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People often regard massage therapists as prostitutes

Salt Lake City – A large problem for massage therapists is the fact that at least 30 percent of people who schedule appointments for a massage end up trying to sexually harass the therapist.
I asked Susan Barlow, to explain to me how often this becomes an issue and she says “Well, it’s happened so many times. I’d just be casually doing a massage, and then they’d bring up inappropriate conversation, and that’s usually how it’d start. Or some 60 year-old man would want to date me, and try and throw a move on me. I mean, this job is dangerous. Someone could ever murder you in that room, you never know. Never trust anyone.”
Susan B. says she has reported over 30 men in the last two years for sexual assault, sexual harassment, and more. Not only men do this, but women, too. “Yeah, definitely not just men. Many women come to me and tell me that they are homosexual, and they say that they will pay me double, or triple, for their favors. It is disgusting to me, and it is illegal.” Susan says. Illegitimate massage therapists may be sending the wrong message to prospective clients.
In California, “four out of every five licensed massage therapists in Belmont ‘graduated’ from illegitimate schools that sometimes serve as fronts to allow sex workers to set up legal operations,” reports the Mercury News. A Belmont-based massage therapist told the Mercury the government needs to “increase standards so legitimate workers will not be compared to prostitutes.”

Probably doesn’t differ much anywhere else, but I just thought it was funny that it was  California that was chosen to illustrate the problem. What else could we expect from California?

And liberals don’t call homosexual women who sexually harass others “full of hate,” do they?  Normalize homosexuality and what do you get? A good number of sexually harassing homosexuals doing harm in society.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these women with a homosexual problem were “gay activists” who go wail before television cameras that they are being discriminated by Prop 8 in California.

Is America interested in facing how many dysfunctional, harmful Americans there are concerning sexuality? If society is already reluctant to look at such issues related to the heterosexual population, it has now gone on a fanatical group denial crusade concerning how deformed and harmful so many people with a homosexual or bisexual psychology are.

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Republicans are desperately waging a war against immigrants and amnesty. There is nothing they say that isn’t at their nastiest and most virulent. These non-documented immigrants are often already settled and all they want is to work and have a normal (largely very modest) life. Integrate and move on. That’s my view. And Republicans and Tea Partiers need to be less of an anti-immigration party to win over more Latinos. The hatred that Republicans are showing towards these people makes me think every time of how much the Nazis wanted Jews out of their society. They scream with the same virulence.

On that note, the world should move towards a system that resembles the European Union more as it concerns mobility. Nowadays, it’s very easy for many people to move and go work in another country. A growing number of people can work anywhere because all they need is an Internet connection. What is exactly the problem if they go work in another country? Many apocalyptic scenarios are pandered about to frighten people with any idea of even a tiny bit of greater mobility, but they are just a way to scare people silly and make them submit to the really stupid mobility barriers we have in place today.

A man called Charlie Feather (at least in the comment section on Volokh – Assessing the Sixth Circuit decision upholding the constitutionality of laws banning same-sex marriage by Somin) wrote some very pointed arguments supporting the recent 6th circuit decision on marriage and the defense of the concept of marriage as an institution that can never be marred and transformed to be applicable to two people of the same sex.

When Charlie says “you” in his comments, most of the time that was a reply to a clueless homosexual agenda liberal who calls himself J. Manning.


I believe that you are proceeding from the assumption that same-sex couples are already entitled to marriage, and that they are being denied this. Your conclusions would be correct if that were true. However, that is a false assumption. The only class of persons entitled to a statutory right are those specified by the statutory requirements. Any class of persons excluded by the statutory requirements must demonstrate how they meet those requirements if they desire inclusion.

As to your other assertion that “Every valid law has an rational purpose”, what would be the rational purpose for government support and subsides of non-procreative relationships?

I had already dealt with the question of equal rights protection. No, the exclusion of same sex couples from the right to marry does not violate their equal protection rights because they have no right to violate in the first place. Your question is like asking whether someone who wants to marry his car is having his right to marry his car violated. That would be assuming that such a right already exists. It does not, and neither does the right to marry a same-sex partner exist.

A right must first exist before it can be violated.

You have to show that the right to marry a same-sex partner does, indeed, have constitutional or universal existence. The right to marry an opposite-sex partner has been deemed a “fundamental” right in Loving, but no such right has been expressed for a same-sex partner.

Where it concerns marriage, same sex couples are entitled to equal protection under law only if they already have the right to marry, which they do not in the 6th District and elsewhere. See my comment above.

Re: inter-racial marriage: The statutory requirements were trumped by the fundamental right to marry a person of the opposite sex regardless of race. That is, race is irrelevant to the sexual relationship. However, one cannot say that gender is irrelevant to the sexual relationship.

In Loving, it was the burden of the state of Virginia to show a sound rationale for excluding as a choice of marriage partner a person of a different race, whereas, race is irrelevant to a sexual relationship. Opposite sexes, however, are not irrelevant to a sexual relationship. They are at its very core. So long as the marital relationship is presumptively sexual, gender cannot be treated as irrelevant the way race is and removed from any conception of marriage.

The 14th amendment “creates the presumption that laws must treat people the same” when these people are “similarly situated.” That is not the case where it concerns men and women in a sexual relationship. Their situations are not the same. Women become pregnant and give birth, which requires an entirely different legal treatment.

Where it concerns marriage, a rational basis must be provided for creating the gender-based classification of opposite-sex couples. No other relationship is concerned by this.

Sex discrimination can be subject to heightened scrutiny, but only where sex is irrelevant. That is hardly the case where it concerns marriage and the marital relationship, where that relationship is presumed to be sexual and where procreation is implied as a consequence of that relationship.

Loving, basically, ruled that race is irrelevant to the marital relationship, which is presumed to be sexual and procreative. That is not the case presently where it concerns the two sexes. One cannot conceive of the marital relationship as sexual and procreative in nature while, at the same time, dismissing the two sexes as being unimportant and of no consequence.

Same-sex couples having children by whatever means possible is not at all a consequence of their relationship or the fact that they are having sex. The same standard could be applied just as well to the relationship of a person and his pet or his car. Having children are simply coincidental to these relationships and not a result of them.

One simply cannot treat same-sex relationships the same as opposite-sex relationships. One may just as well believe that pigs can fly, if that were the case.

The strongest arguments of the “other side”, that is, those in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry, boil down to “Why not? What’s the harm?” and “Because it would be nice!”

The valid, rational, legal, reasoned argument as to why same-sex couples ought not be included in marriage is because there is no valid, rational, legal, reasoned argument as to why they should be included in marriage. The rational purpose in excluding same sex couples from marriage is that there is no rational purpose to including them.

I can’t think of one! Can you?

In order for equal protection to kick in, same-sex couples would have to be equal to opposite-sex couples, which they are not. Insofar as the marital relationship is presumed to a sexual relationship, and insofar as couples are composed of men and women, then men and women would have to be biologically and sexually equal to each other, which they are not. As a simple matter of logic then, same-sex couples can never be equal to opposite-sex couples so long as marriage is presumed to be sexual in nature.

If you want marriage to become a mere civil union where the sexual relationship is irrelevant, then I would agree with you. 

To include one class is not necessarily a ban on other classes. That is to misunderstand how classification works. Nowhere in any of the laws affirming marriage as between a man and a woman are same-sex couples mentioned for banishment, while polygamists, polyamorists and the guy who wants to marry his car are accepted.

The exclusion of other classifications is a natural consequence of the process of classifying.

To include one class of persons naturally has the effect of excluding all other classes of persons. That is how the logic of classification works. Also excluded are polygamists, polyamorists and that guy who wants to marry his car.

I don’t see any law that says “Gays only are banned from marriage”.

A ban is a deliberate exclusion. That is not the case with marriage. Same-sex couples have not been deliberately excluded, that is, banned. They simply do not meet the standards for inclusion, the same as polygamists and that guy who wants to marry his car.

I. Judge Sutton’s neglect of the Sex Discrimination Argument

The Sex Discrimination Argument relies on the wrong-headed notions that there are no significant differences between the sexes; that men and women are equivalent; that biology can be dismissed; that procreation is not presumed in the marital relationship; that the sexual relationship is irrelevant; that men and women do not matter and that marital partners may as well be tennis partners as far as “marriage equality” is concerned. It sees marital partners only with regards to their civil status while ignoring their biological status. This is a radical interpretation of the historical understanding of marriage.

Such a viewpoint uses a technical, closed system of legal logic that ignores culture, history, human civilization and biology. It sees marriage as a domestic partnership cut-off from everything that matters most in marriage as it concerns society, which is procreation. If marriage were about love and living together, and not about procreation, there would be no interest of government to involve itself in such relationships. Judge Jeffrey Sutton is spot-on in his analysis of same-sex marriage.

Marriage does not warrant heightened scrutiny because there is no reason for government to support just “any old relationship”, which is what same-sex relationships are, and because there is no right, fundamental or otherwise, to marry a same-sex partner. Rational basis analysis is the only correct standard by which to judge same-sex marriage cases.

The fact that one sex gives birth and not the other is ample reason to treat the sexes as unequal under the law, unless you believe that marriage has nothing to do with sex and procreation.

Thus, there is a rational purpose to make the distinction between men and women. And insofar as the marital relationship is presumed to be a sexual relationship, and insofar as couples are composed of men and women, then men and women would have to be biologically and sexually equal to each other, which they are not. As a simple matter of logic then, same-sex couples can never be equal to opposite-sex couples so long as marriage is presumed to be sexual in nature. Therefore, there would be no 14th Amendment EP issue here.

Does marriage have anything to do with children? Or is this not merely coincidental to some same-sex relationships? I don’t see any logical connection between same-sex couples and children, as though the latter is a natural consequence of the former, and not merely coincidental to that relationship. There are children being raised by people in all sorts of relationships. There are many pet owners who are raising children, as well. Does simply raising children suddenly create a right to marry?

The government certainly does have an interest in providing a stable homes for children, but this situation does not suddenly create a right for same-sex couples to marry …… or pet owners, either. It is not as though one thinks of children when one thinks of homosexual couples. Far from it. One thinks just the opposite.

There are no children of gay couples. Gay couples cannot produce children, if you haven’t learned that yet. The real situation is, for the most part, a single parent raising her child from a previous heterosexual relationship with a live-in partner helping her out. 

I did read of a case where someone did marry herself. This happened in another country – Taiwan, I think. So, sure! Why not? What would be the harm? We mustn’t discriminate against people who are psychotic and think they are two different people, must we?

Also, people are marrying goats and all sorts of barnyard animals in India and other places in the world. Are they simply ahead of us on the whole right of marriage thing?

Alessandra says:
Beautiful reasoning.

Mimicking several LGBs in the US, virulent GAYS in UK have targeted a Christian bakery for legal harassment using the pretext of a “gay marriage” cake (Telegraph)

A Christian bakery firm which refused to make a cake supporting gay marriage with a picture of the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie has been warned it will be taken to court unless it apologises and pays immediate compensation.

Ashers Baking Co, based in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, was told by a Government equalities agency that it was guilty of “unlawful religious, political and sexual orientation discrimination” for its stance on the Sesame Street-themed dessert.

To add insult to injury, the cake was to feature Ernie and Bernie from Sesame Street. Of course, these nasty pigs have to pervert even children’s characters, meant to be nice and sweet and wholesome. But I digress.

Every surly LGBT now wants to sue decent over a cake. It’s more than clear that these “sexual orientation discrimination”  laws are nothing but a legal harassment weapon that homosexuals want to persecute decent social conservatives with including to use the state to extort money from the victims. They are their little autos-da-fé.

Same analysis and criticism applies as in the cases that are happening in the US, such as the Elane Photography case, the bakery, etc. (The post linked to “Elane Photography case” discusses the main problems with such cases). [Added later:] I’ve just realized that the UK law prohibits discrimination based on “political opinion”. So in this respect, it’s quite different than the US laws, which are not based on refusing service due to such, but on the false concept of “sexual orientation.” At least the UK law is congruent with the persecution in the US – Christians here are being persecuted because of their religion (which is formally separate, but also traverses “political opinion”). The UK law is more honest about what kind of persecution it’s engaging in.

A War on Christians and Social Conservatives is what we get when society normalizes homosexuality – always – the two are incompatible. People with a homosexuality agenda are going to continue to bully decent conservatives in all spheres of society. Which is why we must tirelessly work to repeal these horrible “discrimination” laws. They are a weapon for injustice and to deny our most fundamental rights covered up by what is intentionally a deceptive label (anti-discrimination).

Given how much the UK has gone down in the LGBT sewer, I was therefore not surprised to read the following:

Amid widespread media attention and even questions in Parliament over the case of the cake, the Commission sought further legal advice to clarify its position.

In a 16-page letter, the Commission said it was “now clear” that the decision not to bake the Bert and Ernie cake was a breach of equality laws and that it must back down and compensate Mr Lee for his hurt feelings or face legal action.

Note the “his hurt feewings” – you couldn’t make this stuff up.

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, which is supporting the firm, said: “It is simply baffling for a body supposedly working for equality to be threatening a Christian family with legal action, all because of a cake.

“The Equality Commission has taken four months to dream up new grounds on which to pursue the McArthur family, claiming that they’ve breached political discrimination laws.

If supporting same-sex marriage is a protected political opinion, so is supporting traditional marriage. Yet the Commission clearly favours one view over another and is prepared to litigate to prove it.

Is the Commission seriously saying that all business owners have to be willing to promote every political cause or campaign, no matter how much they disagree with it? Does a printer have no right to refuse to print posters for the BNP or Islamic State?

That is the obvious question to ask – and it’s the same fundamental question I asked in several of my posts (linked above).

But we all know that a country that normalizes homosexuality is a corrupt country. LGBTs, instead of going to treat their profoundly dysfunctional and perverted minds, are going to turn their hatred towards anyone who clearly sees that their psychologies are deformed and that having a homosexual problem is not what people were intended to have. And they are going to come after any decent and sane person with a club.


“Son, Men Don’t Get Raped

Article at GQ showing the disgrace of sexual abuse in the US military in the case of male victims.

Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S. military, and more than half of the victims are men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight military men are sexually assaulted every single day. These are the stories you never hear—because the culprits almost always go free, the survivors rarely speak, and no one in the military or Congress has done enough to stop it.

Just one more example of how much harm and violence homosexuals and bisexuals wreck in society – and how hidden it is and how covered up it is. LGBTs are always perpetrating millions of acts of harm and violence – mostly with impunity. These are the people who call decent social conservatives “bigots and haters” – how insulting and lunatic can they be?

I am shut out of mine own heart

by Christopher Brennan

I am shut out of mine own heart
because my love is far from me,
nor in the wonders have I part
that fill its hidden empery:

The wildwood of adventurous thought
and lands of dawn my dream had won,
the riches out of Faery brought
are buried with our bridal sun.

And I am in a narrow place,
and all its little streets are cold,
because the absence of her face
has robb’d the sullen air of gold.

My home is in a broader day:
at times I catch it glistening
thro’ the dull gate, a flower’d play
and odour of undying spring:

The long days that I lived alone,
sweet madness of the springs I miss’d,
are shed beyond, and thro’ them blown
clear laughter, and my lips are kiss’d:

And here, from mine own joy apart,
I wait the turning of the key: –
I am shut out of mine own heart
because my love is far from me.


Oh, lovely.

We’re back! (To the thrill of all sexuality pigs 🙂

They come from Egypt. And they were designed almost 4,000 years ago.

You can see them at the Louvre’s site  – the Tod treasure.

Imagine these hand-made silver bowl and cups in a modern, clean design dining room such as this one. (There are even better examples, but I wasn’t going to spend hours trying to find the perfect one). Couldn’t be more beautiful. The original ones are pretty small, but imagine a set with a few large decorative bowls.

There is something particularly beautiful about the hand-made unevenness of the pieces, what truly makes it unique.

I have no idea why – meaning, who could have made a complaint nor what the complaint was. I have a feeling that if Twitter was Russian, I wouldn’t be having this problem. And I bet that George Orwell, with all his brilliance, could have never predicted this complete 180-degree turn of affairs.

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