are brought up by specific searches such as UN sanctions busters. Never forget the Guardian smashed its copies of the Snowden files on the instruction of MI6.

    What if they did Mossack Fonseca database searches on the owners of all the corporate media and their companies, and all the editors and senior corporate media journalists? What if they did Mossack Fonseca searches on all the most senior people at the BBC? What if they did Mossack Fonseca searches on every donor to the Center for Public Integrity and their companies?

    What if they did Mossack Fonseca searches on every listed company in the western stock exchanges, and on every western millionaire they could trace?

    That would be much more interesting. I know Russia and China are corrupt, you don’t have to tell me that. What if you look at things that we might, here in the west, be able to rise up and do something about?

    And what if you corporate lapdogs let the people see the actual data?

    Well, we all know what would happen: Americans, British, and French, to name a few, would have to admit that their countries are just as corrupt as Uganda, Panama, and Syria. Which would be sweet.

    ADDED on April 10, 2016: The EU is now threatening sanctions against Panama. Ah, the irony is rich. Especially since Panama is NOT the biggest or worse tax haven in the world.

    Europe also is home to countries with a record of acting like tax havens and providing banking secrecy – Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra, among others. The United States has also become a haven, with several states including Wyoming and Delaware now popular places to open anonymous accounts that are cheap to maintain and pay little or no local tax.

    Who knows, if enough pressure is put, couldn’t someone sue in the West to make the data public?

    We need to take the entire database and put it on wikileaks! 🙂

    Now that would be a good leak scandal!


    Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Helped Topple Gadhafi While France & UK Fought Over Libya’s Oil – By |

    WASHINGTON — A message from Hillary Clinton’s private email server reveals that France and the United Kingdom both sought to control Libya’s oil in the days after the U.S.-backed coup in 2011.

    An email sent on Sept. 16, 2011 to Clinton, then the U.S. Secretary of State, from journalist and family friend Sidney Blumenthal, shows that French President Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron each traveled to Tripoli about one month after Moammar Gadhafi’s government fell in order to assert their claim on Libya’s energy reserves.

    They made these demands, Blumenthal wrote, during meetings with the country’s National Transitional Council, a de facto government which formed with Western support in the aftermath of the coup:


    The United States, France, U.K. and other NATO allies backed rebel forces in Libya that ousted Gadhafi in August 2011, in what was widely reported to be a “humanitarian intervention” against a government with a history of severe human rights abuses.

    So, if they all knew he was a monstrous dictator, why did they all support him for decades, do business with him, and then arm him to his teeth?

    Mar. 11: Libya: lessons in controlling the arms trade – by Pieter D. Wezeman

    In the current military air strikes against Libyan forces, nations that once supported Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime are now—based on sanction by the United Nations—attacking the forces they were marketing and delivering arms to only weeks before. As the violence escalates and the international community examines how to respond to internal conflict and human rights violations, arms supply should be analysed as it implicates the international community as complicit in the violence it is now trying to end.


    • UK approved £2.3bn in arms exports over 21 months

    • Successive governments ‘misjudged the risk’ [What baloney!]

    Heavily armed: The British government approved £61.3million in arms exports to Gaddafi’s regime since 2009

    Britain sold weapons to Libya and other dictatorships in North Africa and the Middle East just four months before Colonel Gaddafi’s regime slaughtered hundreds of protesters, a damning report reveals today.

    Read more:

    The British, you know, these people who claim to be for “freedom and democracy”, did they object ? Did they stop the arms sales and the terror they unleashed?

    No, they continued doing their monstrous deeds, while most of the British population looked the other way and while all these dictators continue to terrorize and kill millions of children and adults. And with their bloody British hands, they pocketed the money. So did France and the US.

    As long as the US, the UK, and France can rob a country of its resources by putting in place, supporting, and arming a dictator that will sell to them what they want, while keeping the population in a horrible state of poverty and oppression, they will do so. And they don’t even bother to do it very covertly, given how corrupt their populace is. Should any of these dictators outlast their use or start to make demands or not agree to be such a puppet, then it’s time to play the “Oh! We’ve just discovered so and so is a horrible dictator! Now we must topple him! And now our corporations must move in and directly control the natural resources that don’t belong to us! Three cheers fo freedom and democracy – Hitler-style!”

    Either the US, the UK, and France rob poor countries through instituting and arming a monstrous dictator, or they do it through a sham of a corrupt “democratic” government, where their corporations move in and rob directly. Either way, the people of any such country remain in horrible poverty, suffering, and are robbed of their own country’s resources.

    And after  all of this, Americans, British, and French, all exclaim, “Isn’t the democratic governments you see in our own respective countries wonderful? Isn’t capitalism wonderful?”

    Hitler died, but his ideology and tactics were fully taken up by the US, the UK, and France – not that it was new to the imperialist powers to continue to oppress millions and rob poor countries all over the world.

    Kill, rob, kill, rob, kill, rob – corporations are the “legitimacy” wrapper that the Nazi-like military of the US-UK-France cover themselves with.

    Why do I ask? Today I came across an intriguing news article saying French authorities had finally made public archives from their shameful and evil WWII Nazi collaboration.

    Why intriguing? Because the article was in English on the Daily Express’s  site*, and when I searched for the news in French, thinking I’d find at least a dozen articles, there were none. Is the news old or is the French media going to stifle it? I don’t know. I found it odd.

    But the search led me to this interesting interview with Robert Paxton, a historian that specializes in the Vichy era/government. Apparently some archives had been opened earlier. Also, note that the access is quite restricted to certified scholars, the general public can’t access anything. Peons are not entitled.

    And then, in reading some articles written by Paxton, I came upon the one below, which is partially paid access only. So I didn’t read it all.

    But it provided one more bit of data that was particularly intriguing to me, since it was news to me: Which countries in the West deported the most Jews to the camps – proportionally speaking? He slightly veers into the answer, while reviewing a book on France:

    It’s called “the French paradox.” On the one hand the Germans, with the assistance of the actively anti-Semitic Vichy government and of a certain number of actively anti-Semitic French citizens, deported a shocking number of the Jews living in France between 1940 and 1944 to their deaths. On the other hand, the proportion of Jews deported from France was much smaller than that deported from the Netherlands, Belgium, or Norway. Is it not curious that among the Nazi-dominated countries of Western Europe the country reputedly most anti-Semitic had one of the highest survival rates? In that region only Denmark and Italy lost a lower proportion of their Jewish population.

    About a quarter of the Jews who were living in France between 1942, when the deportations began, and 1944 were murdered. Double that proportion—roughly half—of the Jews living in Belgium and Norway during the same period were killed. The loss in the Netherlands was a catastrophic 73 percent.


    I wonder why some of these countries mentioned, that no one normally thinks of as monstrously Nazi, performed such a high level of persecution of Jews. No time to go find out the answer now.

    *The article:

    REVEALED: France’s SECRET links to the Nazi Holocaust

    FILES detailing French collaboration in the murder of 76,000 Jews were made public for the first time yesterday after being locked away since the end of the Second World War.

    PUBLISHED: 04:54, Tue, Dec 29, 2015


    The world is going to pieces.

    Has nothing really changed that much and was it just me that hadn’t noticed it before? Europe is on the fast-track to become an increasingly fascist bunker, corrupt and nasty to the core. They have no choice since they refuse to change course from their neo-colonialist/joint imperialism with the US. They’ve been nazis for the past 3,000 years at least – ask yourself, was there any time when Europe wasn’t Nazi? No. And apparently if there was a slight interlude in the post-WWII or post-Cold War era, it’s over. It’s back to their vivid hatred of everyone else, the xenophobia, and the scape-goating, along with their beloved ally across the pond. Also it’s about time we start counting Cold Wars. Number 1 ended and now we are in Cold War number 2.  Sparks are flying all over the Middle East and some people seriously want it to catch fire and explode.

    One facet of this Nazi culture is that I’ve noticed how little reporting there is in the West concerning the thousands and thousands of civilians that are being killed in Africa and the Middle East. All that is usually mentioned, when there is any mention at all, is a number. It’s as eery as the record-keeping of Jews being gassed in the camps. It’s another facet of the current Nazi attitude that other people (non-American/non-European) are expendable and irrelevant when killed.

    I’ve also noticed we hardly ever see graphic pictures on television of the victims of the “allied (mafias’)” bombing, such as the few examples I linked to in the above paragraph. These are the kinds of pictures that show the horrors that children are going through in Syria and Africa – maimed, injured, and killed – but must of all, terrorized. Like all war pictures, they are unforgettable. But most people I know (Westerners) are never exposed to such pictures and never care to see what is happening. Although many support the bombings and war (of other people, of course). Remember how hysterical Europeans were when they were being bombed during WWII? How easily they have forgotten.

    And then the nastiness doesn’t end there. All parties involved, including the “allies”, are bombing hospitals  in these wars (here’s one example: Syrian Government Forces Are Targeting Doctors as a Weapon of War. Since this article is being reported by Newsweek, they don’t report when “allies” do the same). If it weren’t for Doctors Without Borders (who are Western as far as their top organization), we wouldn’t even hear about the West bombing hospitals in these wars, it’s obviously not news. They have also destroyed water treatment plants. People are not only being bombed but now they have no water.

    When I spoke of this to a Belgian guy this week who works in the gas industry, his was the typical European retort – a snicker. He is planning to go to a beautiful vacation spot for Christmas. He doesn’t care about any war atrocity or the millions of people killed around the world. “We don’t have operations in Syria”. Therefore should all Syrians or Africans be killed, that would not concern me, he could have added. Together with his complete insensitivity to the rest of humanity, he likes to take pictures of nature. How quaint. His entire existence is dedicated only to himself and various forms of self-entertainment. Talk about clash of civilizations indeed. Monstrous inhumanity of the West versus any kind of sanity that exists anywhere.

    As a small consolation, in this bleak and truly horrifying world, there will always be heroes. Like this one (“‘I Will Not Leave Syria’: One of Aleppo’s Few Remaining Doctors Is Defiant“). Most of the doctors have been killed in or have fled  Aleppo. This one refuses to leave. He is one of a kind. Works 15-hour shifts day after day, underground, to save lives, putting his life at risk at every moment.  While the rest of the world expends all its energy to kill and maim and injure. All in order to pay 50 cents less on filling up their precious little gas tanks that are also destroying the environment, as they have spent the last week bleating like sheep repeatedly telling us in the COP21. This is the real clash of civilizations that is going on. Between the Western nazi imperialists and all their wars and arms industry and robbery of natural resources and the rest of the world.

    When one of the numerous Western-set-up dictators starts becoming a little too independent, a little less the Uncle-Tom they had agreed to be, then it’s time to label them no longer “one of our allies” in the Middle East, but a “brutal dictator”. The (brutal) friends and allies of yesterday are the “monstrous rulers” that must be toppled and bombed today, along with million of civilians. The war criminal and monster of yesterday that used chemical weapons his people (Assad) becomes a possible “partner” and not so bad after all if the West doesn’t like the Islamic State. And what, mind you, is the difference between Saudi Arabia and this Islamic State? There is nothing that the Islamic State does that Saudi Arabia doesn’t do at a much larger scale.

    And, as we have been watching, should any civilian try to flee the horror inflicted on them by these wars, there’s a nice door ready to be slammed on their faces by most of the West, most notably France. And then they are surprised when the blood spatters on their faces through some “terrorist” attack. I just heard a news report that the number one reason given for the French who voted for the FN (hard right) in a post-voting poll in France was… “immigration”.

    Nicely, there was also this: David Cameron reported to police as a ‘war criminal’ for bombing Syria | UK Politics | News | The Independent.


    If you read French, this is a great article by Daniel Vanhove, on the Middle Eastern conflict and France. (published at MediaPart)

    Finally a lucid voice listing the long list of official government lies and issues surrounding the dangerous Syrian/Middle Eastern conflict.

    How nice to finally read someone who acknowledges that France’s media system is no longer credible, it’s just a collective disgusting mouthpiece for the French, English, and American establishment (pro-war/pro-mass murder/pro-destruction of infrastructures and civilians).

    How nice to hear someone who finally acknowledges how much the French are insensitive to all the people they kill in a long list of countries, the very same attitude of the English and the Americans. There  used to be a left in France and in other parts of Europe. As someone commented on Mediapart, it’s more than time for these so-called “left wing/socialist” political parties in France (and I suppose in several other European countries) to remove the “socialist” label from their names and just admit they are at the service of the right-wing military/war/weapons establishment – what we see now are fascist-socialists.

    So it is such a relief to read someone who is not at the service of the increasingly fascist French state. The right simply went hysterical with these last “terrorist” attacks and dragged everyone along into their hate and extremist ultra-nationalist hysteria – not, as I mentioned above, that there was any real left to drag.

    It is sad, however, to see that France is increasingly turning itself into a George Bush, while simultaneously proclaiming itself socialist – it takes a particularly crazy kind of manipulation and deceit, for being both so corrupt and so stupid. Clearly, the French have learned nothing from WWII.

    Cette « guerre atypique » que l’Europe risque de perdre

    • 2 déc. 2015

    Ecrire et ajouter encore à tout ce qui s’est dit et exprimé en ces jours de terreurs et de douleurs n’est pas aisé. D’autant quand c’est pour essayer de comprendre. Pas d’excuser – les violences meurtrières frappant des civils innocents sont inexcusables, d’où qu’elles viennent ! – mais de comprendre. De démêler cet enchevêtrement de fils tordus qui font la trame de la vie. Sa richesse et sa complexité. Il convient donc de rappeler que les raisons sont multiples. Et un article de quelques lignes ne pourra les résumer. Ni quelques slogans et clichés rabâchés par les médias habituels, jusqu’à l’overdose. (

    Pourquoi, à terme, risquons-nous de perdre cette « guerre atypique » ? Dans nos pays d’Europe, nous sommes inondés de rappels à travers commémorations, films, séries, documentaires – remplis d’erreurs factuelles – sur les affres de ce que nous avons appelé les première et seconde « guerres mondiales », vu le nombre de pays concernés. Mais, surtout parce que cela nous touchait directement, l’Europe étant le terrain central de ces deux guerres. Dans ce regard européo-centré, nous avons tendance à ne penser une guerre « mondiale » qu’à travers ces rappels, comme s’ils pouvaient nous servir de rempart qui nous en épargnerait définitivement. Mais, comme tout le reste, les guerres, leur technologie, leur déroulement évoluent. Et si elles étaient par définition et comme le répètent certains l’affrontement de deux armées, il y a bien longtemps que ce sont les civils qui paient le plus lourd tribut aux conflits qui les fauchent. Les guerres actuelles n’empruntent plus les mêmes formes que les deux guerres « mondiales » qui ont ensanglanté le XXè siècle. Et, quand on regarde ce qui se passe dans les pays qui subissent l’essentiel des bombardements dans le monde depuis plusieurs années – Afghanistan, Irak, Pakistan, Libye, Syrie, Soudan, Palestine, Yémen, … – combien d’Etats y participent, directement ou indirectement ? Beaucoup. Au point que l’on pourrait dire de ces guerres « atypiques » qui n’en sont probablement qu’une seule – celle qu’une classe dominante a décrété « contre le terrorisme », mais en réalité contre des Etats faibles, aux ressources utiles et/ou stratégiques, dans l’incapacité de répondre à ces attaques technologiques massives, aux populations précarisées – mais étendue sur plusieurs territoires, qu’elles participent à ce qui serait la Troisième guerre mondiale.

    D’ailleurs, suite aux derniers attentats de Paris, le personnel politico-médiatique nous serine à longueurs d’ondes que « cette fois, nous sommes en guerre ». A vrai dire, il y a des années que la France s’est engagée dans la guerre. Sur plusieurs fronts. Et à l’encontre de pays qui de leur côté, ne la lui avaient pas déclarée !…[1] Et voilà que certains individus se sont mis à réagir, à s’organiser. A répondre à ces incessants bombardements et massacres de civils que nos médias ignorent, ces vies exotiques ne valant rien. C’est tellement vrai que le décompte des victimes de la guerre en Irak n’a jamais été établi et tourne sur une approximation d’un million. Cela illustre combien ces anonymes nous indiffèrent… Ainsi, au cours des derniers mois, combien de Palestiniens ont-ils été tués et blessés dans ce qui est devenu banal aux yeux de la plupart des observateurs ânonnant qu’Israël « a le droit de se défendre » selon la formule consacrée. De se défendre de quoi !? De violer le Droit international, de pratiquer l’apartheid, d’occuper militairement un pays depuis des décennies dans l’impunité générale !?… Et combien de victimes au Liban, après l’attentat dans la banlieue de Beyrouth revendiqué par l’EI ?… Et au Mali où l’Etat français déclarait que c’était l’affaire de 3 mois, quand cela fait 3 ans qu’il s’y trouve, sans empêcher le dernier attentat à Bamako ?… Et, au Yémen, bombardé par nos « amis saoudiens » ? Nos médias et nos officiels parlent-ils de ces innombrables victimes avec la gravité qui convient ? Ou ne sont-elles, au mieux, que des statistiques anonymes ? Depuis la première guerre en Irak décrétée par le père Bush début 1991 jusqu’à nos jours, les victimes arabo-musulmanes sont estimées à 4 millions… Peut-être faudrait-il commencer par cette première réflexion.

    Autre raison pour laquelle, ivres de notre puissance technologique, nous risquons de perdre à terme, cette « guerre atypique » : depuis les attentats de ce 13.11, que n’a-t-il fallu entendre une nouvelle fois de la part du personnel politique ?! Comment ces gens-là pensent-ils qu’ils représentent encore une autre voix que la leur ? Lors de l’émission du vendredi 20.11 dernier de Fr. Taddéï « Ce soir ou jamais », il y a eu un florilège de leurs déclarations, plus affligeantes les unes que les autres, la palme revenant au duo Juppé – l’un des favoris (paraît-il !) à la présidentielle de 2017 – disant que « la priorité devait être d’écraser Daesh »… rien que cela ; et Fabius – qui affirmait il y a peu, que « sur le terrain, le Front Al-Nosra faisait du bon boulot » !  – déclarant : « Je fais une remarque de bon sens (c’est lui qui le dit !), si ce groupe qui ne serait composé que d’environ 30.000 monstres ne pouvait être éradiqué par les forces d’une coalition internationale, alors il n’y aurait plus rien à comprendre ». Mais, nous y voilà, précisément : c’est « l’union nationale » de la bêtise, de ceux qui ne comprennent rien à la situation. Mélangeant les termes et les dénominations. Amalgamant djihadistes, islamistes, salafistes, fondamentalistes, intégristes, … qu’ils utilisent sans en connaître le sens. Changeant de cap en 24h, tant leurs positions étaient absurdes et les isolaient sur la scène internationale. Mais, par-dessus tout, semblant ignorer que les quelques-uns qu’ils écrasent à coups d’une technologie au prix exorbitant d’un côté – les raids de l’aviation française sur Raqqa après les attentats (justice ou vengeance ?) auraient fait une trentaine de tués dans les rangs de Daesh (sans parler d’un musée et de cliniques bombardées également), contre 130 à Paris, à l’aide de voitures louées, d’armes légères et d’explosifs artisanaux – renaissent d’un autre, plus déterminés que jamais à venger leurs frères tombés dans leur lutte idéologique. Ces gens, totalement dépassés et tentant de masquer leur inculture et leur incompétence en multipliant les idées absurdes – voir les propos des L. Wauquier, N. Morano, Br. Lemaire, V. Pécresse, et autres Sarko and c°… – pensent-ils que leurs déclarations musclées changeront quoi que ce soit dans la détermination du camp d’en face ? C’est l’inverse. Ils attisent la haine. Et leur surenchère rhétorique ne fait que masquer leur incurie et leurs refus obstinés à initier une autre politique qui réduirait enfin les inégalités, la stigmatisation, le chômage, la précarité dans laquelle survivent de plus en plus de citoyens, et de jeunes en particulier. L’une des seules voix intelligentes et au-dessus de ce panier de crabes est celle que D. de Villepin fit entendre lors de son passage à cette même émission de Fr. Taddéï, CSOJ, le 26.09.14 (

    Tant que ces évènements tragiques se passaient loin de chez nous, en terres dites « barbares », il était commode de tourner le regard et d’ignorer les drames que subissaient ces populations. Mais voilà que depuis quelques temps, les ramifications de ces conflits nous arrivent en plein cœur, sous la forme d’attentats qualifiés de « terroristes » en référence à cette guerre au terrorisme initiée par l’exécrable administration de G. Bush et reprise par nos pays priés de s’aligner sur les dictats de Washington. Rappelez-vous qu’il fallait choisir : avec ou contre nous, répétaient-ils. L’objectif était le remodelage du Moyen-Orient pour y apporter « les bienfaits de la démocratie ». Cela a été dit et répété par cette criminelle administration. Et nous y voilà… En termes de remodelage, il s’agit d’un véritable effondrement. Les citoyens de ces pays sont ravis de jouir de cette  « démocratie » que nous leur avons servie à coups de « frappes chirurgicales ». Leurs pays qui en bénéficient sont littéralement pillés et démantelés, au point que quelques « experts » de salon dissertent déjà sur les futures provinces qui les (re)constitueront, une fois les régimes actuels éliminés et les décombres déblayés…

    Dans la menace qui plane désormais sur nous, pourrons-nous enfin poser certaines questions ? A savoir : ce que font nos gouvernements dans ces régions n’est-il pas tout aussi « monstrueux » que les « monstres » dont parle L. Fabius alors que depuis des années, des millions de civils innocents paient l’addition ? Si l’on devait s’en tenir strictement aux chiffres des victimes, ils sont indubitablement plus « monstrueux » que l’EI… Et, pensons-nous que l’on peut impunément détruire des villes entières, ruiner des pays avec tout ce que cela implique au niveau des civils (rien qu’à voir le nombre de réfugiés – un sinistre record de 60 millions : – devrait nous indiquer que nos brutales politiques de dominants mettent le monde à feu et à sang sur le dos des plus faibles), humilier des populations et leur culture, sans qu’un jour, il n’y ait un retour de boomerang ? Faut-il rappeler que les attentats du 11/09 aux USA seraient d’après les conclusions de la CIA elle-même, la réponse aux bombardements américains en terres musulmanes !? Et que ceux perpétrés en France dans les années ’60 se sont arrêtés quand l’armée française a quitté l’Algérie ? Que lorsque la France s’opposa à l’invasion de l’Irak par la voix de D. de Villepin à l’ONU, le pays était estimé dans les pays arabes ? On voit ce qu’il en reste aujourd’hui, après les décisions désastreuses des gouvernements suivants… Evidemment, les abonnés du monde politico-médiatique qui défilent dans ces médias contrôlés nous enfumeront en parlant de religion, d’identité, d’intégration ou de civilisation – alors que la plupart des auteurs des attentats sont nés en Europe, ne lisent pas l’arabe, ne fréquentent pas les mosquées, mais se radicalisent aujourd’hui par internet – et feront diversion pour éviter de répondre à ces questions… Cela les mettrait illico devant leurs impostures. Sans parler que leur discours empreints de racisme a des conséquences immédiates en cette période « d’exception » où les dérives sont quotidiennes : les actes islamophobes se multiplient partout. Mais, il n’y a pas d’islamophobie, non… D’aucuns – souvent les mêmes – parlent de « victimisation »… (

    Notre système médiatique de masse, véritable relais des pouvoirs en place n’est plus crédible. Il ne fait que relayer en boucle le discours ambiant et ne produit plus le travail indispensable pour nous informer correctement. De replacer les évènements dans un minimum d’objectivité et de perspective historique seule à même de nous éclairer sur ce qui se passe aujourd’hui, sans tomber dans des clichés stériles et réducteurs qui n’expliquent rien à rien. A se demander d’ailleurs pourquoi tant de chaînes d’infos continues, si c’est pour entendre les mêmes bêtises débitées à longueur d’ondes par des invités qui s’y succèdent tels des abonnés. L’indépendance journalistique est devenue rare. Autant chercher d’autres sources d’informations que celles qui s’alignent systématiquement sur le discours officiel ! (

    Dans le monde « globalisé », ce qui se passe de l’autre côté de la planète nous concerne directement. Le refus d’accueillir plus de réfugiés, amalgamés ainsi au « risque terroriste » – comme le préconise M. Valls au galop derrière le FN – qui ayant tout perdu dans les régions que NOUS bombardons (ou aidons à bombarder) est inaudible. Nous commettons des crimes à grande échelle ? Dorénavant, il faudra en assumer les conséquences ! Il est illusoire de penser qu’un repli sur soi serait l’attitude salvatrice. En revanche, il y a des erreurs majeures à corriger, dont celle de l’ouverture naïve et irresponsable de nos frontières de l’espace Schengen qui a eu pour effets un trafic d’armes (parmi d’autres) devenu incontrôlable, en provenance des pays de l’Est de l’Europe. Une fois de plus, merci l’incompétence des technocrates de Bruxelles… dont on ne trouvera jamais le moindre responsable pour assumer ce genre de décision et l’en sanctionner. Maintenant que le mal est fait, comment gérer ces armes qui circulent jusqu’à l’intérieur même de certains établissements scolaires ? Et qui en sont les bénéficiaires ? (

    Et c’est une autre raison pour laquelle l’Europe risque de perdre cette « guerre atypique » : l’échec de nos politiques guerrières est patent. Le constat est implacable : nos politiques extérieures qui avancent masquées sous les fallacieux prétextes de droit d’ingérence, de liberté, de démocratie ou autre mission civilisatrice qu’il faut inlassablement rappeler aux citoyens pour gagner leur consentement tacite, sont un vrai fiasco. Sont l’illustration d’un néo-colonialisme. Elles n’enrichissent encore et toujours que les marchands d’armes qui multiplient leurs profits quand nos Etats décident d’aller bombarder ici-et-là. Ce lobby proche des élus politiques. Si proche. Au point que la priorité absolue d’une saine démocratie, devrait être d’examiner de près le sulfureux dossier des ventes d’armes à des dictatures bien éloignées de nos normes éthiques et dont tout le monde sait maintenant qu’elles financent les campagnes électorales… mais aussi le terrorisme, à jets continus. Quand le juge Marc Trevidic déclare : « Nous n’avons jamais pu lancer une enquête sur le macro financement de l’EI par l’Arabie saoudite, jamais ! »… cela en dit long sur la probité de nos responsables politiques, pour ceux qui en douteraient encore… Pensons-nous vraiment que ce double jeu, cette odieuse hypocrisie peut continuer à fonctionner impunément dans un monde connecté !? Suite aux attentats de janvier dernier, l’image abjecte de voir des criminels de guerre défiler bras-dessus, bras-dessous dans les rues de Paris a définitivement fini de les confondre. A y regarder de près, les élus politiques agissent comme de vrais mafieux. Ils se frottent les mains des juteux contrats signés pour des milliards d’euros avec des dictatures, et se moquent de savoir si un jour ces armes se retourneront sur leur propre population. A la moindre alerte, ils pourront toujours draper leur forfaiture dans le drapeau tricolore et la minute de silence qui ne leur coûtera rien ! Ils s’agiteront en tous sens pour pallier aux symptômes, brailleront la Marseillaise à tous vents, mais ne s’attaquent pas aux causes des problèmes. Rappel : la course aux armements ? Un engrenage interminable. Une arme pour 10 personnes dans le monde en 2013 (Oxfam). Un montant de 5 milliards $US/jour (!) consacrés à la guerre ou à sa préparation. Et, 1249 industries de l’armement dans 90 pays. (J. Dufour)

    En ces temps critiques, existe-t-il encore des responsables politiques pour s’occuper enfin des causes ? Et admettre que depuis qu’on nous a vendu cette « guerre au terrorisme » dans le but supposé de son éradication, le monde n’a jamais été dans une telle tension, et nos villes sous une telle menace ? Qu’il n’y a jamais eu autant d’attentats et de victimes civiles ? Que désormais, tout endroit public est une cible ? Preuve évidente que ces appels insensés à cette guerre perpétuelle sont non seulement un leurre, mais une imposture organisée. Et qu’il faut la dénoncer et aborder les choses d’une autre manière. Nos politiques extérieures européennes calquées sur celle des USA – bien éloignés du M-O – doivent être abandonnées avant qu’il ne soit trop tard et que la situation ne devienne incontrôlable. Avant que l’Europe soit infiltrée de partout par cette menace protéiforme… Or, à voir le vote massif des parlementaires pour la poursuite des frappes en Syrie, il est évident que le personnel politique n’est pas à la hauteur du défi, et préfère s’occuper des symptômes plutôt que des causes. Ce qui présage la persistance des menaces, et avec elles l’état d’urgence – qui sera sans doute reconduit plusieurs fois – rognant amplement les libertés individuelles. Ce qui augure de sombres lendemains pour les citoyens. Et à terme, pour l’UE qui risque bel et bien de perdre cette « guerre atypique ». Parce que la démocratie est fragile… d’autant quand elle est minée dans ses fondements par ceux-là mêmes qui en sont les représentants. Et que leur décision d’une fuite en avant risque d’embraser le continent dans la confrontation, et la confirmation d’une 3è guerre mondiale dont les désastres, compte-tenu des arsenaux, sont tout simplement inimaginables. Et pourraient, comme à d’autres époques, anéantir une civilisation : la nôtre. (


    Daniel Vanhove –


    Observateur civil



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