Stacy McCain, in his wonderful journalism work highlighting cases and problems related to child exploitation and abuse, recently had a post on the horrible Jonathan Adleta case, where the latter adamantly demanded the cooperation of his girlfriends in sexually abusing their daughters.

I just wanted to copy here my most important comment:

One thing that I find increasingly frustrating is realizing that while many people react with healthy horror and repugnance at these cases of vile torture of children, many of these same people never give a little of their time or money to help this very cause. It’s always worthwhile to remind people that such collective actions is what will a) aid in prevention, and b) facilitate justice and aid victims.

Have you considered volunteering or donating to an organization that works to prevent or remedy child abuse?

If you have some time to give, one thing that you can do is to ask who are the lawyers working pro-bono on child abuse cases in your city. They will probably be able to recommend organizations/programs. The same for therapists. Many of the big organizations (YMCA/YWCA, CASA or Court-Appointed Special Advocates, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, ECPAT, UNICEF, SOS Children’s Villages International, etc.) have local programs or ways to help. I think it’s always best to be inside an organization to get a sense of how they operate and to see if you consider them worthwhile. Obviously volunteering is not always possible, but then asking around for information about the work these organizations are doing and giving some money to the more reputable ones is doing something!

There are also several organizations targeting child porn and trafficking.



Another category of organizations are the ones which help troubled parents to better parent or to get parenting mentors. Others relate to adoption and foster care.

Another type of action is to monitor the media and write letters to the editors requesting a coverage follow-up on various cases initially covered. This helps raise awareness and aids in the justice process.

Remember, if you don’t like one organization, try another!


A couple more of my comments on this case:

This is another fine example of the fact that only the world’s most horrible people claim that “sexuality is nobody’s business.” Only slime of people want society to stick its head in the sand and not pay attention to all the deformed human beings out there regarding sexuality.

Sexuality is society’s business.

I also have to say kudos to the FBI. In so many other countries, the corrupt or inept police would have done nothing to save the child, especially if it was poor.

And I wonder how much of a good job the FBI as a whole actually does concerning sexual abuse of children. I mean, we often a news headline that 50 child porn consumers were caught, and then silence. And when you do hear something, it’s to say that most were never sent to jail. And the victim stats of sexual abuse are very high.

Alas, what a horrible world.