I don’t think people that just go to France for tourism have any idea just how putrid the French are regarding sex and sexual crimes, it’s such a sewer of a society. I am not saying French people are all criminals, but you see so many repellent attitudes in French society – which can also be found in other countries, one might add. The French love to be blind to all matters of harassment, adultery, rape, and sexual abuse, and many support it as well, of course.

Daily Beast:

For decades, Gabriel Matzneff got a pass from French culture mavens as he extolled the pleasures of sex with underage boys and girls. No longer.

How much do you want to bet that when she gets out of prison she will go on a Pride Parade?


A woman who groomed girls as young as 13 by posing as a teenage boy on social media has been jailed for eight years after an extensive police investigation found she may have had dozens of young victims.

UK police say Gemma Watts may have assaulted up to 50 school girls while posing as a 16-year-old school boy named ‘Jake Watton.’ Officers said many of her victims may only realise they had been duped by the predator now that she has been jailed and her case widely publicised.

The 21-year-old groomed her victims via Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social media services. She tied her hair up and wore a baseball cap, baggy trousers, and a hoodie to fool the children.

Watts began what the judge described as her “predatory behavior” when she was 19 and targeted a number of 13 to 16 year olds. She convinced the children to swap intimate photos, sometimes speaking with them over the phone before travelling by train to meet in person. She reportedly even met some of the girls’ parents while in character as ‘Jake.’

“My world stopped, I actually stopped breathing… I loved him so much,” the victim wrote.

Watts previously pleaded guilty to seven charges of sexual assault and grooming of four girls between the ages of 14 and 15. However, she continued to groom young females whilst on police bail after her initial arrest and partial confession and was later placed under surveillance to prevent her from offending again while investigations were ongoing.

“The level of manipulation and deceit used by Watts to snare her victims in this case was truly shocking,” Police Constable Nicola Benson, from Hampshire Constabulary, said.

“Children are particularly vulnerable to exploitation online with increased use of social media apps, and there is a real risk that any contact with a stranger online can lead to a child meeting an offender in person,” she added.

On Friday, Watts was sentenced to eight years in prison, was placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life and was made subject to a life-long Sexual Harm Prevention Order.


The question that no one bothered to ask: did police put this lesbian turd in a female prison where she could freely harm, harass, and assault other women?


Live Science: By 

In the spring of 1944, Allied forces received disturbing intelligence about horrific atrocities taking place at Auschwitz-Birkenau in southern Poland, a place now known as one of the Nazis’ most brutal extermination camps.

Two escaped Jewish prisoners revealed first-hand knowledge of the horrors they experienced, and the Allies faced a terrible choice at a pivotal moment during the war, when their military resources were already strained to the breaking point.

Should they deploy aircraft to bomb the death camp, despite a substantial risk of killing trapped prisoners? Or were the military cost and potential loss of life too great, when the outcome of World War II itself hung in the balance? In a new PBS documentary, “Secrets of the Dead: Bombing Auschwitz,” historians probe the deliberations of Allied leaders: Should they perform a moral but militarily fruitless action, or concentrate their might on crushing the Nazi war machine for good?

Established in 1940 near the town of Oświęcim, Poland, as a concentration camp for Polish political prisoners, Auschwitz’s inmate numbers skyrocketed as the war progressed. In August 1944, Auschwitz held around 400,000 people: 205,000 were Jews and 195,000 were non-Jews — Poles, Soviet POWs, Roma and other ethnic groups, according to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. (By the war’s end an estimated 1.1 million people had died there.)

When Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escaped Auschwitz in April 1944, they brought with them the first eyewitness testimony describing gas chambers and the Nazis’ use of mass murder at an unthinkable scale. Their detailed account to Slovakia’s Jewish underground, first known as the Vrba-Wetzler report, was later distributed as The Auschwitz Protocol, according to PBS.

From May through July of 1944, copies of the report were sent to neutral Switzerland’s War Refugee Board; to the War Refugee Board headquarters in Washington, D.C.; and to leaders of the Allied forces, including the American assistant secretary of war, John McCloy. Winston Churchill, the British prime minister, was so troubled by the report that he issued a memo recommending a bombing raid on the death camp.

But ultimately, no bombers were sent to Auschwitz. Though Allied raids were already targeting the German chemical plant IG Farben, which was located just 4 miles (6 kilometers) from the death camp and even used Auschwitz prisoners for labor, several factors led the Allies to reject Auschwitz as a potential target, said Tami Davis Biddle, a professor of history and national security strategy at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

An uncertain outcome

One reason can be traced to widespread anti-Semitism in the U.S. and the U.K. during WWII, fanned by a highly effective Nazi propaganda campaign suggesting that Jews were manipulating the Allied war machine, Biddle told Live Science.

“Politicians got nervous if it looked like they were making special efforts on behalf of the Jews,” Biddle said. In fact, many figures in American leadership — Jewish and non-Jewish alike — agreed at the time that maintaining public support of the war effort required downplaying emphasis on Jewish interests, said Michael Berenbaum, a professor of Jewish studies at American Jewish University in Los Angeles.

“There was a fear that Americans would support the war effort less if they thought it was war about the Jews,” Berenbaum told Live Science.

There was also the question of how accurately Auschwitz could be bombed from the air. Allied military officers had some aerial photos of the camp, and the Auschwitz Protocol provided more intel about the buildings, so bombers could pick targets that would cause fewer casualties. But aerial bombing during WWII was notoriously inaccurate; so-called precision bombing, as we know it today, was impossible, and a raid could have killed far more prisoners than it saved, Biddle said.

“You would need to drop 220 bombs on each of the four crematoria at Auschwitz-Birkenau to have a 90% chance of one of them hitting each crematorium,” Biddle said.

More potential victims of the man described as the most prolific rapist in British legal history have come forward to police in the 24 hours since he was sentenced.

Greater Manchester police opened a dedicated major incident hotline following the life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 30 years, of the serial rapist Reynhard Sinaga, 36, on Monday.

Sinaga, a PhD student from Indonesia, has been convicted of 136 rapes and sexual offences against 48 young men over two-and-a-half years but police believe he may have assaulted at least 195 men over a longer period.

Sinaga lured his victims back to his flat in Manchester city centre under the guise of being a good Samaritan before drugging them and attacking them after they had passed out.

Duncan Craig, the chief executive of the charity Survivors Manchester, which is supporting some of Sinaga’s victims, said he understood that “about 30 calls” had been made to the hotline although it was unclear how many of those were from potential further victims.

He said: “In my office there’s people ringing up who aren’t directly affected by this particular case but are people who have been sexually assaulted, maybe even in childhood, feeling that now is the time to talk.”

Sinaga, who arrived in Britain on a student visa in 2007, was convicted of 159 offences against 48 young men between January 2015 and June 2017, when he was arrested after one of his victims regained consciousness during an assault.

Police believe he attacked at least 195 victims, including the 48 whose cases were brought to court, judging by the number of “trophies” the rapist kept following his assaults, including video footage, wallets, watches, mobile phones and ID cards. All but four of the 48 victims he assaulted were raped.

The gay Christian student was jailed for 60 years and must serve a minimum of 30 years in custody before he can be considered for parole.

Meanwhile, Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly coordinated the rape, assault, and exploitation of about 150 girls simply cannot be found by the British or American police. With all the most advanced computer and communication technology available, they just can’t find her! There isn’t even an arrest warrant out. Neither for her, nor for what seems to be a certain number of co-conspirators – very powerful ones.

You see, Sinaga’s mistake was that he didn’t drug girls for Prince Andrew to abuse. He would have been happily unfound just like Maxwell if that had been the case.

So Sinaga got at least 30 years for raping 190 guys. And we know that if you burn down a turdy LGBT flag, you get 16 years of prison. That’s how it is in any country where sexuality pigs are in power.

Following the sentencing, Ian Rushton, from the CPS, said Sinaga was “the most prolific rapist in British legal history”. “His extreme sense of sexual entitlement almost defies belief and he would no doubt still be adding to his staggering tally had he not been caught,” he said. He added that he thought Sinaga took “a particular pleasure in preying on heterosexual men”.

Definitely there are a lot of LGBTs like him, including lesbian and female bisexual shits. And the latter love to assault and harass heterosexual women.

Now here’s another thing I’m curious about – how many friends did he have? How many people knew he was a homo and got very well along with him? I’m betting a nice number of people. Aside from friends, there were professors and all the university staff…

Sinaga is said to have had a small, close-knit group of friends who believed him to be friendly and good-natured.

I’d like to know how many of them think that homosexuality is normal.

Judge Goddard went on: ‘It is ironic that were it not for the films that you took of your evil crimes it seems that most of these offences would not have even been discovered, let alone prosecuted.

It’s not ironic – it’s how liberals think: LGBTs are nice people who don’t do violence. Reality however is monstrously different.

‘Cunning rapist’ worked on thesis about gay and bisexual men in Manchester

Oh, and how he must have been welcomed and empowered and cuddled by the garbage of Brits who think homosexuality is normal. You sow, you reap, liberals. And now a gigantic number of young men are going to have to live with horrible trauma and suffering due to Sinaga’s crimes. But like in the Weinstein case and the Epstein case, there was a web of people validating and enabling these shits of human beings all the way. These people were liberals – who think homosexuality is normal.

Excerpts above also from the BBCThe Guardian

The other question is: how are these rapes not a hate crime according to UK legislation? It is clear that he was primarily targeting heterosexual men – therefore targeting the victims based on their sexual orientation. Had it been a heterosexual man who targeted homos for rape and had raped 190 homos, my God, Britain would have exploded in hysteria, crying their lungs out about homophobia, conservatives, and all that garbage.

But when it’s a homo, when it’s a member of the LGBT mafia, who targets heterosexual men, and who is apparently deemed to be one of the most prolific sexual monsters in recent history, is anyone decrying that these were crimes targeting heterosexuals – a specific sexual orientation? I hear crickets. Where’s the questioning about if these were hate crimes?

You know that I am totally against hate crime legislation and against the concept of sexual orientation – two barbaric concepts. And one of the reasons is exactly this – they are used to hammer anyone who contests this garbage of LGBT sexual ideology and to empower LGBTs to do violence with impunity.






A domestic dispute between a couple of LGBT pigs left a man with ripped testicles, WVLA reported. Deputies responded to the incident in East Baton Rouge on New Year’s Eve.

Police learned the suspect, Corey Jones was involved in a fight with his boyfriend who was returning home after “a bad day at work” and had an argument with Jones, according to the arrest report obtained by WAFB.

The victim told deputies he locked himself inside the bedroom “he and Jones have shared for about one month,” per WVLA, and Jones began to attack him.

In response, the victim shoved Jones and he in turn “responded by grabbing his boyfriend’s testicles and squeezing them with such force they ripped and began to bleed uncontrollably,” WBRZ reported.


A society that normalizes homosexuality is always a violent sexual sewer. I wonder how much prison time the homo pig got. I’d love to compare it to the guy who burned an LGBT flag and got 16 years of prison…

If you read this on the media:

DAVID HAY, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza’s Deputy Chief of Staff, was arrested at a Milwaukee airport Sunday morning for allegedly using a computer to arrange for sex with a child.

the first question you should be asking is: they said “child” to cover up homosexual abuse, right? And the answer to that question in this case is a resounding Yes. It doesn’t mean it will always be a Yes, but if it’s homosexual abuse, you know people will do everything to cover the fact up.

Homo David Hay most recently worked in New York

At the time of his arrest, he worked as the deputy chief of staff to the chancellor for the New York City Department of Education. The department fired Hay after his arrest, according to an article in the New York Times.

“These allegations are incredibly disturbing and absolutely unacceptable,” Miranda Barbot, a spokeswoman for the department, said in a statement. “We took immediate action removing Mr. Hay from payroll and are terminating him. We referred this to the Special Commissioner of Investigation and we will fully comply with any investigation.”

The NYT also reported that Hay’s background check was never finalized after he joined the NYC Department of Education in 2016. The article did state that Hay had two background checks — in 2016 and 2018 — through a separate department of education’s process.


More details:

A high-ranking New York Schools official has been charged with Child Enticement and Possession of Child Pornography following an undercover internet child sex sting in Neenah.

The United States Attorney’s Office announced Friday that charges had been filed in federal court against David A. Hay of Brooklyn, NY.

Federal prosecutors say Hay had been chatting on a dating app with who he believed to be a 14-year-old boy named Colton. In reality, it was an undercover Neenah Police investigator.

“Hay began engaging in sexually explicit conversations with ‘Colton’ and making plans to meet up with the minor to engage in sexual activity,” reads a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Hay got a “whirlpool suite” at a Neenah area hotel “for the purpose of meeting up with the child for sexual activity,” reads the complaint.

Hay was arrested Dec. 29 at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

Freaking 14 years of age! A boy! That’s who he thought he was going to sexually abuse. But do a search and you can confirm that most media headlines say “child” and most articles blatantly fail to mention the target was boys.

Investigators searched Hay’s phone and found sexually explicit images of a former high school student in Tomah, Wis. Hay was the principal of Tomah High School from 2011-2014.

And all the recent articles skip the fact that the homo pig was what? LGBT activist, of course!

David Hay did a doctorate in Harvard University Graduate School of Education specializing in Education Leadership (Ed.L.D.) as per his Linkedln. He was one of 24 selected in 2014 as part of a fully-funded doctoral program. David and his colleagues studied levers for systemic change in public education in the United States. At Harvard, he was the Founder, Out Front! LGBTQ Leaders to Learn From Speaker Series, HGSE QueerEd Co-Chair 2014-2015, 2015-2016, Harvard Innovations & Ventures in Education (HIVE) Leadership Team Member 2014-2015, Harvard Graduate School of Education Student Council 2014-2015 and Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus 2014-2015.

So if the police hadn’t busted the homo abuser, which liberal on the planet would have known what he is really like? Who would have denounced him?

People who think homosexuality is normal are the most ignorant people about LGBTs. The majority never know, they are always blind, always stupid, always ignorant, always supportive of perps – and they always keep silent about LGBT crimes when they do know.

National Post:

Canadian Court sides with bank staffer who says he was denied promotion because he’s not gay

The Canadian Human Rights Commission improperly dismissed Aaren Jagadeesh’s discrimination complaint based on sexual orientation, the Federal Court of Canada has ruled

The Canadian Human Rights Commission was ordered to properly assess a discrimination complaint by a former employee of a major bank who claims his boss told him he had “no hope” for promotion unless he joined their “group” of gay and bisexual men.

He was told only males who were gay or bisexual were promoted in the office, he claims.

The commission had improperly dismissed the employee’s discrimination complaint based on sexual orientation, in this case for being straight, the Federal Court of Canada ruled.

A new investigation and reassessment was ordered. […]

An investigator with the human rights commission was assigned to look into the complaint.

CIBC officials were interviewed — but not the manager who allegedly made the remarks about only gay and bisexual men being promoted. That manager, the investigator was told, was on “extended leave of absence.” [Notice how the investigator can care less if they interview the main alleged perp! I would bet this investigator thinks homosexuality is normal…]

The investigator declined to proceed further on the complaint of sexual orientation discrimination [how convenient if your objective is to protect every LGBT pig from consequences], but did assess his disability complaint and found that CIBC had adequately accommodated him.

Last November, the commission dismissed the complaints.

Representing himself, Jagadeesh appealed to the Federal Court, seeking a review of the commission’s decision. He complained the investigator had selectively ignored evidence to avoid dealing with the sexual orientation complaint.

CIBC, however, agreed with the investigator’s conclusions. The bank argued it was a thorough probe and that nothing linked the negative treatment Jagadeesh allegedly experienced to his sexual orientation. CIBC argued he was simply unqualified.

Fuhrer, in a decision released in September, ruled that the commission’s investigation and decisions were not procedurally fair to Jagadeesh. Fuhrer said the lack of thoroughness in reviewing the grounds of the complaint meant the decision must be set aside.

She ordered the commission to try again with a different investigator.

Hanna Lange-Chenier, a spokeswoman for the commission, said she could not discuss the case or reveal its status.

“The law prevents us from commenting on any complaint in our system,” she said.

Jagadeesh also clashed with CIBC over how much the bank should reimburse him for the cost of his successful court challenge and returned to court last month.

Jagadeesh had represented himself and said he spent $438.10 in expenses, while CIBC said it had spent significantly more than $5,000 to defend the case. Apparently then understanding he could claim for his time as well as expenses, he asked for $6,646.57 while CIBC said he should only get $500.

“Self-represented litigants are eligible for a moderate allowance above the costs of their direct disbursements to reflect the time and effort they devoted to preparing and presenting their case,” Fuhrer ruled on Nov. 19.

She ordered CIBC to pay him half of what he asked for: $3,332.30.

Crystal Jongeward, senior consultant, public affairs with CIBC said: “While we are unable to comment as the matter is still before the commission, no form of harassment or discrimination is acceptable at our bank.”

Jagadeesh could not be reached for comment. [All the more power to you!]

• Email: ahumphreys@nationalpost.com |

#MeToo was supposed to fix things. But women in N.J. politics say they’ve been groped, harassed — and worse.

Frightening LehighValleylive article listing all kinds of assaults, harassment, and rape in NJ – and a victim who says she will not complain – because that would get her labeled as “difficult.”
It’s so horrible on so many levels. What I would like to know is how many of the perpetrators are liberals? How many think homosexuality and porn are normal?

She’s only 30. She’s only been in Trenton a few years. But when you ask the young lobbyist if she’s ever been sexually harassed on the job, the stories spill out of her.

On one of her first trips on the annual Chamber of Commerce train trip to Washington, D.C., an older lobbyist berated her for not hugging him, then asked what hotel she was staying in and what time she was going to bed. Last year, at the League of Municipalities convention a political operative walked up behind her and grabbed her butt.

A few years earlier, she went out drinking with a colleague. He offered to let her sleep on his couch so she wouldn’t have to drive home.

In the middle of the night, he raped her, she said.

She still runs into the man, now a staffer in the state Assembly, but she never reported the sexual assault that left her with bruises on her neck and limbs. She never reported any of the other incidents either. And says she never will.

“People wouldn’t want to deal with someone who complains about something that happens all the time,” said the lobbyist, her voice rising in frustration. “Once you complain . . . you’re the ‘difficult woman.’”

Every woman in New Jersey politics has a story to tell. A North Jersey political leader unhooking the bra of a young campaign staffer as colleagues laughed. An assemblyman offering to trade sex for a vote on a key bill. A leader in a non-profit organization raping a lobbyist at the League of Municipalities convention.

Some of the incidents are decades old. Some happened within the last few years. An infuriating number of women have disturbing experiences they share among each other, said Julie Roginsky, a longtime Democratic strategist. […]

A few years earlier, she went out drinking with a colleague. He offered to let her sleep on his couch so she wouldn’t have to drive home.

In the middle of the night, he raped her, she said.

She still runs into the man, now a staffer in the state Assembly, but she never reported the sexual assault that left her with bruises on her neck and limbs. She never reported any of the other incidents either. And says she never will.

“People wouldn’t want to deal with someone who complains about something that happens all the time,” said the lobbyist, her voice rising in frustration. “Once you complain . . . you’re the ‘difficult woman.’”

Every woman in New Jersey politics has a story to tell. A North Jersey political leader unhooking the bra of a young campaign staffer as colleagues laughed. An assemblyman offering to trade sex for a vote on a key bill. A leader in a non-profit organization raping a lobbyist at the League of Municipalities convention.

Some of the incidents are decades old. Some happened within the last few years. An infuriating number of women have disturbing experiences they share among each other, said Julie Roginsky, a longtime Democratic strategist. […]

In interviews with NJ Advance Media, 20 female campaign staffers, lobbyists, political operatives and lawmakers shared stories of being groped, sexually propositioned, harassed or marginalized while trying to build careers in state and local politics.

They painted a portrait of a casually misogynistic system of politics and government where it is nearly impossible for women to remain in the business without having to navigate everything from sexist insults to assaults on their bodies.

Three women said they were sexually assaulted after work events within the last five years. One said she was drugged at a political convention more than a decade ago. Several women said male lawmakers and top political officials touched them inappropriately or made sexual remarks to them in either in public or behind closed doors over the last several decades, including as recently as last year. […]


[Defending Herself]

T. Missy Balmir, a top Democratic strategist who has worked on state, local and national campaigns, vividly remembers the day more than 15 years ago when a former top New Jersey lawmaker slapped her butt with a clipboard.

Balmir, then in her mid-20s, instinctively threatened to “kick his ass,” she said. The lawmaker, who was acting as an adviser to her candidate, kept his distance for the rest of the campaign.

When she recounted the story to colleagues, everyone laughed, she recalled.

“I was more bothered by the response and I knew I was on my own. I had to protect myself,” Balmir said.

When she was the target of other lewd remarks or sexual advances from men in Trenton, she stuck with her strategy of threatening to physically harm anyone who crossed her. She felt the method was her only real defense as she worked in lower level positions on various state and local political campaigns.

“On the campaign, there is no HR (department). You have to be smart,” Balmir said.

While in the past, women may have silently accepted misogynistic treatment on the campaign trail or in the Statehouse, some say they feel more emboldened to speak about their experiences in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

[Roger Ailes]

Roginsky, a Democratic strategist, was among the women who sued Fox News in 2017, alleging she was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes and retaliated against when she rejected his sexual advances.

Women have come to her in recent years to ask for advice on how to handle abusive language, sexist slights and worse from men in charge of campaigns, she said.

Roginsky still remembers a holiday party in a bar nearly 20 years ago where a prominent North Jersey party leader walked up behind her, unhooked her strapless bra and snatched it away as it fell to the bottom of her blouse while her colleagues watched.

She laughed it off at the time, because she felt she had no other choice. But the humiliation stayed with her, she said.

She stuck it out in politics. But other women might not.

“One woman told me recently that a male campaign manager spoke to her so disparagingly and with such condescension that she was left reeling,” said Roginsky, co-founder with Gretchen Carlson of Lift Our Voices, a new national group devoted to stopping the use of non-disclosure agreements to cover up workplace harassment. […]

[Fighting the Good Fight]

Still, many women who have been harassed or sexually assaulted say they are reluctant to come forward, especially after the Brennan-Alvarez hearings where some thought Brennan was treated harshly for going public about how her rape allegation was handled.

The 30-year-old lobbyist who says she was groped at the League of Municipalities convention, sexually propositioned on the Chamber train trip and raped by a staffer in the state Assembly said she has no regrets about not reporting any of those incidents after seeing the aftermath of the Brennan hearings.

“I am only more convinced I did the right things after I saw what happened to Katie Brennan,” the lobbyist said. “She put herself out there and did everything she could. She got no justice and got completely eviscerated. All for what? The emotional toll of being invalidated? I just don’t think I would be able to do that.”

Brennan, who continues to work in state government and has filed a lawsuit against the state over how her case was handled, encouraged other women to come forward.

“Sexual assault is a crime of power. Silence defends the status quo, it protects perpetrators and their protectors. Voice is power,” Brennan said.

“If faced with the same circumstances, I would speak again and would encourage others to do the same,” she continued. “As hard as it is, my power is my voice. To any survivor who wants to tell their story– I hear you, I believe you, I will support you.”

Tell us your experiences with allegations of sexual harassment in New Jersey: Here’s how to share your story.

Susan K. Livio may be reached at slivio@njadvancemedia.com. Follow her on Twitter @SusanKLivio.

Kelly Heyboer may be reached at kheyboer@njadvancemedia.com. Follow her on Twitter @KellyHeyboer. Find her at KellyHeyboerReporter on Facebook.


I have been keenly following the Jeffrey Epstein Case. For many of the past few weeks, I wake up and immediately do a search for ‘Epstein’ to see what the news are, sometimes even before I get out of bed. There are too many complexities for me to blog about. However, I think that:

  1. Jeffrey was on a middle manager level regarding the sex trafficking operation. He was probably collaborating with US intelligence (more likely than any other one that was mentioned, like the UK (doesn’t make sense because of Prince Andrew) and Mossad (US intelligence wouldn’t let them just operate the whole thing alone on US soil)). I find the US intelligence hypothesis makes all the pieces fit. Another hypothesis would be if Jeffrey had been working for a very powerful person. If he had been working for just one very powerful person, it seems to me he could have been offed more easily by the men he was blackmailing. Unless it was someone like the Clintons.
  2. Prince Andrew looks particularly guilty. How nice that he is being exposed.
  3. Except for a few of the local police detectives, like that Recarey investigator that died mysteriously right as the scandal exploded, the rest of these public prosecutors, attorney generals, police chiefs, judges, etc. have all displayed just how corrupt they are. There are dirty cops, then there are dirty police chiefs, dirty judges, dirty attorney generals.
  4. I feel sorry for the victims because the government officials tasked with bringing the perps to justice and prosecuting them are actually fully at the service of the perps.
  5. I will only believe Jeffrey is dead when I see unquestionable proof.
  6. I find it unnerving how all the lawyers that worked for Jeffrey, especially the big law firm ones, are considered respectable members of society. Just think about it – one of the world biggest law firms – swimming in money and power – and they gladly do everything they can to take on this client and to screw the victims, to protect a monstrous perpetrator from facing the legal consequences of his crimes, to ensure a horrendous sex trafficking operation continues unabated, along with protecting whoever it is the entire corrupt US government is so adamant about protecting – these mysterious co-abusers that simply cannot be named.
  7. If no other person is indicted, such as Maxwell or Bruneil, or any of the ‘clients’, then it’s total proof that the clients and the operation are being protected at the highest level. And if no one else is indicted, then it’s also clear that the raids the FBI and the police did on the Epstein’s properties had the goal to collect all evidence and make it disappear with his so-claimed death. All that evidence cannot be made public now – according the legal rules. Convenient for the perps, isn’t it? If the American public were something different than Jeffrey Epstein, they would demand for all these secrecy decrees imposed on every investigation and proceeding be tossed out the window and demand to see all the collected info from Florida, NY, and the islands. That is, the evidence that still remains and that hasn’t been destroyed.
  8. I had such a sinister feeling while seeing that short fatty FBI guy pointing to the big sign with the FBI’s phone number and urging the victims to contact them so that they could carry on the investigation. Seriously? The FBI has only shown itself to be totally corrupt so far. They have done nothing right by the victims based on what I read. As I mentioned above, I feel sorry for the victims. I have wondered what I would do if I were in their place. Contact Julie Brown? Contact other victims and try to unite the victims? What about the fact that many victims were also perpetrators in the sex grooming? And these lawyers – how could you know who to choose? Who could you trust?
  9. So sad to hear that several of the girl victims are today in a bad place and have experienced a lot of pain and trouble. Julie Brown mentioned that one of them had spent more time in jail for drugs than Epstein ever did. Not that it’s hard for anyone to have spent more time in jail than Epstein, given that he got a totally corrupt fake sentence.
  10. Overall, it’s so great what Julie Brown achieved – to blow this up into a huge scandal. Will the media attention now basically die along with no legal consequences for anyone? Isn’t it so often the case that the legal system offers victims no justice at all? Even in a case where apparently there are over 100 abused girls? Nothing except finally a voice in the media. Then silence. Along with the never-changing lack of justice.
  11. How nice it would if someone would comment in the media that the majority of all the slime of people involved in this horrible sex trafficking operation are in favor of LGBTs, homosexuality, and pornography – i.e., so-called ‘progressives’? As a final comment, one more example of why liberals (which includes LGBTs) are such garbage of people and how violent and disgusting they are, sexually speaking.

TheGuardian has a story of a person who works with LGBT-related violence:

“I work in a domestic abuse team for an LGBT charity. I never really know what to expect when I come in to work: whether it’s offering talking therapy or providing substance abuse services, no one day is the same. […]


Today I meet Daniel. He initially came to the charity as a survivor of domestic abuse.

[Do you see LGBT pigs outing the abuser? Never. Garbage of people always remain silent about LGBT violence. ]


Lucy, a trans woman, escaped an abusive relationship but was denied access to a women’s refuge because she was seen as a threat to other women.

[Was her abuser an LGBT pig by any chance? Was she denied access to a women’s refuge because mentally ill men or sexually perverted men are a real threat to other women? And liberals really don’t care about the safety of women?]

In greater Manchester, there is only one refuge which has accepted a trans female. Many refuges will not accept trans women or male victims of domestic abuse.

[Why aren’t liberals capable of creating shelters for male victims of domestic abuse?]

I see someone in the afternoon who has been deliberately infected with HIV by his partner. He was forced to have unprotected sex by his abuser, who stopped him from visiting a sexual health clinic. Now his health is in an extremely fragile state.

[Look at how nice homosexuals and bisexuals are!]


In the middle of a drop-in appointment, my client who has experienced domestic abuse tells me they want to kill themselves.

I call a colleague in while I ring an ambulance. I’ve noticed over the past few years that the number of people turning to us for crisis support is increasing, as is the level of service users with complex needs.

[In other words, the more you normalize homosexuality and bisexuality, the more violence there is.]


I meet Billie, a client who is going to testify in court. The process is emotionally taxing. To make it slightly easier, we provide counselling services and special support.

[Another example of the garbage of people that LGBTs are!]

You learn not to let this job affect you. Once people arrive at our charity I tend not to worry, because I know we can help them. What keeps me up at night is knowing that so many individuals are trapped in abusive relationships, unable to seek help.

[And all because you told them that homosexuality was normal! And you are not even mentioning all the people outside of any relationships that LGBT pigs sexually harass, humiliate, and assault – from babies to adults.]



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