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I feel like I’m living in a sort of twilight zone this election year. Never have I felt this way. I keep asking myself, is it me or is the world? Why do these elections scream corruption, lawlessness, stupidity of the masses at its apex?

Then I depressingly think that it’s been that way for decades. That is the American system – it just seemed more normal before. The entire world seemed more normal before. Now I have this weird sense of living in a world where most people lie most of the time. They flood society with lies about history, about society, about themselves. I keep thinking that I had never realized before how much older generations lie to new ones. They continuously transmit their false view of the world. That’s how it happened in my family.

Now, the American system has become an atrocity before my eyes. The United States is just so grotesque – so evil, so murderous, so destructive – and so corrupt. It’s not just a few people – it’s the overwhelming majority who all go along with the military industrial complex – not to mention the ever growing percentage of people on their destructive liberal sexuality crusades (the porn, the homosexuality, the promiscuity – which brings the sexual violence, harassment, degradation, diseases, etc.).

And, everyone is saying they were not surprised by the fact that Hillary succeeded once again in being above the law – she’s too big even for the FBI.

I was surprised. It’s so in your face now. I alternate between a feeling of schadenfreude and dread of what she and people like her will still do to destroy the lives of so many innocent people around the world. That is exactly what Americans will continue to do, with their greed and their corrupt-to-the-core military industrial complex.

How sad.

No wonder when she lost to Obama, she demanded to be Secretary of State. Just so she could fly around the world, meeting with the most corrupt characters out there, to sell them access to the US government, get the arms deals, seal the  corrupt business deals – the bribes flowing through her mafiosi straw “foundation”. Only someone equally murderous could go up against the Clintons.

And more or less the only crowd around like that is at the CIA and Pentagon – and they don’t need to go up against Crooked Hillary because she works in tandem with their wars and mass murders, torture, and assassination.

By the way, I have thought for some time that someone has something on Obama – and that he is being controlled by them. It could be the Clintons. I saw a telling interview of him where he hinted at being controlled – for the wise observer. Or is it just plain old threats to his family? Somehow I don’t think he is what he is doing as the President. He never struck me as a center neo-con. And much less as a supporter of the Clintons, especially Hillary. Who knows who could be twisting his arm? Then again, I can’t completely rule out that he would be a political Bill Cosby, the world stinks so much, anything could be possible. But my gut feeling says no.

p.s. I’ve been watching Lionel Media on youtube – he’s a lot of fun. Nice commentary most of the time – unless he opens his mouth about homosexuality – he’s an ignorant liberal in that respect.





I’ve never been there, I’d love to go. Obviously Obama’s trip shone a renewed mega-watt spotlight on the tiny but resilient nation.

Cuba is incredibly safe, so I wouldn’t say there are specific places to avoid. I think as long as you’re smart and play by the rules and use your head, you’re going to be in good shape, wherever you go. There are virtually no guns in Cuba — even the police officers have to check their weapons at the door when they leave to go home every night. Like any other highly trafficked area, you’re going to get petty theft.”

Compare this with Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, etc. All countries where the United States’ neocons teamed up with the most brutal, vile elites to make life hell for millions and millions of the little people. No safety, no universal health care, people going hungry all over the place, gangs, violence, etc. While the comfortable middle classes look the other way.

Castro won. He won. And what wonderful thing this is. What he achieved is simply extraordinary.

I am afraid for Cuba, now that the United States will attempt to colonize it and destroy it through its habitual Trojan horses of corruption, greed, toxic elite alliances, selfish individualism, perverted sexualities, drugs, etc.,  not to mention the old but never dismissed means of assassination and barely covert  “regime change”.

Incidentally, I just read that the prison population in the US is higher, proportionally, than in Cuba.

And, of course, with the easing of the embargo and whatever else is thawing, the Rolling Stones, icons of some of the worse cultural trash in the West just had to go do a concert in Cuba. The Western MSM hailed this as progress. Progress means having some of England’s crappiest people, four lousy musicians, drug addicts, and sexuality pigs unload their garbage on the Cuban people. They just have to come destroy everything that is good in Cuba. When did the Rolling Stones do anything that is considered good from a social or political perspective?

And this is why one of  China’s main newspapers, the Global Times, discreetly warned Cuba: beware, once again, of American intentions. We know what they are.

Cuba will probably face a lot of tests after it opens to the US: It is near the US, much smaller in size, and will have to deal with a great number of Cuban dissidents living in the US.

Although faced with many challenges, Havana has shown extraordinary courage and determination in opening up to the Western world and initiating domestic reform.

The posture Washington assumes to Havana in the future will be essential to Cuba and their bilateral relations. In the US, there are still political cliques trying to overturn the Cuban government. If the White House turns a blind eye to or even submits to them, Obama’s legacy will be abandoned by his successor, and Washington will resume its hawkish attitude toward Havana.

As for Cuba, it has to meet a new challenge to strike a balance between how to improve Cuban-US cooperation and how to prevent Washington’s possible attempt to foment a “color revolution.”

Given its geographic situation, it is a miracle that in the past 50 years, Cuba has survived US sanctions and military threats.

Havana’s wisdom can ensure the country’s political stability amid more interactions with the US.

Cuba should take the initiative and nail down a few norms with the US. Since Havana is no longer a thorn in Washington’s eye, the US should accept a friendly but independent Cuba. If both sides are engaged in conflicts some time, Havana should stick to its principles and defend its legitimate interests based on reason.

The US has wiggle room to compromise, as it used to do when dealing with Latin American leftists like Hugo Chavez.

Economic growth does not necessarily offer solutions to political conundrums. But state issues can only be resolved while the country is improving and embracing the world. There is not a second road. We wish Cuba a safe journey on this road.

Anyhow, the challenges never end.

But he won.


Updated March 28, 2016

I just left this comment here: Leninism and Lennonism aren’t that far apart. Some thoughts on the Rolling Stones in Cuba. – Mail Online – Peter Hitchens blog

Dear Mr. Hitchens,

While I sometimes greatly appreciate reading your views and social criticisms, here is one topic where we are at the very opposites.

As I commented in none other than the “Rolling Stones” magazine (, of course, with the easing of the embargo and whatever else is thawing, the Rolling Stones, icons of some of the worse cultural trash in the West just had to go do a concert in Cuba.

The Western MSM hailed this as progress. Progress means having some of England’s crappiest people, four lousy musicians, drug addicts, and sexuality pigs unload their garbage on the Cuban people. They just have to come destroy everything that is good in Cuba. Let us take a moment to ask: When did the Rolling Stones do anything that is considered good from a social or political perspective?

Next, you ask, “Could it be that money and logistics played a part? ”

Indeed, when has money not played a part in every evil deed by wily, devoid of ethics Westerners proclaiming to be for “freedom and democracy” in every country they have set foot to ruin and destroy? Take a look at what the US and capitalism have done to Latin American – the profound malaise, the gangs, the drugs, the murders, the poverty, the sexual abuse, the disease epidemics – for millions, it’s hell on earth.

Regarding one of your questions, I came across this tid bit in the media: En su web, la banda reveló: “Este evento está siendo posible gracias a la beneficencia de la Fundación Bon Intenshon…”. Detrás de esa fundación está el empresario Gregory Elias, promotor de un festival de jazz en Curazao y presidente de United Trust, una importante asesoría del paraíso fiscal caribeño.

Apparently it wasn’t the Stones who paid for their unfortunate visit to Cuba.

Could it be, lordie, lordie, that United Trust is a tax evasion/corruption consultancy? Maybe providing money laundering services as well? The Stones are so trashy they can’t even come to Cuba on a clean ticket… I’m surprised they weren’t sponsored by the Hillary Mafia Foundation…

And United Trust – why does that sound familiar? Ah, yes! United Fruit…

The pests are back!

And next time you want to mention torture, why don’t you mention how the CIA monstrously tortured – yes, go into the details – and murdered thousands of innocent Latin Americans in ways that make Castro look like an altar boy?

Lastly, Mr. Hitchens, I’m sure you will allow this to go through moderation, you who love to go off criticizing those awful repressive regimes where no criticism is allowed by those who control public discussion – lest you be cut from the same cloth?


ADDED on March 29, 2016.

As of today, my comment above has remained censored on Peter Hitchens’ blog/Mail on Sunday site.

See, “freedom and democracy” is a system where it’s proponents never allow anyone to debate them in public. Then they point fingers are Putin, Castro, and whoever for repressing criticism…







William Dalton says (in a comment at TAC):
September 22, 2015 at 3:04 am

“Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” But is this true? A decade after his beer hall putsch failed in Munich, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party won the largest number of Germans ever to vote in a democratic election. He had succeeded in the marketplace of ideas. Did that democratic ratification make Hitler’s ideas true?”

Pat Buchanan knows history well enough to know that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party had not won a plurality of seats in the Reichstag, nor had President Hindenburg been convinced to appoint him Chancellor of Germany, because Hitler had “succeeded in the marketplace of ideas”. A majority of Germans considered Hitler’s ideas to be ridiculous, even when they gave his party a victory. They did so because, in a country in which, under the Weimar Constitution, it had proven impossible to elect a moderate government which could maintain the peace and suppress radical militia roaming the streets, and faced with a choice of government led by either Nazis or Communists, a plurality chose, and a majority approved, the party they saw to be the lesser evil.

It is not far distant from the choice Americans currently have, between a party representing warmongers eager to institute a police state for the protection of “national security” and a party dedicated to instituting a welfare state guaranteeing each citizen, and non-citizen, all the necessities of life, governed by coalition of sexual libertines and worshipers of Baal and Ashtoreth. When either one or the other gets elected, it won’t be because they have been successful in selling their wares in America’s “marketplace of ideas”. It will be because they have succeeded in scaring the bejeezus out of Americans at the prospect of again empowering the alternative.



I would add that the choice today is different. First because, for practical purposes, the US has not one, but two major neocon parties – the only difference is that one is slightly a bit more neocon than the other.

Obama and Clinton did not dismantle the military/industrial complex – nor had any intent or demand from their constituents to do so. Clinton played golf at times during the Rwandan genocide was happening – a testament to just what monsters liberals are. US arm sales that spread death and destruction to millions of civilians worldwide continues unabated – and receives robust support from liberals and Democrat voters. And there is probably no difference between Hillary and Bush regarding war and imperialism, while there may have been a very small one between Bush and Bill.

Seven years into the Obama administration and the Patriot Act police state is just as much implanted as when Bush went to clamor for its existence. In a little Twitter feud this week, a liberal shot back that the maintenance by Obama and all the Dems  of the Patriot Act and the current US police state is Bush’s fault, since Bush started it.


These people actually vote and in their crazy minds, only Republicans are neocons, no matter how much both are exactly for the same kind of things. It’s no consolation, but at least Republicans don’t engage in this level of 1984-ish twisting of reality about themselves. I always find people who lie on such barbaric levels disturbing – specially since it’s collective and involving millions of people.

In the minds of Democrats, the fact that they can point their fingers at Republicans for doing the same thing they do entitles  them  to absolve themselves of all responsibility regarding the evil they are and do. They are the American version of “Eichmann in Jerusalem”, the responsibility for every neocon act of a liberal lies with Bush/Republicans and they never acknowledge anything they do is actually their own doing.

Lastly, Dalton above fails to mention that the welfare liberal state is a state full of sexual violence and is currently implementing the destruction of fundamental civil rights, like freedom of speech and the right to an ethical society in the sphere of personal relationships, so it certainly does not provide “the basic necessities”  citizens need.

What Americans can choose from are two very corrupt political parties, one which is particularly insane for not admitting its neocon attitudes and doings (the Democrats) and the other one which is a little bit more straightforward, while being just as destructive for most practical purposes.

This is “democracy” in the 21st century. Much like Rome a couple of millennia ago.

Mommy explains she hates bigotry - Sept. 2015

Mommy explains she hates bigotry – Sept. 2015

I was actually inspired to make this cartoon based on two pieces of news. First one about “Unit stalked by suicide trying to save itself” by Dave Philipps, New York Times. It’s about the growing number of veterans with PTSD (or at least the growing detection of PTSD in veterans) and resulting suicides. Which made me think that if the government doesn’t even care much about treating veterans who develop all sorts of mental and PTSD problems, what about all the populations of the countries where the US wages its wars? They have nothing. They are completely abandoned.

The other news was that Obama, Dear Leader, is once more pandering to the gay mafia and has decided to “nominate the first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army”. Another testament to how powerless and oppressed LGBTs are. The criminal industrial/military complex in all its liberal diversity glory. The Washington Post lauds “his long tenure in the Pentagon and his breadth of experience in shepherding some of the department’s most complex and sensitive weapons programs”. Regarding the issue of his homosexuality problem, the article continues with a quote from Phil Carter, a veteran of the war in Iraq and senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, “My sense is that the Army is over this and has been over it for some time. The Army cares whether you can shoot straight, not whether you are straight.”

Indeed, the Army cares about committing mass murder effectively, so what better notion of progress for liberals than to have homosexuals considered normal doing the also considered normal murdering?

How to represent such a level of hypocrisy and moral corruption in a cartoon? The solution, as can be seen, is that the little boy asks about the survivors with PTSD – by which I meant both soldiers and civilians – and orphans of the countries we bomb.

However, the question the little boy asks is much ampler. Because the US, along with France, UK, and Israel, plus the countries it routinely labels as bad, such as Russia and China, are selling horrendous armaments to all kinds of dictators and other barbaric governments. The latter then use the arms on both civilians and military victims. So it’s not just a problem with respect to victims of our bombing, but of our arms sales to evil governments and groups. However, this would be too wordy and complex to represent. I needed to simplify. So I opted for keeping the question’s scope to cover only the people directly bombed by us, as in war. But obviously the victim population is much, much greater.

This book sounds amazing!

Suicide Pact: The Radical Expansion of Presidential Powers and the Lethal Threat to American Liberty Hardcover – November 18, 2014

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